What Companies Does Clean Harbors Own: A Guide to Its Subsidiaries and Affiliates

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Clean Harbors stands as a fundamental pillar in the environmental services sector in North America. Recognized for its vast expanse of offerings, the company specializes in waste disposal for a myriad of clientele, including Fortune 500 companies, small generators of waste, as well as a variety of government entities. As they continue to execute a blend of organic growth strategies alongside tactical acquisitions, Clean Harbors has built a robust portfolio of subsidiaries, indicating its commitment to environmental and industrial services.

One of the most significant moves made by Clean Harbors was the acquisition of Safety-Kleen, a catalyst in enhancing their standing as the largest re-refiner and recycler of used oil in North America. This strategic move not only diversified their services but also fortified their customer base, strengthening their relationships with commercial, industrial, and automotive sectors. The company’s operational footprint extends across the continent with a network of service locations and hazardous waste management facilities that showcase their logistical and service-delivery prowess.

Key Takeaways

  • Clean Harbors is a leader in environmental and industrial services across North America.
  • Safety-Kleen, a Clean Harbors company, boosts their portfolio in re-refining and recycling used oil.
  • The company’s customer base encompasses a broad range of sectors, including the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

Company Overview

Clean Harbors stands out as a significant player in the field of environmental and industrial services. The company boasts ownership of several well-known brands and caters to a wide range of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies.


Clean Harbors was founded in 1980 by Alan S. McKim, who initiated the company’s journey with a single tank truck representing the beginning of what would grow into North America’s leading provider of environmental, energy, and industrial services.

Mission and Values

The company pledges to offer safe and sustainable services, driven by a commitment to protecting workers, communities, and the environment. Clean Harbors integrates safety into its core values, ensuring all operations align with stringent management practices to deliver the best service to their clientele, including Fortune 500 companies.

Key Executives

At the helm of Clean Harbors, Alan S. McKim serves as Chairman and CEO, maintaining the company’s strategic direction while emphasizing safety and client satisfaction. He is supported by Michael L. Battles, the Executive Vice President and CFO, who oversees the company’s financial strategies.

Safety-Kleen Acquisition

Clean Harbors, Inc. solidified its position as North America’s leader in environmental, energy, and industrial services with its acquisition of Safety-Kleen, a significant player in parts cleaning and environmental services. This strategic move also underscored Clean Harbors’ commitment to recycling services, especially in the used oil sector, enhancing its capabilities as a re-refiner.


The integration of Safety-Kleen into Clean Harbors’ operations meant a substantial expansion in the latter’s network for collecting and recycling used oil. Clean Harbors leveraged Safety-Kleen’s extensive reach, which included a fleet of vehicles dedicated to environmental services and a strong system of recycling centers. This allowed Clean Harbors to increase its refining capacity and bolster its supply chain for re-refined products.

Expansion of Services

Furthermore, the addition of Safety-Kleen led to an expansion of services that Clean Harbors could offer. Notably, it enabled Clean Harbors to become the largest re-refiner of used oil in North America. Clean Harbors could now provide a more comprehensive suite of environmental services, including the regeneration of used oil into a valuable resource, fulfilling a dual role of waste management and resource conservation.

Services Overview

Clean Harbors provides an extensive range of specialized services, ensuring that industries, governments, and businesses can operate safely while managing environmental responsibilities. They offer expertise in handling hazardous and non-hazardous waste, emergency response, and onsite services, catering to diverse sectors.

Environmental Cleanup Services

Clean Harbors is a leader in environmental cleanup services, tackling spills and other environmental emergencies with a rapid response approach. They are equipped to deal with chemical spills, oil spills, and natural disasters, providing comprehensive incident management and remediation services to minimize environmental impact.

Waste Management Services

Offering a complete spectrum of waste management services, Clean Harbors manages hazardous and non-hazardous waste from cradle to grave. From collection and treatment to disposal and recycling, they implement customized waste solutions for various industries, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Hazardous Waste Management: Safe handling, treatment, and disposal of harmful substances.
  • Non-Hazardous Waste Management: Tailored services for everyday waste products, promoting sustainability.

