“What Companies Does Related Own? A Comprehensive Breakdown”

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As you delve into the corporate world, it’s common to unearth a complex web of business ownership. This is especially true for large conglomerates like Related Companies. Established in 1972, Related has grown into one of the world’s most prominent privately-owned real estate firms.

Let’s take a closer look at their portfolio. You’ll find an impressive array of companies under their umbrella, spanning various sectors such as real estate, hospitality, and entertainment. They’ve planted their flag in residential and commercial properties alike, both domestically and internationally.

From luxury fitness brand Equinox to renowned event venue Hudson Yards, these subsidiaries serve as proof of Related’s expansive reach and influence in the industry. So sit back as we unfold before you the vast empire that Related owns.

A Glimpse into Related Companies’ Portfolio

When it comes to real estate and investment universe, few names spark recognition like Related Companies. This powerhouse firm has a commanding presence in the industry with an impressive portfolio that spans continents.

You’d be intrigued to know that Related owns more than $60 billion in real estate assets across the United States. And that’s not all. Its broad-spectrum portfolio includes everything from luxury residential properties to retail and office spaces, as well as mixed-use developments.

Here are some noteworthy examples:

  • The renowned Hudson Yards in New York City: A transformative urban development project
  • Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle: An iconic hub of luxury living, high-end shopping, and world-class dining
  • The Santa Clara project in Silicon Valley: A forward-thinking mixed-use development

Let’s break down their holdings for you:

Property Type Estimated Value
Residential $30 Billion
Retail $10 Billion
Office Spaces $20 Billion

But it doesn’t stop there. Beyond its American borders, Related has expanded globally too, pushing boundaries in cities such as Abu Dhabi and Sao Paulo.

To give you an idea of their global reach:

  • The Grand at Sky View Parc in Flushing Queens
  • Al Maryah Central Mall Project in Abu Dhabi
  • Parque Global Towers Project in Sao Paulo

Remember though; these are just a snapshot of what makes up the extensive portfolio of Related Companies. With a reputation for excellence coupled with relentless innovation, it’s fascinating how far-reaching this company’s influence is within the property landscape. You might even say they’ve mastered the art of building communities while reshaping skylines one city at a time.

Understanding the Scope of Related’s Real Estate Holdings

When you’re delving into the real estate world, one name that possibly comes up is Related Companies. They’ve made a significant impact in this industry over the years. Let’s take a closer look at what companies are under their ownership.

Founded back in 1972 by Stephen Ross, Related has grown to be an influential player in real estate with properties spread across different parts of the globe. It’s critical to understand just how broad their holdings really are.

Firstly, they own Equinox Fitness, a high-end fitness and lifestyle company. Moreover, they have stakes in SoulCycle, another popular fitness chain known for its intense spin classes.

In terms of residential holdings, Related boasts an impressive portfolio. This includes luxury apartments like One Hudson Yards and affordable housing units such as those managed by Related Affordable, a division within the company committed to affordable housing.

They’ve also ventured into commercial properties owning iconic structures like the Time Warner Center and developing major projects including New York’s Hudson Yards – America’s largest private development.

Here’s a brief overview:

Company/Property Type
Equinox Fitness Lifestyle
SoulCycle Lifestyle
One Hudson Yards Residential
Time Warner Center Commercial
  • Their hospitality arm isn’t left out either. They own notable hotels such as the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort.
  • In retail, they hold ownership over premier shopping centers like The Shops at Columbus Circle.
  • Further extending their reach into sports entertainment sector with partial ownership of Major League Soccer team New York City FC.

So you see, truly understanding Related means appreciating its diversity – from luxury apartments to gyms to soccer teams! This expansive scope showcases why Related has become synonymous with transformative developments shaping city landscapes globally.

Remember though, this represents only part of their massive portfolio which continues to grow each year. As you delve deeper into your research on related companies’ holdings don’t forget these key players that make up its vast empire!

