The URO Club from Shark Tank

uro club shark tank

The URO Club is an ingenious portable urinal for golfers on the golf course. It is essentially a 7-iron club with a urine reservoir built in the broader grip or handle of the club. It is great for golfers on the golf course who want to relieve themselves when nature calls, but there aren’t any facilities nearby.

Not only is it practical for emergencies on the golf course, but it also makes for a great gag gift among golf buddies. The edge of the grip of the URO Club has a screw cap that you can open to reveal the urine reservoir.

The club also comes with a ‘privacy shield’ that looks like an average hand towel. The privacy shield can be attached to your waist and the front of the URO Club to provide added privacy on the open golf course.

The URO Club was designed and founded by urologist Dr. Floyd Seskin. He owns and runs a successful urology clinic in Florida. The idea of the URO Club came to him when he realized that a large number of his male patients faced embarrassment when they had to use the restroom while playing golf.

Many of his patients faced difficulty in holding urine for extended periods on the golf course, causing them discomfort, shame, and humiliation. He saw a gap in the market for a product for golfers who did not have immediate access to a restroom on the golf course.

He designed the URO Club to resolve this problem, especially for golfers playing on courses that didn’t have amenities for lengthy stretches.

Dr. Seskin took his invention to Shark Tank, where he appeared in the tenth episode of season one. He was seeking a $25,000 investment from the Sharks for a 51 percent stake in URO Club. Since Dr. Seskin did not have an entrepreneurial background or skills, he went on Sharks Tank looking for a Shark to take over his company.

Shark Kevin Harrington stepped up with an offer of $25,000 for 70 percent of the company, saying that the URO Club would make for a good novelty item and gift for friends and family. Dr. Seskin accepted his offer with open arms.

Our Review of the URO Club

Getting our hands on the URO Club, we were able to assess the novelty and necessity of the product. Up close, the URO Club seemed odd for a golf club with its wider, much longer grip handle. However, while it did seem conspicuous up close, it can easily blend in with other clubs in your golf bag.

Most importantly, if someone saw it in your hand from a distance on the golf club, they wouldn’t think twice to notice the strange grip handle.

In terms of practicality, the URO Club is surprisingly useful. Imagine playing 18-holes with some buddies, drinking beers, water, and beverages, and you come up to the fourth hole only to realize there are no facilities on site.

No restroom, tree, or bush nearby to provide privacy; this is exactly what the URO Club is for. Testing the club, we realized how sturdy the triple-seal, leak-proof screw cap is, most probably because it was designed in collaboration with a pipefitter.

The cap hangs off the top handle, revealing the urine reservoir. The Privacy Shield is large enough for any size golfer and easily attaches to our belt or waistband and the front of the URO Club. You can relieve yourself while maintaining privacy and minimizing any indecent exposure.

Once done, simply seal the leak-proof screw cap, which we found to be truly leak-proof. Apart from your buddies in close proximity, no one around you can tell what is going on unless, of course, they know about URO Club, recognize it, and know how it’s used.

The great thing about its simplistic design is that after a few tries, you won’t even have to look down to know exactly what you are doing.

All in all, our review of the URO Club revealed that this Shark Tank product delivers on its promise to provide relief on the golf course in a discreet and inconspicuous manner.

Pros of the URO Club

The URO Club offers quite a few benefits for all golfers:

  • The URO Club provides much-needed relief on lengthy courses with no nearby restroom facilities.
  • It is great for urinary health as holding urine for long periods can result in long-term health issues.
  • It can easily blend in with the rest of your clubs in the golf bag.
  • It looks a lot like a 7 iron when you pull it out of your golf bag.
  • It has a discreet urine reservoir that is large enough (0.5 liters) for adult use.
  • The triple-seal screw cap is sturdy, leak-proof, and designed in collaboration with a pipefitter to prevent leakage.
  • It comes with a Privacy Shield that looks like an average hand towel, but you can attach it to your waist and the URO Club.
  • It is a highly affordable product
  • It also works well as a gag gift or novelty item for friends and family.

Cons of the URO Club

As with everything, there are a few cons of the URO Club:

  • Up close, any avid golfer can tell that the URO Club is not a standard 7 iron.
  • It doesn’t use the highest-quality materials for its construction.
  • While it is an effective and discreet product, you still run the risk of public indecency.
  • It is not designed for female golfers.
  • The rules of the golf course may prohibit the use of such a product.

Who is the URO Club for?

As mentioned previously, the URO Club is an excellent product for all golfers. However, it is especially great for golfers who:

  • Have a small bladder.
  • Have bladder-related issues that prevent them from holding urine for long periods.
  • Regularly play on large golf courses that lack sufficient or nearby facilities.
  • Want to prevent wasting time and energy on bathroom breaks while playing.
  • Want to prevent embarrassment or shame on the golf course.
  • Want to present friends or family with a novelty or gag gift.
  • Want a discreet urine reservoir for emergency situations on the golf course.

If any of these sounds like you, the URO Club can be a highly beneficial addition to your golf bag.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Currently, there are no other alternatives to the URO Club. It is the first of its kind, and there aren’t any such discreet urine reservoirs on the market. Dr. Floyd Seskin was also clever enough to patent his design before any marketing or even before coming on Shark Tank.

However, when he first appeared on Shark Tank, the patent for the URO Club was pending. This is most likely no longer the case, as there are no other products like the URO Club on the market.

Our Final Thoughts

The URO Club may seem like an odd and funny product, but it is actually a very practical product for avid golfers. Not only does it help prevent awkward and embarrassing situations, but it also saves time on bathroom breaks.

Most importantly, however, it allows golfers to play without compromising their urinary health. Our in-depth review of the URO Club revealed that it is, in fact, fairly inconspicuous, surprisingly discreet, leak-proof, and highly effective for its purpose.

Regardless of your preferences, the URO Club is a Shark Tank product that is a must-have for all golfers, even if it is just there in your golf bag for emergency situations.