Industrial and Field Services

They deliver a suite of industrial and field services to maintain plant safety and efficiency. This includes high-pressure and chemical cleaning, material processing, and equipment maintenance. These services safeguard operations and personnel in industrial settings, reducing potential downtime and enhancing performance.

  • Maintenance Services: Preserve the integrity and operation of industrial equipment.
  • Onsite Services: Customizable solutions directly at client locations for convenience and efficiency.

Recycling Services

Committed to a sustainable future, Clean Harbors offers recycling services for waste products, transforming them into reusable materials. They focus on resource recovery, providing an environmentally-responsible alternative to waste disposal.

  • Solvent Recycling: Regeneration of used solvents for industrial reuse.
  • Oil Recycling: Processing and repurposing used oil into new products.

Clean Harbors ensures that its comprehensive service offerings address the needs of a clean and healthy environment across various sectors.

Hazardous Waste Management


Clean Harbors is widely recognized for its comprehensive approach to hazardous waste management, which includes stringent protocols for safety and a robust infrastructure for the treatment and disposal of hazardous materials.

Protocols and Safety

To ensure the highest levels of safety, Clean Harbors implements rigorous procedures for handling and transporting hazardous waste. These measures safeguard both the personnel involved and the environment. The company’s safety protocols are designed in compliance with regulatory standards, and they place significant emphasis on rigorous training and emergency response preparedness to address any incidents effectively.

Treatment and Disposal

The treatment and disposal of hazardous waste by Clean Harbors encompass a variety of processes. The company operates licensed treatment, storage, and disposal facilities—often referred to as TSDFs—that are equipped with the advanced technology for the processing of a wide range of hazardous materials. These facilities ensure that waste is managed responsibly, whether it is through incineration, chemical treatment, or secure landfilling. To optimize its hazardous waste disposal services, Clean Harbors also provides on-site chemical cleaning solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Specialized Industrial Services


Clean Harbors provides a comprehensive suite of specialized industrial services tailored to meet the needs of various industries, including environmental cleanup services for refineries and utility providers.

Emergency Spill Response

Clean Harbors excels in emergency spill response, with capabilities to tackle unexpected hazardous material releases promptly and effectively. They offer round-the-clock response for a range of incidents, ensuring that spills are managed swiftly to minimize environmental impact and health risks.

Industrial Cleaning

Their industrial cleaning services are robust, extending to high-powered jetting and vacuuming to maintain plant efficiency. Refineries benefit significantly from such services, which are essential for the upkeep of machinery and preventing unscheduled downtimes.

Decoking and Chemical Cleaning

For the removal of coke deposits and other obstructions, Clean Harbors offers decoking and chemical cleaning services. This essential maintenance for refineries ensures continuous, efficient operation and extends the life of processing units.

Financial Performance

Clean Harbors stands as a testament to robust financial health, signaled significantly by key metrics such as revenues, profits, and market value. Their diligent documentation in annual reports and investor communications provides transparency and insight into their continued economic progress.

Annual Reports

Annual reports released by Clean Harbors showcase a detailed breakdown of the company’s financials, underlining revenues and profits which are critical indicators of the company’s economic momentum. For instance, via their 2018 Annual Report to the 2017 Annual Report, stakeholders can track the trajectory of the company’s financial health.

Market Value

The market value of Clean Harbors reflects its standing in the competitive landscape, closely tied to investor confidence and the company’s own strategic market maneuvres. The company’s financial results for the first quarter of 2023, reported on their financial results announcement page, are instrumental in shaping perceptions and, in turn, the market value. Further, metrics like earnings per share and total stockholder equity contribute to an investor’s understanding of the company’s worth. Clean Harbors’ second-quarter 2023 financial results, for example, offer a window into recent performances and future potential.

Strategic Initiatives

Clean Harbors has made strategic strides that focus on expanding its service offerings and enhancing its environmental solutions. Its acquisitions and research and development efforts amplify its commitment to innovation and sustainable performance.


Clean Harbors consistently seeks to broaden its market share and enhance its service portfolio through strategic acquisitions. One notable acquisition is Safety-Kleen, a provider of environmental services and oil re-refining. The acquisition aligns with Clean Harbors’ closed-loop environmental solution approach, allowing them to offer customers a comprehensive waste management and re-refining process, and reflecting their dedication to sustainability.