Noteworthy Subsidiaries under the Related Umbrella

Moving on to our third section, let’s delve into some of the significant subsidiaries that fall under the umbrella of Related Companies. This real estate juggernaut has a diverse portfolio, with several noteworthy businesses operating in different sectors.

First off, we have Equinox Fitness. You’ve likely heard this name or even visited one of their high-end fitness clubs. They’re a luxury fitness company headquartered in New York and operate not just in the U.S., but also in Canada and the UK.

Next up is Related Rentals. As you might guess from its name, this subsidiary focuses on rental properties. It offers an extensive array of luxury apartments across prime locations in major cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Another key player within Related’s portfolio is The Shops at Columbus Circle. Nestled within Time Warner Center in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle neighborhood, it’s one of NYC’s premier shopping destinations.

Let’s not forget about Hudson Yards, another major project by Related Companies. Hudson Yards is considered the largest private real estate development in U.S history – quite a feat!

To summarize:

  • Equinox Fitness: Luxury fitness company.
  • Related Rentals: Rental property arm offering luxury apartments.
  • The Shops at Columbus Circle: Premier shopping destination.
  • Hudson Yards: Largest private real estate development in US history.

Remember these are only a few among many subsidiaries that make up the impressive portfolio of Related Companies. Each subsidiary plays a unique role contributing to Related’s reputation as one of America’s leading real estate firms.

Digging Deeper: The Luxe Condominium Projects of Related

Let’s dive into the world of luxury real estate and discover some remarkable condominium projects that belong to Related Companies portfolio. Founded by Stephen Ross in 1972, Related has made a name for itself in the high-end residential market.

You’re likely familiar with their most iconic venture, the Hudson Yards development in New York City. This sprawling complex includes several luxurious condo buildings, such as 15 Hudson Yards, soaring 88 stories high and boasting 285 units. Another impressive building within this complex is 35 Hudson Yards, standing tall with its 92 stories and housing a mix of condos, a hotel, and office space.

But it’s not only about Hudson Yards when it comes to Related’s luxe condominiums. Have you heard about their project on Miami’s waterfront named Park Grove? Designed by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas, Park Grove features three sleek towers offering unobstructed views over Biscayne Bay.

Across the pond in London, there’s another prestigious project worth mentioning – The Triton Building at Regent’s Place. This upscale residence offers lavish apartments situated just steps away from Regent’s Park.

Here are some key stats related to these projects:

Project Location Key Features
Hudson Yards New York City Multiple condo buildings
Park Grove Miami Three towers overlooking Biscayne Bay
The Triton Building at Regent’s Place London Luxury apartments near Regent’s Park

These developments exemplify Related Companies’ commitment to creating exceptional living experiences for their residents. They’ve combined state-of-the-art architecture with top-tier amenities and prime locations – factors you’d surely consider if you were house hunting in the luxury real estate market.

Exploring the Commercial Investments of Related

Let’s delve into the commercial investments of Related, a real estate powerhouse that has left its mark in various sectors. With a keen eye for profitable ventures, Related boasts an impressive portfolio.

First off, Related owns significant shares in Equinox Fitness. It’s not just about property; they’ve also ventured into fitness and wellness. Yes, you heard right! They own Equinox Fitness – a high-end fitness and lifestyle brand that operates several separate fitness brands under its umbrella.

They’ve also made remarkable strides in the hospitality industry with their acquisition of Yotel. This innovative hotel chain offers ‘cabins’ as rooms and is known for its use of technology to enhance guest experiences.

Their venture into retail spaces can’t be overlooked. Shopping centers like The Shops at Columbus Circle and Hudson Yards are prime examples of their prowess in creating vibrant retail environments.

The breakdown below shows some key companies owned by Related:

Company Name Industry
Equinox Fitness Fitness & Wellness
Yotel Hospitality
Hudson Yards Retail

Not forgetting their commitment to sustainability, they’re also major stakeholders in Conrac Solutions, an aviation infrastructure company focused on eco-friendly solutions.

