The Home T from Shark Tank

The Home T shark tank

In the search for a promising career, thousands of people each year migrate to a different country or at least a different state with more job opportunities. While in the cat and mouse chase between an individual and success, what gets lost is the essence of home and belonging. To revive that feeling and be a little less homesick, Ryan Shell had come up with the idea of his company called The Home T which made it to Shark Tank Season 6.

Originally from Texas, Ryan started The Home T company that sold state pride tee-shirts when he felt homesick and lonely on the busy streets of New York City. Whenever someone would spot his basic tee with Texas’s map printed on it, their acknowledgment was enough for Ryan to feel he was doing something notable. He wanted people to feel the same emotions of belonging as he did in those short minutes of acknowledgment with his home-state pride¬†clothing.

With his digital marketing skills, Ryan had come to ask for $250K in exchange for a 5% stake in his company. When talking about profits and the valuation of the company, Ryan disclosed that in the past 12 months, he had been able to generate a million dollars in sales. While the sharks were impressed, they never took Ryan’s words for it when he further stated that most of his sales were generated through word of mouth.

Mark and Kevin didn’t see much competitive advantage as the business idea was replicable with no promises of rising profits; they were out. Daymond initially waves Ryan off, thinking he’s in it just for the advertisement but offers him $250K for 20% equity. After some more valuation, Daymond finds himself disinterested and withdraws his offer.

Robert and Lori make offers of $250K for 35% equity and $250K for 30% equity, respectively. Ryan counters both the offers with an impossible offer of his own that sharks don’t agree to. Ultimately, Ryan leaves empty-handed.

Our Review of The Home T

Since the Shark Tank appearance, The Home T has diversified its style of T-shirts while still providing quality material. They have added words of kindness, song lyrics, and quotes from famous people to their line of T-shirt prints, along with the home-state pride still as the primary business. The business has been profitable and has generated $2 million in annual revenue.

The famous prints are now available on other clothing items, including hoodies, caps, sweatshirts, etc. The business has also been proud to support numerous charity and research causes, including multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, autism, and Alzheimer’s.

The Home T now also allows its customers to design their own custom T-shirts for a special price. So, if people can’t find Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, they can order it. Customers can also purchase basic, no printed T-shirts and hoodies for the insanely soft material The Home T is known for and proud of.

Pros of The Home T

The booming business and its products have various features that have won hearts across the US. Some of these are:

  • The incredibly soft sweat-proof material that The Home T uses to manufacture its clothing. People are obsessed with the breathable material and swear by the durability of T-shirts.
  • The loyal customers of The Home T are highly supportive of the company’s donation to several causes and research. Since the business has added other causes to its donations, people are more impressed with the company’s giving back.

Cons of The Home T

While people are obsessed with The Home T’s products, they’re not thrilled about some other aspects of the business:

  • The parcels arrive late with no prior information of the arrival or the delay in delivery. This issue has caused a lot of trouble for the customers.
  • Upon asking for a refund that complies with all the business policies, it’s still not awarded. Customers have been highly angered due to this careless attitude of The Home T.
  • Even upon promising some credit, if not a refund, the business never follows through. The poor customer service has already driven numerous customers away from the business.
  • Upon inquiring regarding an incorrect delivery or a faulty item, customers have often been ghosted by the business.
  • Complaints are gone unheard even on social media. The Home T has a reputation for blocking its customers from commenting if they have a negative review, and every previous comment they’ve made is also deleted if found harming the business.

Who Is The Home T For?

If you’re finding some breathable soft T-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts with a variety of necklines and numerous options in prints, The Home T is the place for you. Some people like to have a laid-back style instead of suiting up for work, and they would love The Home T’s vast collection of clothing and apparel that’s not too fancy but not thrifty looking. The affordable clothing made with premium material that feels like a second skin instead of weighing like an additional layer will have you coming back for more.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Junk Food Clothing is another trusty brand in the neighborhood with a vast customer base. People are pleased with their design and style, which is more graphic and colorful than The Home T’s subtle and basic style. JFC is all about self-expression, thus having a wide range of printed clothing options. If colorful is your style, you will most certainly enjoy purchasing from Junk Food Clothing.

Our Final Thoughts

Every customer deserves respect and the best service from a business. Suppose that’s a prime value when choosing which business you’d like to have a long-term relationship with. In that case, we won’t recommend The Home T. Their poor customer service and bad behavior with no follow through on their promises have driven away thousands of customers despite their noble work supporting numerous social causes.

However, the quality of the clothing The Home T manufactures is unmatched. With such reasonable pricing, a premium quality T-shirt is a hard find. Hence, if you’re more product-oriented and can tolerate a few discrepancies here and there, then The Home Team is the best in business.