  • Recent Acquisitions:
    • Safety-Kleen
    • Several smaller environmental service companies

Research and Development

Investment in research and development is critical for Clean Harbors as it fosters innovation and drives the reliability of their environmental services. The company’s R&D efforts are aimed at improving the efficacy of its proprietary product, Performance Plus, which signifies the company’s dedication to quality and environmental stewardship.

  • R&D Highlights:
    • Performance Plus lubricants
    • Development of advanced recycling technologies

Corporate Responsibility

Clean Harbors demonstrates its commitment to corporate responsibility primarily through dedicated efforts in environmental stewardship and community involvement. They understand the impact their operations can have on both the environment and local communities, which is why they have concrete initiatives to address and mitigate any negative effects.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Re-refinement of Used Oil: Clean Harbors has re-refined more than 3.9 billion gallons of used oil, demonstrating a proactive approach in recycling and reducing environmental footprint.

  • Emission Reduction: The company has made strides in limiting their environmental impact by preventing millions of metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere.

  • Safety-Kleen’s Recognition: As a part of Clean Harbors, Safety-Kleen has earned accolades for sustainability in its processing of KLEEN+ base oil.

Community Involvement

  • Collaboration with Local Government: By working closely with local authorities, Clean Harbors ensures that their services align with the environmental and public health needs of the communities they operate in.

  • Supporting Local Communities: Clean Harbors provides essential services designed to maintain the environment and public safety, which is a testament to their commitment to the communities they serve.

Customer Segments

Clean Harbors serves a variety of customer segments, ensuring environmental compliance and waste management solutions across multiple industries. Their tailored services meet the unique needs of each sector, underscoring the company’s versatility and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Industrial Clients

Industrial customers, including many in the manufacturing sector, rely on Clean Harbors for a suite of environmental services. These services range from hazardous waste disposal to industrial cleaning and maintenance. Manufacturing companies, in particular, benefit from Clean Harbors’ HPC Industrial, which offers extensive cleaning and maintenance operations.

Government Contracts

Clean Harbors holds several government contracts, providing environmental services to numerous government agencies. Their expertise extends to supporting essential public infrastructure across sectors such as utilities and transportation. Governing bodies trust Clean Harbors to handle complex environmental challenges, ensuring public works comply with environmental regulations and standards.

Operational Footprint

Clean Harbors has an extensive operational footprint, with service locations and waste disposal facilities spread across North America. They ensure efficient collection and processing of hazardous materials while adhering to stringent environmental regulations.

Service Locations

Clean Harbors operates a vast network of service locations. They provide environmental and industrial services throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, with their headquarters based in Massachusetts.

  • United States: Multiple service points across all regions.
  • Canada: Facilities in key provinces.
  • Mexico & Puerto Rico: Expanding presence to serve local industries.

Waste Disposal Facilities

The company owns and manages numerous hazardous waste disposal facilities including incinerators and landfills certified by various environmental agencies. They have strategically located these facilities to support the high demand for waste processing and disposal.

  • Incinerators: Located in Arkansas, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Ontario, and Quebec.
  • Landfills and Recycling: Various facilities across North America, handling the collection and recycling of waste efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean Harbors owns a variety of subsidiaries and operates across multiple locations. This section addresses common inquiries regarding its ownership, competition, and operational scope.

Who is the owner of Clean Harbors?

Clean Harbors is a publicly traded company, so it is owned by its stockholders. The company’s founder, Alan S. McKim, currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

What are some notable competitors of Clean Harbors in the environmental service industry?

Significant competitors include Heritage Environmental Services, US Ecology, Inc., and Waste Management, Inc., all providing similar environmental and waste disposal services.

Can you list the locations where Clean Harbors operates?

Clean Harbors operates throughout North America, including locations across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

How many incineration facilities are operated by Clean Harbors?

Clean Harbors operates several incineration facilities, which are used for the thermal destruction of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

Does Clean Harbors manage any waste landfills?

Yes, Clean Harbors manages multiple hazardous waste landfills, which safely contain and isolate hazardous waste in the environment.

Is Safety-Kleen a subsidiary of Clean Harbors?

Yes, Safety-Kleen is a subsidiary of Clean Harbors and is a provider of environmental services and oil re-refining.