WeWork Acquires Meetup: New Era for Networking & Growth Begins

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In the bustling world of tech and coworking spaces, WeWork’s appetite for expansion shows no signs of slowing down. The latest dish on their menu? Meetup, the platform that brings people with common interests together. It’s a move that’s got everyone talking, and for a good reason.

This acquisition isn’t just another notch on WeWork’s belt. It’s a strategic play that could redefine how we connect, work, and build communities in our increasingly digital world. Imagine the possibilities when the power of physical coworking spaces meets the dynamic world of community-led events.

Key Takeaways

    WeWork’s Acquisition Spree

    In your journey as an entrepreneur, you’ve likely come to realize the undeniable value of strategic growth and expansion. It’s not just about growing; it’s about growing smart. That’s exactly what WeWork is doing with its acquisition spree, including the notable pickup of Meetup. This isn’t merely a business move; it’s a bold statement on how WeWork views the future of coworking spaces and community building.

    Let’s talk numbers for a moment. Here’s a quick overview of WeWork’s acquisitions over the past few years:

    2017SpacemobCoworking Spaces
    2018Flatiron SchoolEducation
    2019MeetupCommunity Building

    Each of these acquisitions has brought something unique to the WeWork table, diversifying its portfolio and enhancing its value proposition. Spacemob and Flatiron School, for instance, expanded WeWork’s footprint in Asia and the tech education space, respectively.

    Your entrepreneurial spirit should recognize the strategy at play here. It’s not just about adding numbers to the balance sheet. It’s about synergizing. Meetup’s massive community of event organizers and attendees offers a new dimension to WeWork’s coworking spaces. Imagine the networking events, workshops, and collaborative opportunities that could unfold when these two giants sync up. It’s about creating a powerhouse for innovation, community, and work-life synergy that could dramatically shift how we think about workspaces.

    As someone who’s always on the lookout for the next big thing in online business, startups, and side hustles, you can’t help but be intrigued by WeWork’s moves. Their acquisition spree is a tutorial in expansion, positioning, and seizing the future of work. Imagine the potential partnerships, the community engagement, and the innovative projects that could emerge from this.

    Meetup – Bringing People Together

    As an entrepreneur who’s ventured through the realms of online businesses, startups, and an array of side-hustles, you know the intrinsic value of networking. Meetup, an acquisition that stands out in WeWork’s spree, embodies the essence of bringing people together. This platform has revolutionized the way like-minded individuals connect, especially beneficial for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs thirsty for networking.

    Meetup’s vast community encompasses over 35 million members across 300,000 groups globally. This isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the power of community and collective learning. Whether you’re seeking advice, looking for collaborators, or simply wanting to share your entrepreneurial journey, Meetup provides the avenue. It’s the perfect partner for WeWork’s communal workspace ethos, marrying physical spaces with an expansive digital network.

    • Networking Events: Imagine stepping into a WeWork space, buzzing with anticipation for a networking event you learned about on Meetup. The synergy between the physical and digital spaces amplifies the connections made, transforming a simple meet-and-greet into a potential career-changing moment.
    • Workshops and Learning: Not only for networking, but Meetup also offers an array of workshops and events aimed at skill-building and knowledge sharing. It’s an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs keen on continuous learning.
    • Collaborative Opportunities: The fusion of WeWork’s collaborative spaces with Meetup’s community can foster unparalleled collaborative opportunities. Startups and side-hustlers can find not only a space to work but also a community to grow with.

    Think of the integration of Meetup into WeWork’s offerings as not just an acquisition, but a strategic move towards redefining the workspace of the future. It’s about creating a hub where work, learning, and networking coalesce, offering entrepreneurs an ecosystem that’s rich with opportunities.

    The Power of Physical Coworking Spaces

    In the bustling world of startups and online businesses, the significance of physical coworking spaces often gets overshadowed. If you’re knee-deep in running your own online venture, you might wonder, “Why bother with a physical space when the digital world is at my fingertips?” Well, the answer lies in the unique blend of benefits these spaces offer that virtual environments simply can’t match.

    Coworking spaces foster a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads. They’re not just office spaces; they’re incubators for innovation and creativity. Imagine stepping into an environment where every desk and coffee break could turn into an opportunity for collaboration or learning. That’s the power of coworking spaces. These environments propel your network growth exponentially, purely because of the diversity and ambition of the individuals you’ll meet.

