What Companies Does Danny Way Own: A Guide to the Skateboard Legend’s Business Ventures

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Danny Way is not only known for his groundbreaking tricks and world records in skateboarding but also for his entrepreneurship. Transitioning from athlete to businessman, Danny has co-founded companies that reflect his passion for the sport and its culture. He established Plan B Skateboards; the brand was forged in the fires of skateboarding’s evolutionary ’90s period, alongside fellow skater Mike Ternasky and Colin McKay. Recognized for its impactful presence in the industry, Plan B has dealt in both premium skateboard hardware and streetwear apparel, anchoring itself as a staple of skate culture.

Through his business ventures, Way has solidified his role as a key figure in skateboarding well beyond his athletic achievements. His ventures extend to investments in tech start-ups, evident from his involvement with companies such as ICwhatUC where he acted as the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. These roles reflect a combination of his engineering acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. His impact on both skateboarding and business exemplify how professional athletes can expand their influence into multiple industries, shaping their legacies while inspiring future generations.

Key Takeaways

  • Danny Way is a renowned skateboarder and entrepreneur with several business ventures.
  • Plan B Skateboards is a significant company co-founded by Danny Way, known for premium skateboarding products.
  • Beyond skateboarding, he’s extended into tech sectors, notably with his startup ICwhatUC.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

The journey of Danny Way, a renowned skateboarder, began during his early years, closely tied to his family’s influence and his introduction to skateboarding, which shaped his future endeavors.

Childhood Influence

Danny Way was born on April 15, 1974, in Portland, Oregon. From a young age, he drew inspiration from his community and family. Although his education details are not widely disclosed, it’s evident that his mother and his father played a foundational role in nurturing his talents, which eventually steered him towards the world of skateboarding.

Entry into Skateboarding

Danny Way began skateboarding in his early youth, a period when the sport was gaining popularity in his community. His natural talent and dedication became noticeable as he performed tricks that others in his age group couldn’t master. It was this early display of skill that hinted at his future as a professional skateboarder.

Major Achievements and Records

Danny Way is renowned for his unparalleled contributions to professional skateboarding, marked by multiple X Games medals and a series of groundbreaking world records.

X Games and Medals

Danny Way has had a storied career at the X Games, where he has showcased his extraordinary skills. His accomplishments at this eminent sporting event are highlighted by earning a coveted Gold Medal at the 2004 X Games. Highlighting his competitive prowess, Danny Way has consistently been among the top performers, collecting a variety of medals throughout his X Games appearances.

World Record Feats

In the world record domain, Danny Way has established himself as a legend. Notably, the Great Wall of China served as a backdrop for one of his breathtaking achievements. He astonished the world by jumping over the Great Wall of China on his skateboard, a feat that had never been attempted before. Furthermore, his innovations in skateboarding led to the creation of the Mega Ramp, a structure that posed a formidable challenge and pushed the boundaries of the sport. His record-breaking antics include smashing the record for the biggest air with a 12-foot kickflip in 1997 and surpassing his own record with a staggering 23.5 feet air in 2003. Danny Way also improved upon the long distance jump record, setting a new benchmark with a 79-foot leap in 2004.

Entrepreneurial Ventures


Danny Way has made a significant mark as an entrepreneur with various ventures to his credit. These businesses range from the skateboarding industry to a broader spectrum of entrepreneurial achievements, highlighting his versatility and business acumen.

Plan B Skateboards

Established in 1991 by Mike Ternasky and professional skaters, including Danny Way, Plan B Skateboards has evolved as a prominent brand in the skateboarding scene. The company was initially part of the Syndrome Distribution before being reborn after Ternasky’s untimely death when it was taken over by Way and a group of fellow skaters. Under their guidance, Plan B has continued to develop and contribute to the skateboarding community fiercely.

Other Business Endeavors

Danny Way’s foray into business extends beyond the skatepark. As a co-founder and entrepreneur, he has involved himself in numerous ventures. Way has been linked to the founding of various companies and has brought valuable development insights to each. His entrepreneurial spirit and drive have potentially impacted his net worth, reflecting the success of his diverse business decisions. His ventures illustrate not just a passion for innovation but also a determination to see ideas turn into tangible successes across different industries.

Innovations in Skateboarding

Danny Way has significantly pushed the boundaries of skateboarding with his contributions to both megaramp structures and skateboard design.

