Super Coffee from Shark Tank

Super Coffee shark tank

Whether a university student or professional, if you need a caffeine fix early in the morning to start your day, then you’d be happy to learn about Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee. Jordan DeCicco founded this coffee brand as he couldn’t find any caffeinated drink in the market that was better than energy drinks but lower in sugar.

So, Jordan decided to develop a product that would give him energy without the sugar crash. With only a blender at his disposal, Jordan began to whip batches of coffee. He also served his drink to classmates and professors. He experimented with multiple ingredients like coconut oil, whey protein, and organic coffee.

Soon he crafted the perfect recipe that everyone loved. Not only did it taste good, but it was also free from the bewildering amount of sugar content and artificial ingredients. And these were the unique selling points of his product as compared to other energy and coffee brands in the market.

Jordan and his brothers Jimmy and Jake founded the company in 2015. Since then, they have never looked back. The trio promoted Super Coffee as a nutritious, organic energy drink with no additives. It made it to the shelves of nearly twenty whole foods stores in the Baltimore/ Virginia area. As of now, Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee is available all across the Northeast.

To grow their business and market penetration, the trio approached the sharks. They were seen in season 9 of Shark Tank. They offered 4.5% equity in exchange for a $500,000 investment. They pitched their idea and distributed the drink samples to the sharks to get the taste of their product.

Overall, the sharks, including Robert, Rohan, and Lori, did not like the taste of Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee. They thought it was too powerful, and the aftertaste was like stevia. Also, the sharks believed that the product was overpriced and did not stand a chance in the overcrowded coffee market.

They believed that the product did not have the potential to compete against the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. As a result, the trio failed to sign a deal. But that didn’t slow them down. Fast forward to the present, Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee is a startup that proved the Sharks wrong.

The company today is valued at over $400 million. It makes over $50 million yearly. Even though Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks have a global presence and unprecedented marketing clout, Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee startup has made a prominent place in the market. Put simply, the startup has defied the odds and established a lucrative niche.

Our Review of Super Coffee by Sunniva AKA Kitu

After trying the different flavors of Super Coffee, we think the trio has done a fantastic job. This coffee drink has a good taste, but more importantly, it is organic and has no added sugar. The star ingredients of this product are the organically-sourced Columbian coffee, stevia, and monk fruit. The monk fruit provides this coffee sweetness but without the sugar crash.

We loved this coffee drink because it is 100 percent free from colors, preservatives, and artificial flavors. It’s all-natural and super healthy. The natural tastes of their coffee drinks are extracted from plants like vegetables, herbs, leaves, spices, fruits, and roots which are fermented, processed, and distilled.

Pros of Super Coffee

  • It is all-natural and healthy. It doesn’t contain any artificial coloring or flavoring. Rest assured, their entire product line is gluten-free, lactose-free, and made from natural ingredients.
  • It is available in seven different flavors to delight your tastebuds. These include mocha, hazelnut, vanilla, maple pumpkin, caramel, and vanilla/hazelnut and mocha.
  • Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee is suitable for people who want to lose weight or follow diets like the Keto diet. This product has only 70 calories and is rich in whey protein.
  • It is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth but without the sugar rush.

Cons of Super Coffee

  • Some people may not like the taste of it the first time they try it. This is because it doesn’t contain artificial flavorings or sugar like other energy drinks on the market. Therefore, try different Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee flavors to find the one you like the most.
  • Besides that, Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee has a meager calorie count. So, if you are looking for a coffee drink to substitute for breakfast, you’d probably have to opt for another drink. This drink only contains 70 calories which may not be sufficient for a complete meal replacement.

Who Is Super Coffee for?

Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee is best for:

  • Those who want to lose weight. This is because it has a very low-calorie count.
  • Those who are on the Keto diet.
  • Those who are looking for healthy, organic, and sugar-free energy drinks.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes. Lifeboost Coffee is a good alternative. Lifeboost Coffee is a natural and non-GMO drink made from organically sourced beans grown on Nicaraguan farms. However, Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee is a better choice if you want wider options and a super-light drink.

Our Final Thoughts

We think Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee is an excellent addition to the energy drink industry. It provides a healthy alternative to bottled (pick-me-up) drinks in the market. It is made with lactose-free whey protein and coconut oil that provides healthy fats and naturally sourced and organic Colombian coffee beans. The product has zero sugar, additives, artificial flavorings, and colors.

Although the company couldn’t close a successful deal on Shark Tank, it has achieved massive success over the years. The company is growing consistently with an enormous increase in sales year after year.

It is said to be the biggest miss of Shark Tank. Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee brand has made history. Today, Sunniva/Kitu Super Coffee is a well-established brand in a highly competitive niche of coffee and energy drinks. Their products are available for sale on e-commerce stores, their official website, and in retail stores.