What Companies Does Jim Treliving Own: Your Comprehensive Guide to His Business Empire

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When it comes to the world of franchise ownership, few names are as prominent as Jim Treliving. This Canadian entrepreneur has made a name for himself through his successful business endeavors, particularly in the realm of franchising. You’re likely familiar with some of his companies.

Treliving’s business empire started with the well-known pizza chain, Boston Pizza. He took this single-location pizzeria and transformed it into an international brand with over 400 locations across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. But that’s not all he owns. Besides Boston Pizza, Treliving co-owns Mr. Lube, a leading quick-service automotive maintenance company in Canada.

In addition to these franchises, Treliving’s portfolio also includes real estate investment firm T&M Group of Companies, which he owns alongside his longtime business partner George Melville. Whether you’re dining out at Boston Pizza or getting an oil change at Mr.Lube, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with one of Jim Treliving’s businesses without knowing it!

Jim Treliving’s Professional Background

Let’s dive into the professional life of Jim Treliving, a renowned Canadian businessman. You might recognize him from “Dragons’ Den”, CBC Television’s popular reality show. But did you know that his business portfolio is as impressive as his television career?

Treliving’s journey to success began with Boston Pizza, a single pizza store in Penticton, British Columbia. He saw potential in this humble establishment and decided to buy the franchise rights with his business partner George Melville. As of today, there are over 390 Boston Pizza locations across Canada!

Year Number of Locations
Start 1
Now >390

But don’t think for a second that he stopped at pizza! His entrepreneurial spirit took him further into several industries.

Here are some companies owned by Jim Treliving:

  • Mr. Lube: A leading quick lube provider in the automotive maintenance sector.
  • Dermal Laser Centres: A skin care company offering treatments like Botox and laser hair removal.
  • White Rock Commercial: A real estate firm specializing in commercial properties.

Each venture shows how versatile Jim Treliving is as an entrepreneur, willing to explore various markets. It wasn’t always smooth sailing though – starting new businesses often comes with its share of challenges. Yet, it’s clear that through dedication and smart decision-making, Treliving has built a diverse empire worth admiring.

Remember, whether you’re dreaming about your own start-up or looking for inspiration on diversifying your investments, there’s much to learn from Jim Treliving’s journey. So next time you see him on TV or enjoy a meal at Boston Pizza, remember the story behind the man – it might just spark your next big idea!

Understanding the Breadth of Treliving’s Business Empire

You’ve likely heard of Jim Treliving, a renowned businessman and TV personality. But do you know how expansive his business empire really is? Let’s delve into it.

Treliving is probably best known for his ownership of Boston Pizza. This Canadian-based restaurant chain has made significant inroads across North America. With over 390 locations in Canada and more than 40 in the US, it’s clear this venture has been a success story.

Another piece of Treliving’s impressive portfolio includes Mr. Lube. He saw potential in this quick service car maintenance company and decided to invest. Today, Mr Lube boasts more than 130 locations throughout Canada.

Diversification is key for any successful businessperson, and Treliving understands that better than anyone else. His investments span across different sectors such as real estate with T&T Properties, sports through partial ownership of the Dallas Stars (a National Hockey League team), and even television production under the banner of W Network.

Here’s an overview:

Company Industry
Boston Pizza Food Service
Mr Lube Automotive Maintenance
Dallas Stars Sports & Entertainment
W Network Media Production

In addition to these ventures, he also owns several other franchises such as Watch It!, Living Well Retirement Residences, White Spot Restaurants, just to name a few.

By now it should be clear: Jim Treliving is not your average investor or entrepreneur – he’s built an empire spanning diverse industries which have all contributed to his substantial net worth. That kind of diversification doesn’t happen overnight; it’s the result of strategic decisions made over decades.

The famed Boston Pizza Chain: A Mainstay in Treliving’s Portfolio

When you think of Jim Treliving, the first business that likely springs to mind is the renowned Boston Pizza chain. It’s a staple in his impressive portfolio and showcases his business acumen perfectly.

Having been with Boston Pizza since 1968, Treliving has spent more than half a century building this popular franchise into what it is today. Initially starting as a single restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta, Boston Pizza now boasts over 400 locations across Canada.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Boston Pizza’s growth:

Year Number of Locations
1968 1
2022 Over 400

Treliving’s role at Boston Pizza isn’t limited to ownership; he also serves as the Chairman of its Board. His commitment to excellence is reflected in the brand’s consistent performance and popularity among consumers.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this pizza giant is all there is to Treliving. He’s diversified his holdings extensively throughout the years. These include investments in sectors like real estate and sports.

  • Real Estate: Through Treliving Management Services Ltd., he has interests spanning residential properties, commercial spaces, and even ranches.
  • Sports: He co-owns Mr. Lube and owns a stake in the Dallas Stars NHL team.

In essence, while Boston Pizza remains an integral part of Jim Treliving’s business empire, it certainly doesn’t define its entirety. Each venture adds another layer to his diverse portfolio – testament to his prowess as a seasoned entrepreneur.

