Stakt: Shark Tank Update – Fresh Insights and Developments

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Stakt Mat, a revolutionary fitness product, gained popularity after its founders Millie Blumka and Taylor Borenstein appeared on Shark Tank in Season 14 Episode 3. They pitched their unique, multi-purpose foldable mat to the Sharks, seeking a $100,000 investment for a 10% equity stake at a $1 million valuation. The Stakt Mat aims to solve common problems related to yoga mats by offering 2x the comfort and support during workouts.

The duo developed Stakt out of necessity during the Covid pandemic and believed their innovative solution would revolutionize the fitness industry. With their impressive presentation and confidence in their product, they captured the attention of the Sharks. Their appearance on the show presented them with a life-changing opportunity to grow their business and reach a wider audience.

Since their Shark Tank debut, Stakt has continued to make waves in the fitness world, constantly improving and expanding their product offerings. Stay updated on Stakt’s journey and progress as they continue to make an impact in the fitness and wellness space.

Stakt on Shark Tank

Episode 3 Appearance

In Season 14, Episode 3 of Shark Tank, entrepreneurs Millie Blumka and Taylor Borenstein pitched their innovative product, Stakt Mat, to the Sharks. This unique fitness mat is designed to offer multiple uses and 2x the comfort compared to other mats on the market.

Investment Diverted

During their appearance on the show, the team behind Stakt Mat sought an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake, valuing their company at $1 million. The Sharks, including Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Mark Cuban, listened intently as Blumka and Borenstein boldly put forward their case.

Guest Shark

A notable aspect of this episode was the presence of a Guest Shark, who contributed valuable insights and shared their Halloween Moments to bring some levity to the intense investment discussions. While the entrepreneurs did their best to capture the interest of all sharks, they ultimately had to settle for an amended investment deal.

In conclusion, Stakt Mat’s appearance on Shark Tank provided a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship, showcasing the challenges and rewards experienced by those who dare to bring their ideas to life. The Season 14, Episode 3 pitch for the multi-purpose fitness mat will undoubtedly live on as one of the memorable moments in the history of the show.

About Stakt


Stakt Mat was founded by Millie Blumka and Taylor Borenstein in New York. These entrepreneurs came together with a mission to create an innovative and versatile yoga mat that caters to the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts.

Product Details

The Stakt Mat is a multi-purpose, foldable fitness mat specially designed for yoga practitioners seeking additional support and comfort. It features a patent-pending 2-in-1 foldable design that makes it compact and lightweight. This unique design allows the mat to fold, bend, and stack, providing various levels of support during workouts. It is an ideal solution for individuals concerned about their joints and stability while practicing different yoga postures.

Stakt Mat is available in three colors: Rosewater, Iron, and Seafoam, catering to different preferences and visual styles. The cost of the mat is competitive in the market, offering an affordable price point while maintaining high-quality materials and construction.

Brand Identity

The brand identity of Stakt revolves around its versatility, compact nature, and the comfort it provides to users. The company is known for its stackable fitness mat that can cater to various disciplines and requirements in the world of yoga and fitness. With its unique foldable design and patent-pending features, the Stakt brand is focused on delivering an extraordinary experience to fitness enthusiasts who value convenience, portability, and support during their workouts. Stakt aims to become a household name when it comes to innovative, compact fitness mats that can help improve overall health and well-being.

Stakt’s Success Story

Sales and Revenue

Stakt Mat, founded by Millie Blumka and Taylor Borenstein, took the fitness world by storm after their appearance on Shark Tank Season 14. The innovative foldable yoga mat gained significant attention, leading to an increase in sales and revenue. Customers across the country, particularly in New York City where the company was founded, have praised this revolutionary product for its versatility and convenience. Stakt Mat’s presence extends beyond their website as they have also secured a spot selling on Amazon.

The foldable mat is available in various colors, catering to individual preferences while providing the same functional benefits during workouts. Its unique design allows the user to adjust their level of support for optimal comfort during exercise sessions. Thanks to Stakt’s success, the company has managed to establish strong ties with Tulane University, further solidifying its credibility in the fitness sector.

Marketing and Social Media Impact

In addition to its sales and revenue growth, Stakt has experienced a significant impact on its online presence. Social media played a crucial role in the company’s success, particularly through platforms like TikTok, where the Stakt Mat became a viral sensation. The compelling videos showcased the mat’s capabilities, capturing the attention of users scrolling through their feeds.

Stakt has wisely leveraged social media marketing to engage with their audience, share user-generated content, and showcase the benefits of their foldable mat. The positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers have organically driven sales, further contributing to the company’s growing visibility. Through a friendly and accessible online presence, Stakt continues to inspire more people to incorporate their revolutionary yoga mat into their fitness routines.

Fitness and Exercise with Stakt

Yoga Practices

Stakt Mat is a fantastic companion for yoga enthusiasts, as its foldable design offers support and comfort during various poses. It can fold along five different grooves, providing pressure relief for joints, such as the knees, in positions that may usually strain these areas. The mat’s flexibility and adaptability contribute to enhancing mobility during yoga practices, accommodating a range of skill levels.

Strength Training

The innovative design of the Stakt Mat offers valuable support for strength training exercises as well. For instance, tricep dips and lunge exercises can benefit from the varying levels of cushioning provided by the mat’s stackable design. Users can adjust the incline on the mat to create a custom surface that supports their balance and engages the target muscles more effectively. This feature makes the Stakt Mat an essential tool for individuals integrating strength training into their fitness routines.

HIIT Routines

Stakt Mat also caters to fitness enthusiasts who engage in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Due to its foldable nature and the options to create different levels of support, the mat can be tailored to suit various HIIT exercises. For example, during plank exercises, users can fold the mat to support their forearms or create an incline for added challenge. The versatility offered by the Stakt Mat encourages the development of a well-rounded exercise regimen, promoting a dynamic approach to fitness.

Behind the Scenes

Product Manufacturing

Stakt, the innovative foldable yoga mat company, has come a long way since Millie Blumka and Taylor Borenstein presented their product on Shark Tank. The Stakt Mat is designed to be easy to clean and boasts a thickness of 10 mm, providing comfort during workouts. Millie and Taylor developed the idea while attending the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.

Since their appearance on the show, they have had to work closely with their Product Implementation Team Leader and supply chain partners to manage large production orders. As the demand for the Stakt Mat rapidly increased, the team had to ensure that quality assurance and other manufacturing processes were well in place.

Supply and Demand

Stakt’s success on Shark Tank increased public awareness, boosting demand for their yoga mats. The product’s features had broad appeal, and the company had to manage supply chain dynamics effectively in order to meet consumers’ needs.

Operating in a competitive market with tight margins, Stakt needed to maintain a healthy profit margin in order to reinvest into product improvement and company growth. Utilizing sources like Bloomberg for financial analytics and market research helped the team keep track of their position in the industry. They also learned from successes of other Shark Tank products, such as Create A Castle Sand Castle Molds and Simplifeye.

By carefully managing their supply chain and ensuring timely product availability, Stakt has been able to navigate the challenges of balancing supply and demand. As the company continues to grow, they remain focused on offering a high-quality, oil-free, easy-to-clean yoga mat that stands out from the competition.