Megaramp Development

The megaramp has revolutionized skateboarding, allowing for extreme stunts that were previously unimaginable. Danny Way has been a pioneer in this area, not only in riding it but also in evolving its design to create higher, longer, and more complex structures. His work on the megaramp has been a cornerstone of skateboard innovation.

Skateboard Design

In terms of skateboard design, innovation has been pivotal in adapting to the escalating demands of modern skateboarding. The designs that Danny Way and his companies have introduced are tailored to withstand the rigors of jumps and tricks performed on vast structures like the megaramp. The design improvements have made skateboards more resilient and better suited for the evolving scope of the sport.

Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships


Danny Way, a prominent figure in the skateboarding industry, has cultivated lucrative partnerships through endorsements and sponsorships, enhancing his brand’s visibility and market presence.

Noteworthy Collaborations

Danny Way has creatively aligned himself with various brands, forming partnerships that go beyond traditional sponsorship. His relationship with DC Shoes stands out as one of the most impactful. They have collaborated to launch several signature shoes, each release often followed by skateboarding enthusiasts and the sneaker community alike. These strategic moves not only bring new products to market but also affix Danny’s legacy within the skate culture.

Signature Products

In addition to footwear, Way has expanded his brand into other skate-related products. Boards with his name and design are common in the skate world, frequently sponsored by leading skate companies. The evolution of these products is a testament to his influence as well as the trust companies place in his personal brand. Danny’s signature products reflect his persona and passion for the sport, which in turn resonate with a global audience.

Significant Relationships and Partnerships

In the dynamic world of skateboarding, Danny Way’s significant relationships and partnerships have played a crucial role in shaping his career and personal life. From co-skaters who have influenced his techniques to personal connections that have supported him away from the ramps, these relationships are foundational to his story.

Co-skaters and Influencers

Danny Way’s skateboarding brilliance has been often amplified through his partnerships with other legendary skaters. He co-founded Plan B Skateboards alongside Mike Ternasky, a visionary who had a significant impact on Danny’s professional path. After Ternasky’s tragic passing, it was the collective strength and shared vision with co-skaters like Steve Rocco, Rodney Mullen, and Colin McKay that kept the legacy going.

Personal Life Connections

Kari Way, his wife, stands as a testament to the love and support that bolster Danny beyond the skatepark. His family and children provide a grounding force for his adventurous spirit. Danny’s personal life enriches his persona as much as his athletic prowess, painting a complete picture of the man behind the skateboard.

Influence on Skateboard Culture

Danny Way’s impact on the world of skateboarding is both profound and far-reaching, spanning from media contributions to active community involvement. His legacy resonates through the culture of the sport and the community he has helped shape.

Contribution to Media

Danny Way has played a pivotal role in shaping skateboarding media. As a high-profile figure, he has frequently appeared on the pages of Thrasher Magazine, one of the most influential skateboarding publications. His appearances have not only solidified his status as an icon but have also served to inspire a generation of skaters. Way was honored with Skater of the Year by Thrasher, which is a testament to his significant influence within the skateboarding community.

Additionally, Danny Way’s feats and stories have been a staple in Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, further cementing his role in the history and culture of the sport. His achievements, like his iconic jump over the Great Wall of China, have been celebrated and have become a part of skateboarding’s rich narrative.

Community Involvement

Beyond media, Danny Way is deeply involved with the skateboarding community. His commitment is shown through his support for skateparks and events that bring skateboarders together. This support nurtures the growth of upcoming skaters, helping to sustain and develop the skateboarding community at large.

His entrepreneurial ventures in skateboard-related companies also demonstrate his dedication to the industry. These ventures not only contribute to the economic aspect of the community but also ensure that the culture of innovation and boundary-pushing that he embodies is carried forward for future skateboarders to emulate and build upon.

Notable Appearances and Media

Danny Way has made significant contributions to the media landscape, particularly in the domains of extreme sports. His high-profile stunts and collaborations with major skateboarding publications have solidified his influence in the industry.

Documentaries and Films

  • Waiting for Lightning: This documentary is a profound exploration of Danny Way’s life and his remarkable contributions to skateboarding. It delves into the challenges and triumphs he faced on his way to becoming a legend.
  • Filmography: Danny Way’s stunts and life story have been featured in various skateboarding films, showcasing his pioneering spirit and his impact on the sport.

