Viewsport from Shark Tank

Viewsport shark tank

Viewsport is a trademarked athletic clothing business founded by Ben Wood when he was a medical student studying chemistry. His gear incorporates a specific technology that allows for encouraging messages to appear on the clothes when they are wet in sweat.

According to Wood, the purpose of introducing this apparel brand is to encourage and help people accomplish their fitness goals. In order to view the motivating words, the individual wearing Viewsport’s apparel must be drenched in perspiration.

Wood founded Viewsports after discovering a chemical agent that could be applied to t-shirts and other types of apparel. This substance will only activate and display messages once a person has completed an extensive workout routine and is drenched in sweat.

Making these words visible can motivate you to exercise more so that everyone can see the effort you are prepared to put into your fitness and health.

Ben dropped out of medical school to follow his vision for Viewsport, allowing him to devote even more focus and time to make it a successful brand. After a certain amount of time of developing the ViewSport brand, it was clear that the firm would need the help of an experienced investor to hit the ground running. Wood then decided to take Viewsport to Shark Tank. However, despite it being a great product, Ben could not acquire a deal for it on Shark Tank, primarily because of the valuation of his business.

Nevertheless, Viewsport went on to do well in the market.

Is Viewsport an Active Business?

The business is still in operation and seems to be doing great. The Aramark, ESPN,  US ARMY, US NAVY, The Capitols, The Wizzards, Lax World, Colin Kaepernick, Flywheel, The Sweaty Beaties, Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, Amy Dixon, The Boilermaker, Aura Sports, The ECAC Championships, Game Gear, Valenti Sports, and more than 300 colleges and high schools are among their custom apparel customers.

They recently diversified their clothing line and started providing Viewsport attire for children. The firm generates $4 million in sales each year.

However, multiple firms are selling sweat-activated apparel. It’s unclear whether they’re impersonating Viewsport or are licensed.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Wood came to the Sharks with an ask for a $500K funding in exchange for a 20% ownership of Viewsport. He emphasized that the goal of exercising is to see results, and his business can provide clients with precisely that. He went on to highlight his brand’s notion of “inspiration via perspiration.” The more you work, the faster your clothing will reveal your efforts.

He then discussed how each Viewsport shirt can be personalized to display whatever phrase you want and how it may provide you with that additional push when it seems your work isn’t paying off. Wood thought that the sporting market was in dire need of something fresh and that this product was just what customers needed.

The business had roughly $140K in revenues, with almost $110K of those sales happened in the 3 months prior to appearing on Shark Tank. Despite the comparatively good sales numbers, the Sharks just weren’t thrilled with the valuation of the firm. None of the Sharks thought the firm was valued at $2.5 million.

Barbara was disgusted by the whole idea of the brand and dropped out. Daymond felt Ben pushed him to work on the business too much, so he left as well. Mark despised the valuation, as did Kevin. Although he liked the concept of the business, they were also out. Robert strongly believed the business was a scam, so he left, and as did Viewsport.

Our Review of Viewsport

Despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank, the company did pretty well for itself. The clothes by the brand are cute, comfortable, and affordable. The fabric used to make these clothes is breathable and lightweight.

Many customers have raved about the athletic fit and the affordability of the clothing items compared to other sportswear brands. As the brand promises to motivate customers to work out harder, some customers have stated that the brand indeed gives them the extra push they need to achieve their fitness goals.

The brand claims that the sweat-activating technology on the apparel will remain effective for up to 50 washes. However, it provides a very specific instruction manual for washing and drying clothing items.

Besides that, some customers have complained about the fitting of the clothes. They have stated that some sizes are too small for them to wear.

Pros of Viewsport

  • All the clothes are made out of comfortable fabric;they can be worn during an intensive workout without the wearer feeling itchy because of the fabric.
  • The prices of all the clothing items are relatively cheap. Viewsportis more affordable as compared to other sportswear brands.
  • The brand does help motivate customers to work out harder
  • The brand offers a diverse product portfolio for both menand women’s sportswear

Cons of Viewsport

  • Some customers have complained about the size of the clothes and said that the brand doesn’t promote body inclusivity.
  • The washing and drying instruction manual is quite elaborate and specific. If not done right, the apparel might lose its sweat-activating technology.

Who is Viewsport for?

The brand mainly targets active individuals and gym enthusiasts. The brand’s main aim is to push customers to work harder.

Are There Any Alternatives to Viewsport?

There are a number of brands that now offer this sweat-activated technology sportswear. Some of them include OmegaBurn, LeRage, Target Gym Group, and Actizio.

Our Final Thoughts

It is commendable how despite failing on Shark Tank, the company ended up doing pretty well for itself. It offers a wide range of clothes for men and women.  Furthermore, it has grown exponentially and has partnered with several notable brands that have aided in its expansion.