What Companies Does Twiggy Forrest Own: A Guide to His Business Empire

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John Andrew Henry Forrest, commonly known as “Twiggy” Forrest, has established himself as a major figure in the mining industry, particularly in Australia. Beginning his career as a stockbroker, Forrest’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit led him to found and develop Fortescue Metals Group, a global leader in iron ore production. His business interests, however, extend beyond mining and into a variety of sectors, illustrating his aptitude for diversification and investment in areas with potential for significant impact.

Forrest’s private investment group, Tattarang, is another key element of his business portfolio. This group holds investments across a broad range of industries, from agriculture to technology, emphasizing the Forrest family’s values and commitment to long-term, sustainable enterprises. Moreover, Twiggy Forrest is recognized not only for his acumen in the corporate world but also for his significant contributions to philanthropy and his increasing focus on green energy solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Twiggy Forrest founded and developed Fortescue Metals Group, transforming it into a leading iron ore company.
  • His private investment group, Tattarang, reflects a diversified investment strategy across various industries.
  • Forrest is also known for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to sustainable and green energy initiatives.

Early Life and Education

Andrew Forrest, commonly known as “Twiggy,” was born on November 18, 1961, in Perth, Western Australia. He comes from a family with a long history in the cattle industry. Forrest’s early education started in Western Australia, where he attended Hale School, one of the state’s oldest independent boys’ schools.

After completing his secondary education, he advanced to higher learning at the University of Western Australia (UWA). There, Forrest earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Demonstrating a vested interest in building a robust academic foundation, he furthered his studies at UWA, securing a dual major in politics and economics.

Twiggy’s time in education in Australia laid the groundwork for his future business endeavors, giving him the tools and insights needed to navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship and the mining sector. His academic journey was marked by learning the intricacies of economics and political systems, which would later prove to be invaluable in his career.

Education Level Institution Degree Field of Study
Secondary Hale School High School Diploma
Tertiary University of Western Australia Bachelor’s Degree Economics, Politics

Career Beginnings and Mining Ventures

Andrew Forrest, an influential name in the mining industry, initiated his journey with leadership roles in two significant mining companies before establishing a giant in the field, Fortescue Metals Group.

Anaconda Nickel and Minara Resources

In the early stages of his career, Andrew Forrest took on the challenge of leading Anaconda Nickel (now called Poseidon Nickel), an endeavor that marked his first notable entry into the mining sector. Forrest’s tenure at Anaconda Nickel laid the groundwork for his expertise in mining operations and management. He applied this expertise to the acquisition of mining projects that would expand his footprint in the industry, with a focus on minerals like nickel through Minara Resources.

Formation of Fortescue Metals Group

In 2003, Andrew Forrest founded Fortescue Metals Group, a company that has since become one of the largest global iron ore producers. Under Forrest’s guidance, Fortescue Metals carved out a significant niche in the competitive iron ore market. The establishment of Fortescue Metals Group not only strengthened Forrest’s position in mining but also underscored his ability to create and manage large-scale mining ventures from the ground up.

Fortescue Metals Group Overview

Fortescue Metals Group, often recognized through its abbreviation FMG, stands as a major player in the global mining sector, renowned for its iron ore production and responsible mining practices. Established in 2003, the company has marked its presence not only on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) but also on the global stage by being one of the leaders in the iron ore industry.

Iron Ore Production

Fortescue Metals Group is the third-largest iron ore exporter in the world. Their growth can be attributed to their substantial iron ore output, which consistently meets the global demand for steel production. Iron ore is a cornerstone of Fortescue’s success, where the company has recorded shipments of 185-188 metric tons in a recent fiscal year. The performance of FMG’s shares on the ASX is closely tied to the price of iron ore, which in turn is influenced by international steel prices and demand, particularly from China, the world’s largest producer and consumer of steel.

Growth and Expansion

Amidst an industry marked by fluctuating iron ore prices, FMG has not only maintained a robust portfolio of mining operations but has also exhibited significant growth and expansion. Strategic acquisitions and exploration of new markets have allowed the company to diversify its holdings and reduce reliance on any single geographic region. This strategy has strengthened Fortescue’s capability to weather stock market volatility and maintain a competitive stock price.

Sustainability Initiatives

Fortescue Metals Group has placed a strong focus on sustainable practices in its operations, recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship in the mining sector. The company has invested in renewable energy projects and aims to reduce its carbon footprint, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change. These sustainability initiatives not only reflect Fortescue’s corporate responsibility but also add value to shareholders by fostering goodwill and potentially reducing costs associated with environmental compliance. As it navigates the balance between profit and planet, FMG continues to pay regular dividends to its shareholders, acknowledging their part in the company’s ongoing success.

Tattarang and Private Ventures

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, through his private investment group Tattarang, has created a substantial portfolio of businesses and investments across a variety of sectors, dedicated to longevity and sustainable practices.

Diversified Portfolio

Tattarang’s investments are varied and extensive, including real assets as well as public and private markets. The group focuses on businesses that are expected to thrive over generations and that reflect the Forrest family’s values, especially in integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) opportunities and risks.

