Unreal Deli from Shark Tank

Unreal Deli shark tank

Shark Tank has been an excellent place for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and receive investment. However, in recent years, sharks have seen all kinds of vegan products, and their popularity has steadily grown over time. Jenny Hanna Goldfarb is another one of those entrepreneurs who wants to take her vegan business to a whole other level.

The factor that helps the company stand out is Jenny herself. She has a story to tell with her success and endeavors. Jenny has her roots set in the city of New York, where her great grandfather was the owner of many delis. For a Roman immigrant who pulled himself up from a simple dishwasher to being the boss and owner of these successful establishments. Thus, Jenny knows good food when she eats it and wants to ensure that she can continue to do and share it with the world. Her favorite thing in the world is corned beef, and that’s the food she wants to present.

Jenny grew up in New York but moved to LA when she was older and started her journey with vegan food, as many people do. She knew that going vegan was better for the environment, but she still couldn’t find something as good as the corned beef sandwiches she used to have at her Grand Pa’s deli, which led her to come up with Unreal Deli,

Now that we know more about the product let’s investigate how the shark tank pitch went.

Jenny entered the tank asking for $100,000 for 10% of her company. The business wasn’t that old during the initial airing of the segment, so the sales were less. Jenny’s pitch is mostly about her story, though.

She also started a website in 2018 called Count Your Colors. Along with the fact that she’s got this corned beef idea on the go, she’s also an active vegan who posts recipes on her blog, which is how she could perhaps market the product.

When she came into the tank, she wanted to get her product into the grocery aisles of stores and enlist a Shark’s help to do so. Her pitch highlighted her story and how she came up with the product.

The Sharks were enamored by how good the food tasted. They also thought that her profit margins looked excellent and reasonable, but the valuation seemed off to most of them. The other Sharks kept trying to ask questions about the company; they wanted to know more about sales and her future plans, which made sense.

Kevin saw some potential and was the first to make an offer of $100,000 for 20%. Jenny dwindled a little with her idea. However, Mark has had a history with vegan food brands and made a second offer. He was willing to give the company and Jenny $250,000 for 20%, which is more than she asked for in her valuation. Jenny gladly took the deal.

The company is currently active, and Jenny is expanding her business to different farms and grocery stores. She’s also taking the company into whole foods and various restaurants. Her products are also on Amazon, which makes it all the better. She’s also managed to expand the company to Canada. The company, as of 2022, has $4 million in total sales.

Our Review of Unreal Deli

As is true for any other product, there are pros and cons to Unreal Deli. We have listed some of these below.

Pros of Unreal Deli

  1. It is vegan. The entire unreal deli corned beef is vegan, which means it can be repurposed into different vegan end products and then sold on the market.
  2. It doesn’t harm any animals. For people with big emotions regarding the harm animals go through in the meat industry, having unreal deli products can help assuage some of that guilt.
  3. It is cholesterol free. You don’t have to worry about the build-up of cholesterol when it comes to vegan food as there are only plant fats in this, and these are generally those high-density lipids that don’t result in a build-up of cholesterol.
  4. They are low-carb components. If you’re trying to be on a low-carb diet, then the unreal deli is perfect for you as you don’t have to worry about the overall carb consumption.
  5. They’re protein-rich. Protein-rich diets help in muscle creation, and they let you consume protein in a way that would be healthy for you.

Cons of Unreal Deli

  1. There aren’t any significant cons except that these products may reach a level of saturation yet, and this could cause them to become irrelevant.

Who is Unreal Deli For?

The unreal deli is for all the vegans who want to eat vegan food that tastes good. It’s also for those who want a substitute for meat to have better health. People are growing in how they look at their health, which means that there’s more demand for the different variations of corned beef available in the market. Thus, an unreal deli could be for anyone.

Are There Alternatives?

There are many vegan foods that you could opt for in the market. But the kind of taste and quality that the Unreal Deli offers in the corned beef is not something you can get. So no, it doesn’t have any natural alternatives that you could opt for. Mark Cuban has invested in many other vegan food companies like this that you could opt for. However, none give the kind of corned beef realness you would want.

Our Final Thoughts

We think that a product that’s so delicious and close to beef is hard to come by. You would find that Unreal Deli is one of the best brands in terms of quality and taste, which is why it can grow into something extraordinary with relative ease. It doesn’t look vegan, but it somehow comes with the best of both worlds, which sets it apart.

However, there may be a slight concern about how feasible it can be since vegan products can be a little expensive, and not everyone has a preference for corned beef.