Total Tie Keep from Shark Tank

Total Tie Keep shark tank

Neckties are probably one of the wardrobe essentials for every dapper man. Wearing crisp formals on  Monday meetings, cocktail parties, or romantic date nights means looking your utter best – a feat incomplete without a dashing tie that looks exquisite with your ensemble.

Admittedly, acing the act of knotting your tie and ensuring it stays perfect throughout the use can be challenging. Often, you may not realize how crooked the tie is, underwhelming your overall suave appeal. Sigh, a man can dream of a necktie keep that keeps the accessory attached to the shirt, aligned, and smoothly straightened.

Except, that’s a dream come true now, especially after Shark Tank’s season seven when Dwight appeared with a pitch for his company, Total Tie Keep. The product was termed “the ultimate necktie accessory,” and honestly, it’s hard not to see the charms of this creation.

Total Tie Keep was made using high-quality cotton fabric. This button-on innovation would keep the tie’s front and back from moving around, offering the wearers a neat and snazzy appearance. You may wonder, “why not simply get the tie pins?” Tie pins smoothen the front but leave the rear part unattended. But Total Tie Keep offers the complete package of keeping the tie’s back-end immaculate without stretching or binding the finish. The accessory has three buttonholes and numerous loops to help wearers stick their ties to dress shirts and fix the rear ends.

Dwight Littlejohn developed the product to help him – and others like him look exceptionally professional when dealing with crucial clients. He didn’t say what government agency he worked for, but the underlined idea remained: to look presentable and sophisticated to the tee.

Dwight sought $50,000 in exchange for 25% of his firm’s equity. He wore the accessory to demonstrate how it was used. His four-packed set costs were affordable and sold at a significantly affordable price. His restriction was lack of time in hand to sell this accessory due to his employment status.

So far, he had sold two hundred Total Tie Keeps in Men’s Wearhouse, but Dwight believed initially going to a big retailer was an error. Because the accessory needs to be first explained or demonstrated, Men’s Wearhouse wasn’t interested in selling more of it. In short, Dwight would use the investment to buy more products and another individual to help him sell.

Mark doesn’t prefer wearing ties, so he doesn’t see the motivation to invest, and Lori suggested he wanted someone else to manage the product. Eventually, they’re both out. Raymond is apprehensive, making Dwight understand that starting a business demands full-time commitment, and so he’s out, and so is Daymond.

Kevin offers $50,000 in exchange for the company’s 116% share. He likes the accessory but is reluctant because, for him, it costs more than Cuban suits. And so, alas, he’s out as well. In the end, Total Tie Keep didn’t manage to enter a deal with any Shark.

Dwight continues to work and still takes time to sell and expand his firm, Total Tie Keeps. The brand has since worked and flourished and now has extended its product line to sell socks, collar stays, and neckties. In 2018, the business even partnered with Kevin Harrington for an infomercial. Generating an annual income of $1 million, its products are available on the official website and other ecommerce platforms, accessible for everyone interested in buying the accessories.

Our Review Of Total Tie Keep

Overall, we love Total Tie Keep. Be it the soft fabric, user-friendly convenience, or exceptional benefits of preventing crooked ties. The accessory is an incredible hack to fancy and deluxe dressing, something most of us prefer. What’s not to love? Let’s discuss the pros and cons to assess how essential Total Tie Keep is!

Pros Of Total Tie Keep

Some of the outstanding features we like about Total Tie Keep include:

  • The “thinking-outside-the-box” ideology behind the product
  • Excellent quality and softness of the product
  • Fine stitching
  • Convenient use – once demonstrated properly
  • Affordable
  • Essential for all professionals
  • Better than tie pins because the product focuses on the tie’s front and rear hold
  • It doesn’t make the tie feel stifling or constricting once
  • Ideal for people amateur at handling their ties
  • It offers a natural look to the ties
  • Isn’t extremely visible to make people notice the “back tie behavior”
  • Available in elegant and versatile colors: blue, grey, and black

Cons Of Total Tie Keep

Ultimately, nothing’s only advantageous and has a few setbacks. Luckily, Total Tie Keep doesn’t have plenty of cons, and the only ones we considered as disadvantages include:

  • It may seem confusing and complex if you don’t see someone explaining how to wear this (resulting in a waste of time getting your way across)
  • Pros at wearing ties may just prefer the swift ease of tie pins more

Who Is Total Tie Keep For?

The Total Tie Keep is a rewarding investment for several people. This accessory is your closet must-have if you’re working in an organization that demands you to look professionally presentable and smooth all day long. Moreover, it’s an asset if you frequently attend black-tie events or formal gatherings that require you to dress in three-piece suits with impeccably placed ties. Additionally, the product is vital for people who genuinely prioritize looking sharp, neat, and debonair, with their outfits highlighting designer and urbane poshness. There’s no harm in looking visually appealing, anyways. And the Total Tie Keep is a massive assist in ensuring this happens.

Are There Any Alternatives?

We couldn’t find any alternative for Total Tie Keep, primarily because this product targets the overall tie structure. Though, you can always switch to tie pins. They may be visible, but at least they look poised and attached to the front of your ties. But of course, you wouldn’t be able to control the tie’s rear as it would only focus on the front area.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s incredible to see the business thriving and gaining popularity every day. Total Tie Keep was designed to add a chic and well-groomed appearance for every tie wearer. The valuable accessory is made from 100% pure cotton and designed to be worn without a hassle – even if after some guidance the first time you try it. But it’s a great initiative for all fashion-lovers or people with jobs demanding them to look spruced up from top to toe, including their ties.