Agriculture and Food Industry

Within the agriculture sector, Forrest has made significant moves through Tattarang. Harvest Road is one of the entities under this wing, encompassing his investments in the food industry and committing to high standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. Additionally, the investment in Cattle Stations aligns with Forrest’s strategic focus on Australia’s beef industry and complements the activities of Harvest Road.

Energy Investments

Tattarang’s energy ventures are marked by substantial investments in cleaner energy alternatives. Squadron Energy, part of Tattarang’s portfolio, represents Forrest’s commitment to contributing to Australia’s energy mix transition. Though not directly linked, Forrest’s focus on clean energy solutions is in stark contrast to traditional energy investments, such as those by companies like JBS which operates in sectors with significant environmental impacts.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

While Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest is known for his business ventures, he has made significant contributions to society through philanthropy, focusing on a range of causes from combating slavery to advancing education. His efforts aim to create a positive social impact, leveraging his resources to tackle global challenges.

Minderoo Foundation

Minderoo Foundation, established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest, stands as a testament to their commitment to philanthropy. It is one of Australia’s largest philanthropic organizations. In 2023, they made a significant donation to the foundation, earmarked for various initiatives, including cancer research, community development, and combating global crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anti-Slavery Causes

Committed to eradicating slavery, the Forrests, through Minderoo Foundation, support anti-slavery causes globally. Their approach includes funding for law enforcement training, victim support programs, and strategic partnerships aimed at dismantling the networks that perpetuate slavery.

Educational Initiatives

Education forms a critical pillar of their philanthropic strategy. The Forrests have channelled funds toward educational initiatives that seek to improve access to quality education, elevate teaching standards, and support disadvantaged students, thus shaping an informed and empowered new generation.

Green Energy and Future Technologies


Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest’s investment activities, through his companies, focus strongly on sustainable and renewable energy sectors, indicating a commitment to the future of green energy.

Hydrogen Investments

Forrest has made significant strides in the green hydrogen industry, positioning hydrogen as a key player in the clean energy transition. His investments aim to harness hydrogen’s potential to reduce global carbon emissions.

Fortescue Future Industries

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) is a primary vehicle for Forrest’s green energy ambitions. FFI is actively developing large-scale renewable projects that are expected to contribute to a sustainable energy future with a focus on green hydrogen.

Investments and Stock Performance

Twiggy Forrest, known for his involvement with Fortescue Metals Group, holds a significant stake in what has grown to become the third largest mining company on the ASX. Fortescue Metals Group, with a market valuation upwards of $63 billion, has an impressive stock performance history and is the fourth biggest iron ore exporter in the world. They’ve projected record shipments of 185-188Mt of iron ore for FY2022, highlighting substantial revenue generation capabilities (Fortescue’s value creation).

In addition to his foundational investment in Fortescue, through his private family investment fund Tattarang, Twiggy Forrest has diversified his portfolio. For instance, Tattarang Ventures acquired an 8% economic interest in Austal, a shipbuilding company, through a cash-settled equity swap transaction, showing Forrest’s strategic expansion into different sectors (Tattarang’s Austal shares).

For investors, Forrest’s approach to spreading his investments across various industries is noteworthy. His investments have spanned from technology startups to medical cannabis, signaling a readiness to invest in emerging markets and potential high-growth areas. Tattarang saw potential in the health sector, demonstrated by a substantial investment in Emyria Ltd, a drug development company focused on cannabis-based therapies (Investment in Emyria).

It is evident that Forrest not only watches the stock performance but is also attentive to the dividends and long-term profit potential of his investments. His continued purchases of shares in Fortescue, even as others sold, reflect his commitment and belief in the company’s growth and, potentially, its dividend prospects (Fortescue stake increase).

Global Impact and Market Relations

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest’s investments and business ventures have considerable implications on global markets, especially through his major shareholding in Fortescue Metals Group, a significant iron ore exporter. These relations are particularly notable with key global economies such as China and in responses to international conflicts like the situation in Ukraine.

Relationship with China

Fortescue Metals Group, under Forrest’s leadership, has established itself as a vital player in the global iron ore market, positioning itself alongside other giants like Vale and Rio Tinto. Their relationships with China, the world’s largest consumer of iron ore, are critical. The company maintains strong ties by securing various deals, ensuring a stable supply of resources to meet China’s industrial demands.

Response to Ukraine Conflict

Reacting to the Ukraine conflict, Forrest and his businesses have had to navigate complex international relations and markets, affecting commodities like iron ore. Stock prices of mining companies often respond to global events, revealing the interconnectedness of politics and commerce. They monitor these developments carefully, understanding that stability in Europe can have ripple effects on supply and demand, and in turn, on their business operations.

Leadership and Corporate Vision


Andrew Forrest, commonly known as Twiggy Forrest, is a prominent figure whose involvement in Fortescue Metals Group and other ventures showcases his leadership style and corporate vision. This section delves into the core team he has assembled and the strategic decisions that reflect his business ethos and goals.