Mr. Lube – Another Major Piece in Treliving’s Ownership Puzzle

Let’s dive into another major business venture that Jim Treliving has invested his time and resources into: Mr. Lube. This Canadian-based quick lube provider is a significant part of Treliving’s diverse portfolio, emphasizing his knack for identifying successful business opportunities.

Founded back in 1976, Mr. Lube quickly gained traction as Canada’s leading automotive maintenance service provider without an appointment needed. Today, it operates over 180 locations across the country. In 1998, you’d find Jim Treliving and George Melville, co-owners of Boston Pizza International Inc., acquiring majority ownership of this rapidly growing chain.

The acquisition was no small feat. Under their leadership, Mr.Lube expanded its reach and solidified its position in the market further. It wasn’t just about oil changes anymore; they diversified services to encompass tire services, filters, fluids and fleet management solutions – making it a one-stop-shop for all car care needs.

Here’s a snapshot of the growth:

Year No.of Locations
1998 73
2002 100
Present (2021) Over 180

Amongst other things that make Mr.Lube stand out from the crowd are their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction – values that resonate with Treliving’s own philosophy towards doing business.

As you delve deeper into Jim Treliving’s ventures, it becomes clear that he doesn’t just put his money where his mouth is; he invests where he sees potential for growth and success. Whether it’s pizza or vehicle maintenance services – if there’s promise, you can be sure to find him there!

So remember: next time your car needs servicing or your stomach craves pizza; chances are high you’re indirectly supporting one of Canada’s most accomplished entrepreneurs!

Diversifying into Real Estate with Global Entertainment Corporation

As you dive deeper into Jim Treliving’s portfolio, you’ll notice a significant shift in his business strategy. His entrepreneurial journey didn’t stop at food chains or retail outlets. No, Jim Treliving ventured boldly into the world of real estate and entertainment.

Take a moment to appreciate this; he co-founded the Global Entertainment Corporation (GEC). You might be wondering why that name rings a bell. Well, GEC is an international powerhouse when it comes to sports facilities management and event promotion. They’ve got their fingers in a lot of pies – managing everything from ice hockey arenas to concert venues.

But how does real estate fit into all this? It’s simple really – these arenas and venues are massive properties that require strategic planning and management. That’s where Jim’s expertise comes into play!

Here are some interesting facts about GEC:

  • The company was founded back in 1997.
  • Over the years, they’ve managed more than 20 facilities across North America.
  • And yes, they’re behind some big-name venues like Jobing.com Arena in Arizona and Budweiser Events Center in Colorado.

That’s quite an impressive resume! If there ever was proof of Jim Treliving’s knack for diversification and strategic ingenuity, GEC would be it.

It wasn’t just about owning companies for Jim; it was also about making smart investments that paid off over time. By venturing into real estate through GEC, he showed us all how thinking outside the box can lead to success in unexpected places.

So next time you’re watching an ice hockey match or attending a concert at one of these major venues, remember who had a hand in bringing those experiences to life – none other than Canadian entrepreneur extraordinaire, Jim Treliving!

Stepping into Retail Franchising: The Body Shop Canada Case

It’s no secret that Jim Treliving has an impressive portfolio of businesses. Among his diverse investments, you’ll find a shining example of retail franchising success – The Body Shop Canada.

Back in the 1980s, Treliving recognized the potential of this growing brand. He saw the chance to bring The Body Shop’s unique blend of natural ingredients and ethical sourcing to Canadian consumers. So he took a leap, acquiring the rights to master franchise The Body Shop stores across Canada.

Under Treliving’s leadership, The Body Shop Canada quickly flourished. Today, there are more than 100 locations nationwide, making it one of his most successful retail ventures.

Here’s a brief snapshot:

Year Acquired No. of Stores (Initial) No. of Stores (Current)
Late 80s Fewer than 10 Over 100

Treliving’s approach was straightforward but effective:

  • He focused on site selection for new stores.
  • Ensured consistent branding and quality control across all outlets.
  • Developed strong relationships with mall management companies.

His strategy paid off handsomely and today The Body Shop is synonymous with responsible beauty products in Canada.

However, managing a retail franchise isn’t without its challenges. Fluctuating consumer trends and economic variables can impact sales unpredictably. Yet under Treliving’s guidance, The Body Shop Canada has weathered these storms admirably.

So when you’re exploring Jim Treliving’s business empire, don’t overlook this gem in his crown – The Body Shop Canada. A testament to his savvy investment instincts and solid business acumen that we can all learn from!

An Investment in Television: Insight on ‘Dragons’ Den’

Popular TV show ‘Dragon’s Den’ brought Jim Treliving into your living room. You’ve seen him making tough decisions, investing in budding entrepreneurs, and shaping their dreams. But did you know that this is just a part of Jim’s extensive business empire?

If you’ve ever wondered what companies Jim Treliving owns, let’s dive right in. He’s the powerhouse behind Boston Pizza, an international chain with more than 400 locations worldwide. Starting as a single franchisee, Jim worked his way up to owning the entire company.

Moreover, it’s not just about pizza for this savvy investor. He also capitalized on his experience in the food industry by acquiring Mr. Lube, Canada’s leading quick lube provider in the automotive maintenance sector.

