Driftline from Shark Tank

Driftline shark tank

Water sports are excellent. They keep you physically fit and help you beat the heat in summer. But to fully enjoy any water sport, having the right outfit is crucial; otherwise, you’ll only find yourself annoyed. Driftline is a brand determined to provide perfect apparel for water sports.

Driftline is an apparel brand that sells pants/shorts for water sports that are unique in their design to ensure you give your best performance without compromising on your comfort.

The shorts by Driftline are a unique two-in-one product you would not regret purchasing if you spend any time in water sports. The design is strategic. The outer material of the shorts consists of polyester, whereas the insides are lined with a distinctive wetsuit material.

If you’re a surfer, these shorts will ensure your time in the water is comfortable and warm, and the neoprene liner will eliminate any risk of rash. But these shorts are not only for surfers. Whether you swim or participate in paddleboarding, wakeboarding, or even kayaking, Driftline is the brand to look out for the utmost comfort.

This innovative apparel brand is the brainchild of Wes Horbatuck and Greg Orfe. Wes and Greg were passionate surfers but constantly conflicted between choosing a wetsuit and board shorts. They did what any aspiring entrepreneur would do and decided to invent the solution, which was a fusion between wetsuits and board shorts.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Driftline was excelling in the market, with impressive sales worth $100,000 with the prediction of it only increasing.

Are They An Active Company?

Driftline is still an active company. Interested people can only purchase their shorts directly from their official website.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The two entrepreneurs featured on season 13 of Shark Tank. Wes and Greg aimed to get a $100,000 investment for an exchange of 10% equity. The two gave a compelling pitch to the Sharks. They explained the gap between water sports apparel and spoke about their experience as surfers. They then introduced their product and even provided the Sharks with well-received samples as Lori even pointed out the excellent quality of the shorts. Overall the Sharks were impressed by their pitch and their brand; Robert Herjavec specifically said, “It is a fantastic idea.”

Kevin O’Leary also thought the product was a “good innovation.” However, he could not see how big the market was or the scaling of it, which was the only reason he went out. Lori Greiner was the second Shark to go out. Even though she appreciated the creativity and what they had achieved, their market was a niche for her, so she could not be on board as an investor.

Daymond John went out because he did not think he could add any value to their business and that they would be much better partnering with Cuban and Herjavec. But Mark Cuban also went out because he did not think it was a big enough company and indeed not the right company for him.

Robert Herjavec was interested in the company but could not do it only for 10%; when Lori asked what percentage he wanted, he boldly said 1/3 of it for $150,000. They countered his offer with a 15%, which was declined immediately. They then offered 20%, but the maximum they were willing to give was 25%.

At that point, Daymond came back in and offered $100,000 for 20%, but they said they could do 15%, which gave Daymond the impression of indecisiveness, and he went out again. Robert came down to 28%, but Wes and Greg declined his offer.

Driftline, after the episode was aired, did experience the Shark Tank effect. As their sales rocketed, orders started pouring in from several athletes.

Our Review of Driftline

We found Driftline to be an innovative brand and a market leader. Water sports are tremendously popular, so we believe that with Driftline shorts, you can say hello to a great memorable experience in the water. Their shorts are comfortable, super durable water sports apparel.

Although it was initially designed for surfers, the variations in their sportswear are also suitable for other water sports.

People can choose from fifteen different shorts in different colors and sizes. Driftline will never leave you empty-handed. And these shorts are further divided into two categories; wetsuit lined and unlined.

Besides their classic shorts, you can also purchase their t-shirts that you can wear flexibly for many occasions, from a morning coffee meeting to a chill night with your friends. To find out more about their products, check out their official website.

Pros of Driftline

Driftline is an excellent brand with so many pros. Here are a few of them:

  • The clothing is durable.
  • Comfort and Stylish items.
  • The liners don’t move, thus protecting any rash.
  • Neoprene lining keeps you warm against cold water.
  • Extra padding is available for kayaking.
  • They hold regular sales.
  • They also offer gift cards.
  • Exchanges for returns or refunds are provided within 45 days of purchase.
  • The shorts can be easily washed by hand.

Cons of Drift Line

Surprisingly, Driftline has a few things it can work on to grow even more. These include:

  • The prices of the shorts are too high.
  • Not readily available in stores.

Who Is Driftline For?

If you’re someone who enjoys water sports of any kind, then driftline is the brand for you. And if you’re a regular at water parks, you would also appreciate what this brand offers.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There is water sports apparel available in the market. However, Driftline is unique in its design. It is the only brand we have found that focuses primarily on shorts, so there are no exact alternatives available in that aspect.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that Wes and Greg have created something revolutionary for themselves. Their appearance on Shark Tank was no less than interesting because even though all but one Shark went out, there is no denying that Driftline has great things to offer and is bound for success in the future.