Swoveralls from Shark Tank

Swoveralls shark tank

Swoveralls, as is evident from its name, is a combination of two beloved styles of garments, sweat pants and overalls. The business focuses on producing the most comfortable overalls made out of sweatpants materials.

Aside from being a combination of two different styles, Swoveralls is also an amalgamation of the relatively recent trend of sweatpants and overalls, which have historically been used as work apparel.

Overalls have recently seen an uptick in sales due to their recent trend, and sweatpants will never go out of style due to the sheer comfort they provide. Therefore, Swoveralls is truly the best of both worlds as it provides comfort and fashion.

The company is the brainchild of Kyle Bergman, who launched his start-up in 2018. Usually, a product combining two well-known ideas or products is seen as a gimmick, but Bergman felt that he had a great design in the form of Swoveralls.

His hypothesis proved to be correct as he received lots of interest in Swoveralls and even had to start a Kickstarter campaign to increase his inventory. People seemed to love the idea of comfortable overalls.

Swoveralls remains in business to this day. The website provides a whole of Swoveralls for men and women and even a new range for children. Despite not landing a deal on Shark Tank, Bergman’s business seems to have done pretty well for itself and is estimated to make an annual review of $4 million.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Kyle Bergman walked into his Shark Tank Pitch dressed in an oversized coat that covered his clothes. There were no major clues about his product on the stage, which intrigued the Sharks about its nature. Bergman then talked about how vital comfort was.

He claimed that comfortable clothes make it significantly easier whatever work you’re doing. Upon establishing that, Bergman took off his coat with a flourish to reveal his product. Great fanfare and a blast of confetti startled a few Sharks as Bergman went all out to introduce his product.

Bergman demonstrated his Swoveralls to the Sharks and asked for $150,000 for 15% of his company. Bergman stressed that his product focused on comfort and was made out of high-quality breathable cotton.

Kevin O’Leary wanted to know how the wearer would fare in the bathroom. Bergman pointed out a zipper and reminded the Sharks that overalls have been worn for ages; therefore, there were no major issues in going to the bathroom. The Sharks look reasonably impressed by the product and Bergman’s calm and collected pitch.

Bergman then handed out samples of his product and also showed the Sharks in an amusing collage as they were edited wearing Swoveralls. The Sharks found that hilarious, and there were quite a few laughs.

The Sharks were impressed by the quality of the product, and Greiner specifically remarked about how comfortable the cloth was to the touch.

The Sharks then turned the conversation toward the business aspect. They asked Bergman about sales who revealed he had done $230,000 in sales. Bergman then told the Sharks about his Kickstarter campaign that he arranged for inventory.

He had demand but not enough production capacity. He planned to scale up production and increase inventory. He said that he had parents demanding for a children’s range, and he also wanted to work on that.

Despite Bergman’s solid numbers, the Sharks did not seem sufficiently impressed. The overall atmosphere was lacking in any enthusiasm about the product. Barbara Corcoran was the first to pull out of making an offer.

She narrated the lessons she had learned from her work with The Original Comfy, and she found that the product was popular because it had only one size. Swoveralls had multiple sizes, which was a great hassle when it came to inventory.

Therefore, she refused to make an offer citing those reasons. Mark Cuban was second to go stating that he did not see enough demand for the product. Kevin O’Leary did not see the company making him any profit on the money that he would hypothetically invest.

He also declined to make an offer. Lori Greiner believed that it was too early in the company’s trajectory for her to step in; it should first establish itself. She also pulled out of negotiations.

John Daymond, despite his vast experience in the fashion sector, also did not see potential in the product. He believed that Bergman still had to perfect his product.

Bergman left his Shark Tank pitch without securing a deal. However, he was confident in his products and sales and did not seem to be deterred by his lack of success with the Sharks.

Our Review of Swoveralls

Swoveralls are not only great fashion statements, but they are also made out of high-quality cotton and provide comfort alongside fashion. The product definitely has a market that demands it, however, the company can still iron out a few issues to make it even more accessible to the larger market.

Pros of Swoveralls

  • Unisex Design
  • Made out of 100% organic cotton
  • Pockets on the front for storage
  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Big range of sizes

Cons of Swoveralls

  • Steep Price Point
  • Some Inventory Issues can get orders delayed

Who Is It For?

Swoveralls are apparel for people who prefer comfort and functionality in their clothing. Since overalls have also been trendy, the product is also for people who want to appear trendy without compromising their comfort.

The unisex design of the Swoveralls also appeals to people who want to dress in a way that does not conform to any gender norms. It’s a great way to express your style without restricting yourself to the gender binary.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many products on the market that combine two different styles of clothing. The skort, the combination of shorts and skirt is quite popular among customers. However, there is no like-for like replacement for the Swoveralls. There is no product that combines sweatpants and overalls.

Final Thoughts

Swoveralls is an idea that seemed great in theory and in practice. Bergman stuck to his guns when it came to the product and is now reaping his reward in the form of a functioning business. The price point, however, is a bit concerning in a time where fast fashion is on the rise. The product might be knocked off by several fast fashion websites and hurt the business.