Company Name Industry
Boston Pizza Food & Beverage
Mr. Lube Automotive

While these investments reflect Treliving’s entrepreneurial prowess, it was his appearance on ‘Dragons’ Den’ that gave him widespread recognition:

  • As one of the original dragons since its inception in 2006,
  • Investing over $8 million across various industries,
  • And demonstrating keen interest and expertise beyond the realm of food and service.

Indeed, being a dragon has allowed him to expand his portfolio even further:

  • His investment in Urbancultivator offers indoor gardening appliances.
  • Partnership with Hillberg & Berk provides high-end jewelry.
  • Ownership stake in Wekk brings interactive media services to businesses.

In essence, Jim Treliving’s ownership spans multiple sectors – from food chains to automotive services; from innovative gadgets to luxury items; from television entertainment to digital marketing solutions.

Remember though: while it might seem like he has an unerring knack for picking winners, every investment doesn’t always turn out successful. Yet through years of experience and instinctive business acumen, this Dragon continues soaring higher than ever before!

Charitable Pursuits and Philanthropy in Treliving’s Companies

You might know Jim Treliving as a successful entrepreneur, but did you also know he’s a philanthropist? That’s right! His businesses aren’t just about profit. They’re also platforms for giving back to society.

Treliving’s companies have been involved in various charitable activities over the years. Boston Pizza, one of his most well-known enterprises, has made significant contributions to several causes. The Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects is an excellent example of this commitment. This initiative focuses on mentoring kids and has raised more than $29 million since its inception in 1990.

| Organization | Amount Raised |
| Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects | Over $29 million |

In addition, Mr. Lube, another of Treliving’s businesses, supports initiatives such as KidSport Canada. This organization helps financially disadvantaged children participate in organized sports. Mr. Lube is dedicated not only to quality car care but also to nurturing young talent and promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Mentoring programs
  • Children’s sports initiatives

But wait, there’s more! WATCH IT! Incorporated, yet another company under Treliving’s umbrella, takes social responsibility seriously too. They’ve partnered with charities such as The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and contributed valuable resources towards cancer research.

Treliving’s companies are indeed profitable ventures, but they’re so much more than that too. They serve as conduits for making positive changes within communities across the globe – truly embodying the spirit of corporate social responsibility.

Future Prospects for Jim Treliving’s Owned Companies

Let’s move forward and take a glimpse into the future prospects of the companies owned by Jim Treliving. You’ll be intrigued to find out that Boston Pizza, one of his primary investments, is projected to continue its steady growth pattern.

Being an industry leader in the casual dining sector, Boston Pizza has successfully established more than 380 restaurants across Canada. It’s positioned well for future expansion, thanks to its robust business model and strong brand recognition.

Another key player in Treliving’s portfolio is Mr. Lube. As Canada’s leading quick lube provider in the routine automotive maintenance sector, Mr. Lube shows promise with its customer-centric approach and efficient service delivery.

Here are some interesting figures:

Company Current Locations Growth Rate
Boston Pizza 380+ Steady
Mr. Lube 170+ Rapid

One cannot ignore WATCH IT!, another business under Treliving’s umbrella. This company thrives on selling fashionable watches and sunglasses from popular brands. Even though it faced hurdles due to sudden shifts in retail trends, WATCH IT! has adapted by incorporating online sales into their strategy – a move that points towards potential success down the line.

Treliving also holds ownership stakes in various real estate developments including those operated by Global Entertainment Corporation – another arena where he foresees significant returns.

However, it’s important to remember that while these predictions are based on current market trends and past performances, they’re not guaranteed outcomes. Economic changes or unforeseen circumstances can impact these projections.

In summary, your understanding of Jim Treliving’s businesses should now encompass not only what he owns but also what the future might hold for these enterprises.

Conclusion: Why They are Important to Know

You’ve made it this far and now you’re probably wondering why it’s even important to know which companies Jim Treliving owns. The answer is pretty straightforward. It’s about understanding the breadth of his business empire, the range of industries he has ventured into, and how these ventures have shaped him as a successful entrepreneur.

It all starts with Boston Pizza, a company he co-owns. This isn’t just any pizza place; it’s one of Canada’s largest restaurant chains with over 400 locations across North America. But that’s not all. He also owns Mr. Lube—a leading quick lube service in Canada—alongside other businesses spanning sectors from real estate to entertainment.

Knowing what companies Jim Treliving owns can offer you insights into:

  • Diversification strategies
  • Franchise operations
  • Investment decisions

By studying his strategy and success in these areas, you might glean valuable lessons for your own entrepreneurial journey or business management practices.

Moreover, learning about the businesses under Treliving’s umbrella helps us appreciate the diversity within entrepreneurship itself—it isn’t confined to one industry or market segment but stretches across various sectors and opportunities.

Lastly, knowing about Treliving’s ownership stakes offers a peek into potential investment opportunities either directly or via associated markets.

So yes, figuring out what companies Jim Treliving owns does matter—it opens up a world of knowledge waiting for your exploration.