Tik Pik Review from Shark Tank: Unveiling the Innovative Dental Tool

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Enticing guitar players with its innovative design, the Tik Pik guitar pick has struck a chord with the Shark Tank audience since its appearance on Season 15, Episode 6. This guitar pick is not only an interesting gadget for musicians but also a noteworthy example of entrepreneurial innovation. With features tailored for enhanced playability, such as a non-slip grip and the ability to stick to the guitar without adhesives, Tik Pik targets a widespread need among guitarists: the convenience of having a reliable pick during performances or practice sessions.

Given its spotlight on Shark Tank, the product has garnered attention from both professional and casual players. The show is known for catapulting products into the market and providing them with the visibility they need to succeed. It’s insightful to look at how Tik Pik has utilized its moment in the limelight to evolve. Exploring the user experiences shared online, such as the one found on MSN, can give potential customers an idea of the product’s reception post-Shark Tank.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tik Pik was featured to positive reception on Shark Tank’s fifteenth season.
  • Its design includes unique features such as stickiness to the guitar body and a non-slip grip.
  • Customer feedback since the episode has been crucial for the product’s continual improvement.

Product Overview


The Tik Pik Guitar Pick introduced on Shark Tank showcases a blend of comfort and innovation, tailored to enhance the musician’s playing experience by focusing on a user-friendly design, durable materials, and adaptable usability for guitarists of various styles.

Design and Innovation

The core innovation in the Tik Pik Guitar Pick lies in its nano-suction technology, which allows the pick to adhere to any guitar surface without leaving residue or requiring adhesives. This design addresses the common issue of misplaced picks. Each pick features a thumb ring for added stability, making it simple for guitarists to keep their rhythm without sacrificing comfort.

Material and Grip Features

Tik Pik has prioritized a non-slip grip, utilizing quality materials that offer both durability and comfort. The guitar pick’s material does not only enhance the grip but also contributes to the overall tone quality. Available in various thicknesses, the picks cater to players preferring thin, medium, or heavy gauges, ensuring that every guitarist finds their ideal match.

Sizing and Usability

Emphasizing ease of use, the Tik Pik Guitar Picks are sized to fit seamlessly into any musician’s routine, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned performer. The thoughtful design considers musicians who play different styles and offers options that accommodate swift playing and intricate techniques. Even through vigorous strumming or detailed fingerpicking, the non-slip grip ensures that the pick remains firmly in place, providing a reliable tool for any performance.

Company Background

Tik Pik has emerged as a noteworthy innovation aimed at musicians who require a reliable guitar pick. The brainchild of Jacob Lyda and Mike Stalnaker, this product’s unique design has caught the attention of many within the Nashville music scene.

The Founders

Jacob Lyda and Mike Stalnaker are musicians with a passion for the music industry. They identified a common issue among guitar players and invented Tik Pik to address it. The patent-pending design of Tik Pik is a testament to their commitment to innovative solutions for musicians.

Journey to Shark Tank

The founders, recognizing the potential of their product, took their invention to “Shark Tank” to secure the investment and exposure they needed. Their journey reflects the entrepreneurial spirit often celebrated in Nashville’s vibrant music scene. It was on the show that Tik Pik gained significant attention, setting the stage for their post-show success.

Business Insights

In the competitive world of guitar accessories, Tik Pik has emerged as an innovative player. Their appearance on Shark Tank catalyzed their market presence and introduced their unique guitar picks to a wider audience.

Sales and Market Strategy

Tik Pik’s sales strategy capitalizes on the limitations of traditional guitar picks. By offering multi-gauge solutions and a comfortable non-slip grip, they have positioned themselves as a desirable option for both amateur and professional guitarists. They target retail avenues like Guitar Center and cultivate wholesale relationships for broader distribution.

  • Retail Sales: Focus on prominent music stores.
  • Wholesale Deals: Expansion into larger distribution networks.
  • Market Differentiation: Non-slip, multi-gauge picks set them apart.

Investment and Company Growth

Post Shark Tank, Tik Pik saw a surge in interest, both from viewers and investors. Mark Cuban’s investment, a $75,000 deal for 16% equity, was a significant boost. Founders Nick Nowak and Kevin Mac have utilized these funds to optimize operations and pursue corporate sales to ensure a steady profit stream.

  • Equity Deal: Mark Cuban ($75,000 for 16%)
  • Use of Funds: Expansion into corporate sales and scaling operations.

User Experiences

In the wake of Tik Pik’s debut on “Shark Tank,” customer and professional musician feedback has played a pivotal role in understanding the product’s real-world application. The ergonomic design and innovative non-slip grip that caught the sharks’ attention have also resonated with guitarists of various styles and proficiency levels.

Customer Testimonials

Users on social media and product review sections have enthusiastically shared their experiences with Tik Pik. Their comments often highlight the comfort and the improvement in picking and strumming techniques they’ve experienced. For instance, one user on Amazon emphasized the pick’s ability to stay put during vigorous performance, which significantly reduced their hand fatigue.

  • Ease of Use: Many testify to how the Tik Pik’s thumb hole design allows for a more relaxed grip, enhancing playability.
  • Durability: Reviews frequently commend the picks for their durability, serving users well over extended periods of practice and performance.

Professional Musicians’ Perspective

Professional musicians tend to be more critical with their gear, but Tik Pik has earned praise for its practicality and performance enhancement. Guitarists have discussed how the Tik Pik caters to diverse playing styles, from delicate fingerpicking to bold, heavy strumming.

  • Sound Quality: They’ve noted that despite the unique design, there is no compromise on sound quality, a crucial factor for any serious musician.
  • Innovative Features: The microscopic suction cups technology mentioned in an article from The Cinemaholic has been spotlighted for adding stability without damaging the guitar’s finish.