The Original Stretchlace from Shark Tank

The Original Stretchlace shark tank

The Original Stretchlace shoelaces are convenient to wear slip-on laces that make it easy to switch between laced and slip-on shoes. They work exactly like normal shoelaces. You can attach them to any shoe to convert it into a slip-on. This makes it easy to choose what kind of shoes you’d like to wear on a particular day.

These laces are perfect for those who have limited mobility, like athletes or people who are disabled. The design is simple, comfortable to wear, and supports all types of movement. With these laces, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your laces are tied up properly. They’re designed to fit any shoe and are sold in various colors.

The laces are made of high-quality material that’s stretchable enough to allow you to easily pull your feet out of these shoes. The laces are hand-cut and designed with a lot of care.

Jamie Montz invented the laces when she grew tired of constantly having to tie up her kids’ shoes. At that time, she had some experience with eCommerce at Amazon, so she decided to start a business centered around stretchable laces with her brother, David.

The product took off instantly, and it was trendy among parents. They came to Shark Tank because they wanted to expand their business, which was based on the concept that kids didn’t have the motor skills to tie their laces at a young age.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, the company is active and still in business.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The two siblings came to Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 for a 15% stake in their company. They started their pitch by sharing the story behind the invention of the product and then handed out samples to the Sharks.

They also shared their sales which were at $2.14 production cost and up to $13.99 selling rates. They shared that so far, they’d only been selling their laces online, and they’d managed to generate almost $221,000 in revenue through this.

The current year’s sales were at $165,000, and they added that the pandemic had negatively impacted them. Then it was time for the Sharks to respond. Robert was unimpressed by the fact that Jamie had chosen to sell such an uninteresting product despite her experience at Amazon.

Mr. Wonderful was the first to step out, followed by Daniel, who didn’t think the two entrepreneurs had enough drive. Then Lori and Mark left too because they didn’t feel strongly about the product or believed the two didn’t need an investor.

At this point, it looked like they might not get an investment, but Robert seemed to have changed his mind because he said he believed Jamie could do better than just laces.

He offered to invest on the condition that they’d expand their company. He offered $100,000 for a 33% stake in the company. They countered this with 25%, but the two parties finally settled at 30.

Overall, The Original Stretchlace Shark Tank Review was positive, and they left with a good investment.

Our Review of The Original Stretchlace

We decided to try out these laces to see how they would fare in real life.

The good news is that the material is so comfortable that it relieves pressure on the feet, especially if you’re hiking or running. The laces fit comfortably and are a good option for those with disabilities like Autism or a broken foot.

They’re versatile enough to be worn by anyone of any age, from kids to elders. They’re not just fashionable in various colors, but they also make shoes convenient to just slip on. The packaging is in recycled paper and also biodegradable.

The bad news is that many cheaper alternatives on the market provide the same advantage. Plus, these laces still require tying up, which would take up time.

Pros of The Original Stretchlace

  • Premium Quality Laces
  • Variety of colors
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Cater to a wide range of people

Cons of The Original Stretchlace

  • Expensive
  • Still need to be tied up

Who Is The Original Stretchlace for?

The Original Stretchlaces are mainly for people who want a comfortable pair of shoes and are tired of going through the hassle of tying up their laces. They’re also directed at those with disabilities like autism or Parkinson’s, who need comfortable shoes to wear. The laces are versatile enough to be worn by anyone of any age.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While the concept behind these laces is interesting, there are many similar alternatives on the market.

The Elastic No Tie Shoelaces is one good alternative to The Original Stretchlace. These shoelaces have a spiral structure with a screw lock system, so you won’t have to tie your laces at all. It’s simple enough to use for people of all ages and comes in various colors. Just like The Original Stretchlaces, these laces stretch out almost 150%.

They’re made of high-quality elastic and latex silk. Each box comes with 3 laces and a metal locking system. It’s designed to prevent a lot of pressure on your feet, and they make it easy to simply slip on in a hurry. Plus, your laces won’t come undone since the lock system is pretty strong. The length of the lace is enough to be adapted to any type of shoe.

Our Final Thoughts

The Original Stretchlace is a comfortable and attractive option for people who are travelling or hiking and want to be able to wear their sneakers without worrying about the lace coming undone.

These laces are stretchable so you don’t have to undo them every time you’re putting on your shoes. Plus the range of colors means that they elevate your whole look. They’re made of premium quality material too.

However, stretchable laces are nothing new. There are many alternatives on the market that are also a lot cheaper plus come with a locking system too.