Executive Team

At the helm of Fortescue Metals Group is an executive team led by a robust leadership structure. Elizabeth Gaines serves as the CEO, complementing Twiggy Forrest’s role as the non-executive chairman. Their combined efforts have steered the company to astonishing heights. The team behind them is a blend of seasoned professionals with deep expertise in mining, finance, and operations, committed to the company’s values and vision of innovation and sustainability.

Strategic Decisions

Strategic decisions under Twiggy Forrest’s direction have significantly impacted Fortescue Metals Group’s trajectory. The leap into renewable energy investments, with the aim to make Fortescue a leader in green energy, reflects a forward-thinking approach that aligns with Forrest’s vision for a sustainable future in industry. These decisions not only expand the company’s horizons but also increase its wealth and global footprint, emphasizing the importance Forrest places on growth that is both economically and environmentally conscious.

Personal Life and Wealth

Andrew Forrest, widely recognized by his nickname Twiggy, has gained considerable attention not just for his business acumen in leading companies such as Fortescue Metals Group but also for his significant wealth and ventures in property and personal interests. His financial status has been a recurring feature in rich lists published across notable financial platforms.

Net Worth and Rich Lists

Forrest’s financial achievements are reflected in his impressive net worth, consistently placing him on prestigious wealth indices. In 2022, Forrest’s fortune was delineated on the AFR Rich List and the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, marking him as one of the wealthiest individuals in Australia. His net worth, often subject to market fluctuations, is primarily rooted in his mining endeavors, which have seen Fortescue Metals Group thrive in the global mining sector.

Property and Personal Interests

Aside from his industrial ventures, Forrest has invested in property and personal interests that expand his financial portfolio. This includes ownership in cattle stations and a shift towards sustainable energy. His commitment to environmental sustainability is clear in his actions, such as Fortescue Metals Group’s venture into alternative energy through its subsidiary, Fortescue Future Industries, emphasizing his influential role in both Australia’s economy and its ecological future.

Media Presence and Public Perception

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest’s business ventures have garnered substantial media attention and shaped public perception of his brand. Periodicals like Forbes often feature Forrest due to his influence in the mining sector and his wealth. They’ve highlighted his role in Fortescue Metals Group, his stake in cattle stations, and his expansion into other industries.

Forrest’s public image is also constructed through his philanthropic efforts and environmental initiatives, which frequently make headlines. His commitment to renewable energy projects positions him as an eco-conscious leader, contrasting his mining background.

Bloomberg and other news outlets regularly discuss Forrest alongside figures like Mike Cannon-Brookes, emphasizing their significant impact on Australian industry and technology investments. Comparatively, Forrest’s standing in the business community and impact on various sectors is often the center of attention.

Conversely, political figures like Andrew Wilkie engage with and respond to the actions of businessmen like Forrest, which informs their portrayal in the media. Public statements and policies often reflect a reaction to Forrest’s business decisions, influencing public perception.

  • Popular Media Portrayal
    • Philanthropy: Often praised for charitable work.
    • Environmental Efforts: Seen as a leader in renewable energy.
    • Business Endeavors: Coverage of his wide-ranging investments.

Forrest’s presence in Australian media is multifaceted, reflecting a complex image of a businessman who has effectively intertwined industry success with social and environmental consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers can find pertinent and focused information regarding Twiggy Forrest’s various business endeavors and philanthropic efforts.

What holdings does Twiggy Forrest have with Fortescue Metals?

Twiggy Forrest’s investments are significantly anchored by his position in Fortescue Metals Group, where he serves as the non-executive chairman and holds a major stake. Fortescue is the third-largest mining company on the ASX.

Can you tell me who the CEO of Minderoo Foundation is?

The Minderoo Foundation, co-founded by Twiggy Forrest, is currently led by CEO Andrew Hagger. The foundation focuses on a range of initiatives, including philanthropy, research, and community development.

What other businesses does Twiggy Forrest’s Tattarang Pty Ltd encompass?

Tattarang Pty Ltd, Twiggy Forrest’s private investment group, encompasses a diversified portfolio, including technology startups, such as a notable majority stake in fintech Azupay, and investments in various small caps like GLX Digital and Azupay.

What is Twiggy Forrest’s net worth and how has it changed over time?

As of 2023, Twiggy Forrest’s net worth is estimated to be A$33.29 billion, making him one of Australia’s wealthiest individuals. This figure has fluctuated over time, influenced by changes in the market and his business investments.

How does Twiggy Forrest contribute to philanthropy with his family?

Twiggy Forrest contributes to philanthropy through the Minderoo Foundation, which he established with his wife, Nicola Forrest. The foundation addresses global and local challenges such as cancer research, early childhood development, and ocean conservation.

Could you share some insights into the professional pursuits of Twiggy Forrest’s children?

Twiggy Forrest’s children are engaged in various professional pursuits, many of which align with their father’s emphasis on entrepreneurship and philanthropy. However, detailed specifics of their roles and involvements within the Forrest family enterprises or their own independent ventures are private.