Here are some other notable investments:

  • Charter Communications
  • Ladder Capital Corp
  • Argent Ventures

So there you have it! You now know more about the diverse commercial investments that make up Related’s portfolio. From fitness to hospitality to retail and beyond, it’s clear that this company has extended its reach far beyond traditional real estate.

Stepping into Retail: Mall and Shopping Centers Owned by Related

Diving headfirst into the retail sector, Related Companies has significantly expanded its portfolio with a variety of malls and shopping centers. It’s safe to say they’ve been busy redefining the traditional shopping experience.

You’d be surprised to learn that Hudson Yards in New York City, one of the most glamorous retail hubs, is part of Related’s impressive collection. This luxury mall doesn’t just offer shopping – it’s an entire lifestyle destination. And don’t forget about Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle; it too belongs to this real estate giant.

Taking a peek at their West Coast operations, you’ll find The Shops at Santa Monica Place, another prized possession in Related’s portfolio. Nestled in sunny California, this open-air shopping center is home to numerous high-end retailers.

Jumping across the pond brings us to their international holdings. In Brazil for instance, Related owns Shopping VillaLobos – a prominent mall located in Sao Paulo.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

Location Property
New York City Hudson Yards
New York City Time Warner Center
Santa Monica The Shops at Santa Monica Place
Sao Paulo (Brazil) Shopping VillaLobos

While these are just a handful of examples, they illustrate how well-versed Related Companies is when it comes to managing diverse properties across different markets. They’re not just building structures; they’re creating experiences that go far beyond your standard trip to the mall.

So next time you’re out shopping or planning your next vacation destination remember – there’s a good chance you might be stepping foot on property owned by Related Companies!

More than Bricks and Mortar: Other Businesses in Related’s Empire

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Related Companies is just about real estate. After all, they’re most famous for their sprawling property developments. But take a closer look, and you’ll discover there’s more to this company than meets the eye.

Perhaps you didn’t know that Related Companies also has a significant stake in Equinox Fitness. That’s right! They’ve dipped their toes into the world of wellness, acquiring stakes in an upscale fitness chain known for its luxury amenities and high-end clientele.

Intriguingly, Equinox Fitness isn’t Related’s only venture into lifestyle businesses. The company also owns majority stakes in SoulCycle, the popular spin class phenomenon. Additionally, it has interest in Blink Fitness, another gym chain that offers affordable memberships.

Business Stake Owned
Equinox Fitness Majority
SoulCycle Majority
Blink Fitness Minority

But wait – there’s still more! Did you know that Related is involved with media too? They co-own RSE Ventures, an investment firm which has interests across various sectors but notably includes sports (like NFL team Miami Dolphins), entertainment, and technology companies like drone racing league DRL or food delivery service Resy.

To top it off, this diverse portfolio even reaches into hospitality with ownership of the innovative hotel brand called Yotel. This revolutionary concept delivers compact yet luxurious spaces typically located near airports or city centers around the globe.

Here are some quick bullet points summarizing Related’s business empire:

  • Major stakeholder in Equinox Fitness
  • Ownership of SoulCycle and part ownership of Blink Fitness
  • Co-ownership of RSE Ventures
  • Owner of Yotel hotel brand

From health to hotels to high-flying drones – it seems there really isn’t much out of reach for this dynamic company!

Spotlight on International Investments by Related

Delving into Related’s portfolio, you’ll find a vast range of international investments. This real estate mogul doesn’t just focus on domestic properties; it has an impressive collection of assets scattered around the globe.

Related’s keen interest in international markets mainly falls within two categories: luxury residential development and commercial retail spaces. They’ve made some quite notable acquisitions that have been instrumental in shaping their global footprint.

In the realm of luxury residential developments, one can’t overlook Hudson Yards in New York City. It’s one of Related’s most prestigious projects and is known as the most expensive real estate development in American history.