    Moreover, the structure of a physical office can significantly enhance your productivity. It’s easy to fall into the trap of unstructured routines when working from home. Coworking spaces offer the best of both worlds: the flexibility of setting your schedule with the discipline of a traditional office environment. This balance is crucial for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs who are in the process of converting their side-hustles into full-time success stories.

    Lastly, coworking spaces often hold workshops, talks, and networking events that can be pivotal in your entrepreneurial journey. From learning new skills to getting insights into industry trends, these gatherings are goldmines of information and opportunities.

    In essence, weaving the physical aspect of coworking spaces into your digital venture could be the catalyst you need. It’s not just about renting a desk; it’s about becoming part of a dynamic ecosystem that supports growth, fosters connections, and enhances productivity. As you dive deeper into your entrepreneurial journey, consider how integrating these spaces might revolutionize your approach to business and innovation.

    Redefining Connection and Community

    As an entrepreneur and a fervent admirer of startups and online ventures, you’re probably no stranger to the power of networking and community. In the dynamic world of business, where side-hustles become empires and ideas turn into revolutions, WeWork’s acquisition of Meetup symbolizes more than just business expansion; it’s a testament to the evolving landscape of professional connections and communities.

    WeWork, already a titan in providing coworking spaces that revolutionize how professionals interact, share, and collaborate, is taking a significant leap forward. By integrating Meetup, a platform that excels in bringing people together over shared interests and pursuits, WeWork is set to redefine how connections are made and nurtured in the business world.

    Imagine a scenario where you’re not just occupying a physical space alongside others who are also chasing their entrepreneurial dreams but are also given a seamless gateway to engage with local and global communities that share your passions, challenges, and ambitions. This acquisition is poised to meld the physical aspect of working alongside like-minded individuals with the boundless potential of digital communities – creating a hybrid model of interaction that could set new standards for networking and community building in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    With Meetup’s extensive range of groups, covering everything from tech startups to creative writing, and WeWork’s global footprint in coworking spaces, the possibilities for serendipitous encounters and purposeful networking are bound to expand exponentially. This isn’t just about shared office space or attending a workshop; it’s about creating a continuously evolving ecosystem where ideas can collide, partnerships can form, and growth is not just encouraged but facilitated at every turn.

    Opportunities for learning, collaboration, and networking will likely see unprecedented growth, making it an exciting time for entrepreneurs like you who thrive on the energy of a community and the spark of new connections.


    With WeWork’s strategic move to acquire Meetup, you’re witnessing a game-changer in how business connections are cultivated. This isn’t just about having a desk in a shared space anymore. It’s about being part of a dynamic ecosystem where every interaction could lead to your next big opportunity. The fusion of physical coworking spaces and digital communities means your network is now more diverse and accessible than ever. So, whether you’re looking to spark new ideas, forge partnerships, or simply grow your business, this evolving landscape is where you’ll want to be. It’s an exciting time to be part of this community where the potential for growth knows no bounds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of physical coworking spaces?

    Physical coworking spaces, like WeWork, offer a dynamic environment conducive to networking, collaboration, and creativity. They support the entrepreneurial journey by providing a space to work alongside like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

    How does WeWork’s acquisition of Meetup redefine business connections?

    WeWork’s acquisition of Meetup redefines business connections by integrating the digital community-building potential of Meetup with the physical interaction of coworking spaces. This hybrid model facilitates more serendipitous encounters and purposeful networking opportunities.

    What is the purpose of combining Meetup with WeWork’s coworking spaces?

    Combining Meetup with WeWork’s coworking spaces aims to create a more integrated community where digital and physical interactions complement each other. This approach expands learning opportunities, encourages serendipitous encounters, and enhances the potential for forming meaningful business partnerships.

    How does the integration of WeWork and Meetup benefit entrepreneurs?

    The integration benefits entrepreneurs by creating a continuously evolving ecosystem that fosters connections, collaboration, and community. It provides a unique platform for entrepreneurs to network, share ideas, and learn from each other, thereby accelerating business growth and innovation.

    What potential does the WeWork and Meetup integration hold for business growth?

    The integration holds significant potential for business growth by offering entrepreneurs a platform for networking, collaboration, and exposure to new ideas and partnerships. This dynamic environment encourages innovation and facilitates opportunities for synergy, making it easier for businesses to evolve and expand.