Magazine Features

  • Thrasher Magazine: As a two-time “Skater of the Year”, Danny Way’s groundbreaking feats have graced the pages of Thrasher, one of the most revered skateboarding magazines.
  • Transworld Skateboarding Magazine: His infamous jump from a helicopter into a ramp was not only a stunning display of skill but also earned a cover spot on Transworld Skateboarding, cementing his place in skateboarding history.

Personal Insights and Anecdotes

In exploring the entrepreneurial journey of Danny Way, a prominent figure in skateboarding, it’s critical to note the personal dedication and resilience he has shown in the face of challenges. His career spans more than just athletic prowess, crossing into realms of business with ventures reflecting his passions.

Challenges and Obstacles

Throughout his career, Danny Way met many challenges head-on, transforming them into stepping stones. Notably, injuries have been a recurring theme, each time requiring significant mental prep and dedication to overcome. He’s sustained numerous injuries from skateboarding, yet his resolve never wavered. For example, in preparation for his feat of jumping the Great Wall of China, Way had to recover from a broken ankle—a testament to his indomitable spirit.

Inspirational Moments

Among the inspirational highlights in Danny Way’s career is his company ownership, including the revolutionary architectural designs for skate parks, as discussed in the Jenkem Magazine interview. His role in shaping the skateboarding world goes beyond the board, as he’s also been instrumental in constructing complex structures like the infamous mega ramp in Hawaii. This exemplifies not just a career milestone but also a personal one, showcasing his vision and innovation in the sport he loves.

Legacy and Future Impact

Danny Way’s legacy in the skateboarding community is profound, having significantly shaped the sport through a combination of his groundbreaking performances and entrepreneurial ventures. His impact resonates widely; as a skater, he pushed boundaries by performing awe-inspiring stunts and in business, he’s applied this same innovative mindset.

  • Skateboarding Career: Way is renowned for his bold style and record-setting jumps. His contributions to the sport have been recognized by numerous awards, including multiple victories at the Gravity Games.
  • Plan B Skateboards: As a co-founder of this influential skateboarding company, Danny Way has fostered a space for the next generation of skateboarders to flourish.
  • Videos: His Plan B video parts are iconic, playing a pivotal role in defining modern skateboarding’s creative and athletic standards.
  • Philanthropy: The partnership with the Tony Hawk Foundation reflects his dedication to giving back, helping to foster accessible skate parks and supporting skateboarding’s growing community.

Way’s entrepreneurial spirit has driven the journey from skateboarder to visionary business owner. Each company he’s involved in carries his stamp of relentless innovation and an unyielding passion for skateboarding.

His trajectory from a professional athlete to a business mogul offers a blueprint for future generations on leveraging one’s passions into sustainable ventures. His companies not only offer products but also embody the spirit and culture of skateboarding, ensuring his legacy and impact will continue to influence the industry for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Danny Way is a prolific figure in the skateboarding industry, having co-founded several companies and performed groundbreaking stunts. This section addresses common inquiries about his entrepreneurial ventures and contributions to skateboarding.

Which skateboard companies has Danny Way co-founded?

Danny Way co-founded Plan B Skateboards, a well-known company in the skateboarding industry, that came into existence in 1991 and later re-formed in 2005.

What major stunts is Danny Way known for?

He is celebrated for a number of major stunts including a jump over the Great Wall of China on a skateboard, which garnered international acclaim.

Can you tell me about Danny Way’s involvement with Plan B skateboards?

Danny Way is not only a co-founder of Plan B Skateboards but also continues to be a co-owner, maintaining a significant role in its ongoing success and influence within the skateboarding world.

What’s the history of Flip Skateboards and does Danny Way have any association with it?

Danny Way doesn’t have an association with Flip Skateboards, an industry-leading brand that emerged in the 1990s and became known for its innovative designs and prominent skate team.

What impact did Mike Ternasky have on skateboarding and his relationship with Danny Way?

Mike Ternasky is remembered for his vital role as Danny Way’s mentor, impacting the skateboarding community significantly. He also co-founded Plan B Skateboards with Danny Way, influencing his professional path.

Who are some notable skateboarders that Danny Way has collaborated with?

Danny Way has collaborated with many other notable skateboarders through his ventures, including teaming up with professional skaters like Ryan Sheckler and Paul Rodriguez as part of the Plan B team.