Let’s divert our attention to their commercial retail space investments. Here’s where you’ll find another standout — The Shops at Columbus Circle. Located inside the Time Warner Center, it hosts an array of high-end brands and is a prime shopping destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Here are some numbers to offer a clearer picture:

Property Location Type
Hudson Yards New York City Luxury Residential Development
The Shops at Columbus Circle Time Warner Center, NYC Commercial Retail Space

Beyond these shores, Related also reached out to other parts of the world such as Abu Dhabi with their notable investment in Al Maryah Island – a mixed-use development project that includes premium residential units, top-notch office spaces, and high-end retail outlets.

To sum up:

  • Related has invested heavily in both luxury residential developments and commercial retail spaces.
  • Their portfolio includes significant projects like Hudson Yards and The Shops at Columbus Circle.
  • They’ve expanded internationally with investments like Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi.

So there you have it. A closer look at how Related has diversified its portfolio through strategic international investments. As they continue to build upon this foundation, we can expect even more exciting developments from them down the line.

The Strategic Acquisitions Powering Growth for Related

Let’s talk about the strategic acquisitions that have been driving growth for Related Companies. Known as one of the most prominent privately-owned real estate firms in the U.S., Related has a diverse portfolio of properties and businesses.

In its early years, Related focused on affordable housing, but they didn’t stop there. Recognizing the potential in luxury apartments, they expanded into this market with impressive results. Some significant acquisitions include the Hudson Yards development in New York City and The Century in Los Angeles.

Hudson Yards, touted as ‘the largest private real estate development in U.S. history,’ was an ambitious project that defined Related’s innovative approach to property development. This mixed-use development is home to commercial offices, retail outlets, residences, and cultural institutions.

On the other side of the country, The Century stands tall as a 42-story luxury condominium tower located within Century City’s Golden Triangle. It represents Related’s commitment to creating remarkable living experiences with exceptional services and amenities.

Additionally, let’s not forget their involvement with Equinox Fitness Clubs and SoulCycle — two leading brands in the wellness industry:

  • Equinox Fitness Clubs: In 2005, Related purchased a majority stake turning Equinox from just another gym into a high-end fitness brand.
  • SoulCycle: Following its success with Equinox, Related invested in this indoor cycling company which then rapidly expanded across North America.

It isn’t just properties and wellness brands; it’s also hospitality ventures like Thomas Keller’s restaurants Per Se & Bouchon Bakery at Time Warner Center that further diversify their portfolio.

Thus you can see how these acquisitions have provided substantial growth opportunities for Related: expanding their footprint both geographically and across industries while continuing to innovate within real estate markets.

Wrapping Up: Summing up What Companies Does Related Own

So, you’ve made it this far. We’ve explored the vast landscape of companies owned by Related, and it’s quite a list. From real estate to retail, their diverse portfolio is a testament to their business acumen.

You’ve learned that Related owns a number of notable properties including The Hudson Yards in New York City and Brickell Heights in Miami. They’re not just about buildings though. Their reach extends into various sectors like Equinox Fitness Clubs and SoulCycle studios. It’s clear that this company isn’t afraid to diversify.

Let’s take another glance at the key companies under their ownership:

  • Related Real Estate: This arm of the company focuses on luxury residential developments.
  • Equinox Fitness Clubs: A high-end fitness club with locations across America.
  • SoulCycle Studios: Indoor cycling workout studios found nationwide.
  • Brickell Heights Apartments: Upscale living spaces located in Miami’s financial district.
  • Hudson Yard Development: An expansive multi-use development project in NYC.

In essence, Related is more than just another property company. They’re innovators, consistently pushing boundaries and exploring new ventures.

Remember though – while their portfolio may be impressive now, who knows what they’ll acquire next? In the world of business, expansion is often inevitable. So keep an eye out for updates on Related – because there’s no telling where they’ll venture next!

In summarizing our journey through the labyrinth of companies owned by Related, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights into how this corporation operates and grows its influence across different sectors. As we wrap things up here, let these nuggets of information guide your understanding about large-scale corporations like Related and how they shape our everyday experiences with their extensive array of businesses!