Sunflow from Shark Tank

Sunflow shark tank

Sunflow is a beach chair with some adherence to the sun. There are many lounging beach chairs available. However, a husband-and-wife entrepreneur duo managed to formulate a new product altogether. Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner pitched Sunflow as a convenient beach chair to the Shark Tank Judges.

They came up with the idea all on their own. Since they are entrepreneurs, they also have other ventures they wish to pursue. One of the ideas they came up with happened to be Sunflow, and it is one of their recent pursuits.

What sets the Sunflow beach chair apart is that it is designed to be simple and easy to pack. The husband-and-wife duo came up with the idea on one of the trips to the beach. What makes them unique is also that they both know how the industry works.

They’ve worked on many products, plus Besner is an adjunct professor for Business at New York University. So, when developing this product, both knew what they were getting into, and it shows in the product they designed.

The company is still active and working hard to produce the products to set out on the shelves. The company is also managing to do this all under the guidance of the original entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs had also spent a long time ensuring that the design they came up with was something they could sell in the market. Leslie Hsu was a serial entrepreneur, and she and her husband’s expertise shined through in this matter.

The product is a relaxing and straightforward beach chair that you could quickly bring out and pack away whenever you want. The product also comes with many attachments, such as an SPF sun protector shade and other devices you would need on your trip to the beach. The two managed to think of all of the customer’s needs.

Leslie and Greg entered the Shark Tank looking as confident as ever. They were seeking $1 million for 6% equity. That’s quite a big ask when you think about the history of Shark Tank. They shared quite a comparison between other sunny beach chairs and Sunflow.

Their main selling point was that all the other beach chairs were relatively difficult to open. However, Sunflow was easy to open and carry.

The demonstration exemplified the utility of Sunflow and made it better. They also showed the judges the accessories that came along with Sunflow. The Sharks could examine their samples and look at the product closely to see how the mechanism worked.

Leslie and Greg also talked about how their sales were skyrocketing in a short period. They estimated that they would cap the year 2022 with 409% growth.

Kevin had questioned the amount of money they were asking for. It was quite a lot of money for a lounging beach chair. Leslie countered with the statement that they also planned to expand the product line and wanted to come out with a lounger and a table. Daniel liked the entire story, and he could see success in it. He offered them $1 million for 22.5%.

Greg didn’t want that offer, so he tried to convince the rest of the panel. He stated that the business would be highly successful. He believed the industry was a multi-million-dollar company, and the Sharks would lose out. It’s this kind of confidence that convinces people.

Daniel was out, and so was Mark. The confidence sat as overconfidence with Barbara, and she was out. Lori was also not convinced. Mr. Wonderful then said he had issues with the amount of money they were asking for. He offered $ 1 million for 4 % equity and some royalties until the money was recouped to $2 million.

Greg countered the offer with a royalty of $1 million. Kevin, who had been silent all this while, offered $1 million for 6% plus the royalty until the company could recoup the money. Greg countered with $1 million for 5% plus the royalty until Kevin recouped $1 million, and Kevin agreed.

Our Review of Sunflow

Like any other product, there are pros and cons to every product. We have listed some of these below.

Pros of Sunflow

  1. The product is convenient to use. You don’t have to think twice about how you will carry it.
  2. It is developed with a lot of thought and the best materials. The company is heralded by people who know how the market works. Both Hsu and Besner knew how to handle the demand.
  3. It comes with many different attachments, making it useful for many applications.

Cons of Sunflow

  1. It is expensive. One piece retails at $198, which can be extremely expensive for your average middle-class household.

Who Is Sunflow For?

Sunflow is for all of those families that enjoy the beach. It’s for everyone who wants to sit in public places. You may have to check out the laws before you do this. But, if you like having a beach lounge chair in your trunk to enjoy a sight now and then, the Sunflow is for you. Many old/ single people like to carry chairs and just people-watch in the summers; this chair is perfect for them.

It is a convenient chair. You don’t need many people to unpack it. You can be independent and unpack it alone without fretting about how you will move the chair in and out of your car.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to beach chairs. However, the Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair is easy to carry as it serves as both a backpack and a folding chair. It is also highly convenient, and people tend to enjoy it. It also seems to be a whole $110 less expensive than SunFlow.

Our Final Thoughts

The product is unique due to its extreme level of convenience. It also seems like a luxury item: a lounge chair of the highest quality meant for people with private beaches. It offers comfort, ease, and convenience.

If you’re looking for something that offers you all the above, you should get yourself a Sunflow today!