PurseCase from Shark Tank

PurseCase shark tank

PurseCase is a cellphone case shaped like a mini clutch that is just big enough for a person to carry their phone, cash, bank cards, and ID cards. The Purse Case is highly fashionable, and its design was inspired by items that were becoming increasingly well-liked across Europe.

The Purse Case was created by Kelley Coughlan and Jenn Dees out of need, as most women’s bags are like Bermuda Triangle, which sucks up everything in the bag.

Kelly and Jenn created the PurseCase over the course of many months. It provides protection to your smartphone and allows you to snap photographs and receive calls while it is still within the PurseCase. Additionally, there is space for a mirror, bank cards, a wallet pocket, and a chic chain strap that may be worn as a bracelet.

Deese and Coughlan turned to Kickstarter to raise money for their revolutionary idea when they had the model finished and had overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone who saw Purse Case.

The two claimed that they had sold $30,000 worth of pre-orders for their smartphone purse in only three months. They projected that the first year would bring in $240,000 in revenue. They also claimed that the profit margins are generally large since the product has a low manufacturing cost.

The Sharks were concerned since comparable phone accessories were commercially available. Also, Lori Greiner mentioned that comparable items were already sold on QVC with tremendous success under the name “mobile phone purse.”

Since a patent cannot legally protect the concept, they held that if the Purse Case became popular -which it is sure to do-then nothing would stop other companies from launching and selling identical products.

The moment the two gals entered the Shark Tank, Lori, who claims to identify instantaneously whether a concept is worth it, believed the PurseCase was a superstar and genuinely liked it.

Although the PurseCase was quite similar to what she was selling, Lori thought she could also sell PurseCases because such products have high demand in the market.

There were no conditions on her offer-just $55,000 in return for a 15 percent ownership. The two ladies quickly accepted Lori’s proposal because having a partner like Lori, and a $55,000 investment was a win-win situation.

The girls got what they needed in Lori Greiner’s collaboration, and it worked out well immediately. Greiner not only generated revenue through her QVC network, but Staples, a significant retailer of tech accessories, also took up the product and introduced it to the global market. The purse is on the right track to becoming a common item. Greiner is gleaming from ear to ear over this type of investment.

As the firm expanded, Jenn was forced to leave due to expansion demands, and Lori and Kelley took up her shares.

Our Review of The PurseCase

An ultra-slim pocketbook called a PurseCase is made to fit only your phone and the barest minimum of other necessities, including some cash, your ID, and a few bank cards. PurseCase offers a beautiful chain strap to complement the purse-like appearance and feel without altering aesthetics.

While similar products are on the market, PurseCase adds a chic yet elegant design option for the much-needed phone accessory.

With PurseCase, you can easily dial and take pictures keeping your phone safe within the case, and as the tagline says, “you can be dialin’ and stylin'” together.

It is available in multiple color options, including black hot pink, teal, and lilac, and comes with a longer chain strap, to carry as a mini cross-body bag on the go.

Pros of PurseCase

  • It is a minimal design with an elegant look.
  • It keeps all your essential stuff in place and saves you from the effort of juggling through your handbag.
  • The transparent touch-sensitive outer cover on one side and holes exposing the lens lets you attend to calls and take pictures while keeping the phone safe in the case.
  • It is available for the iPhone series in the most attractive colors.

Cons of PurseCase

  • Its size is only big enough for phones, cash, and cards, while other similar products in the market have a key-holder and built-in mirror.
  • The corners appear to be well-protected, but the rubber-only holes where the chains are attached can tear with enough force. If you handle it gently enough, the chains will stay in place.

Who Is PurseCase For?

PurseCase is for ladies who often struggle to find their phone, cash, and cards in their bigger handbags. This compact phone case will keep your phone from getting damaged by other items in the bag and can be used to carry cash and cards when you are on a quick move and don’t wish to carry and bigger bag.

Its trendy yet elegant design, with multiple color options, is great for women of all ages and fashion tastes.

Are There Any Alternatives?

This product is not patented and has many other alternatives on the market. Because a PurseCase is the need of the time, it is still quite popular in the market because of its unique design and sophisticated look.

You can find similar phone cases from MisscaseBosocalULAK, and KUDEX.

Our Final Thought

Jenn Deese and Kelley Coughlan developed the PurseCase, an iPhone cover with straps and compartments for bank cards and cash. The two ladies had previously collaborated and co-founded Melrose PR, a public relations agency.

PurseCase launched a profitable Kickstarter campaign and received around $30,000 for early orders before appearing on Shark Tank.

Following the event, PurseCase received funding from Lori Greiner and subsequently earned considerable success, with sales soon surpassing $400,000. Eventually, distributors from abroad and shops like Staples and QVC began to sell PurseCase.

Later, Jenn sold her firm interests to Lori and Kelley because the partnership became stressful as the company developed and faced more demands.

We can predict that the company can make significant profits as the product is still in demand, attractive, and handy, and with Lori’s back sky is the limit.

It seems as though Pursecase went out of business in 2018 as they haven’t posted to their social media since then.