The Spatty from Shark Tank

The Spatty shark tank

Don’t you just hate it when you have leftover makeup but cannot use it, as it sticks to the bottle or jar it comes in? Luckily, that will no longer be an issue for women with The Spatty.

The Spatty is a device used to scrape leftover makeup to make excellent use of it. It’s a makeup spatula that allows women to continue using their makeup as much as possible, not worrying about getting stuck in the jar.

The idea came to Cheryl Rigdon when she got tired of wasting her makeup, especially knowing it still had a few good weeks left. Rigdon’s frustration led to this brilliant discovery, helping her find a way to use every last bit of her makeup.

You’ll be happy to know that even though The Spatty was created for makeup scraps, it can also be used to scrape the last bits of food items, such as mayonnaise or mustard. We can all agree on how irritating it can be to get that last drop of ketchup or mayonnaise out of the bottle. Hence, The Spatty is undoubtedly a versatile product everyone can use to scrape whatever they want.

The Spatty can be a pretty valuable device if appropriately used, and that’s what Rigdon wants people to realize. However, it was just a business idea, and Rigdon hadn’t officially launched the product. She only developed a few prototypes, and no sales have been made yet.

Although the product is still in its initial phase, The Spatty undoubtedly has incredible potential to make it big if appropriately developed. This spatula can help many people scrape out stuck things, from makeup lovers to foodies to painters. The Spatty allows you to have the last bit of everything.

The business idea is something nobody has thought of, making it pretty lucrative. If The Spatty launches, it has excellent potential to make great sales, as it can monopolize the market.

Cheryl has thought of every little detail regarding her business idea. She has the vision, talent, and determination to ensure this product sees the light of day.

However, business ideas can be tricky, as they don’t guarantee success. The Spatty would need a significant push to hit the market officially and crawl into people’s everyday use. Will Cheryl be able to give The Spatty the kind of treatment it deserves?

Only time will tell as Rigdon marches down to Shark Tank to seek a profitable deal from any of the sharks. She asks for $50,000 for a 40% share in her business, but what did the sharks have to say? They loved the name and kept gushing over adorable it sounded.

However, a witty product name isn’t enough for the sharks to make a deal with Rigdon. Mr. Wonderful wasn’t too sold on Cheryl’s distribution plans, so he refused to invest. Mark thought it’d be a hassle to help Cheryl build an entire business from scratch, and he didn’t invest either.

Robert was skeptical about the business being a success and hence, doesn’t make a deal with Cheryl, allowing Daymond to follow suit. At the same time, Barbara loved Cheryl and her vibrant energy but thought it’d be better if The Spatty were sold as a distribution product with a makeup item, leading to her backing out.

However, Daymond wanted to help Cheryl and quickly got her contact information, promising to introduce her to some makeup companies. Cheryl, however, left Shark Tank with no deal from the sharks.

Our Review of The Spatty

In our opinion, The Spatty would’ve been a practical purchase. The targeted audience could’ve kept this device in their kitchens or makeup rooms, according to their use, benefitting plenty from this spatula. The best part about this potential product would’ve been that no such product has ever been made.

So, it’s a must we commend Cheryl for coming up with a brilliant idea that had the potential to make great sales. Spatulas are pretty easy to use, so customers wouldn’t have found it hard to become used to them. Most people use spatulas in baking, but who would’ve thought they could’ve come in handy for something as simple as makeup?

However, such a product would need a lot of marketing at the time of its launch, considering no such product existed before. That’s the downside of launching an entirely new product; you need to work hard to raise awareness. Also, there needed to be a strong vision on Cheryl’s part for The Spatty’s future.

Despite Cheryl not garnering a deal, her visit proved relatively successful, as she started getting many pre-orders. After Cheryl sold out all her prototypes, she officially launched The Spatty in the market, selling tons of units.

Cheryl eventually partnered with retail giants like Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Target, selling her spatulas in full swing. As of now, she’s in more partnerships with numerous other retailers. Cheryl has now introduced themed spatulas, including metallic ones. Overall, The Spatty has been doing pretty well in the market.

Pros of The Spatty

  • It’s a unique product idea.
  • It’s very convenient to use.
  • It’s an easy way to get scrapes.

Cons of The Spatty

  • It can be fragile.
  • It’s targeted at a specific audience.

Who Is The Spatty for?

If you struggle to get scrapes from food, makeup, or paint, The Spatty is undoubtedly for you. This spatula allows all those people looking to get scrapes a reasonable way to do so. Hence, this product will be perfect for you if you belong to such a group.

Alternatives to The Spatty

Luckily for Cheryl, The Spatty has no current alternatives in the market, making it the only product of its kind.

Our Final Thoughts

Cheryl Rigdon’s Shark Tank visit undoubtedly proved to be a wise move on her part, as it gave her the exposure she was looking for. After Cheryl left Shark Tank, she started booking orders left, right, and center, immediately allowing her an excellent start. She’s currently partnering with numerous retailers selling her spatulas for her.