Sun-Staches from Shark Tank

Sun-Staches shark tank

Sun-Staches are quirky, gimmick sunglasses with affixed mustaches created by three college pals, Eric Liberman, Dan Gershon, and David Levich.

David, the original Sun-Staches designer, started by selling watches but quickly solicited the support of his friends to capitalize on the burgeoning market for sunglasses.

Sun-Staches was designed as a prank for a friend who couldn’t grow a mustache. They created the notion by attaching a fake mustache to a pair of sunglasses.

What started as a joke rapidly turned into the start of a series of quirky sunglasses with mustaches attached. This was when the group thought they could go even further and started making customized sunglasses.

They started their business with a small investment of $200 and, after just a few years, had a diverse range of characters from ranchers to pirates and licensed Sun-Staches with the Ninja Turtles.

Justin Bieber, Bill Murray, and a bunch of many other celebrities were soon among the customers. The glasses became available at places like Amazon, Party City, Urban Outfitters, and Toys R Us.

These are essentially plastic sunglasses with crazy designs, along with extra pieces that drop over the wearer’s face or pop up on their forehead.

There are various options available for both youngsters and adults. The designs scream fun, with various inventive components and unique accents. These glasses have a very “take the party wherever you go” vibe.

The funky glasses include a sun-protection and shatter-resistant lens with built-in mustaches attached to give customers a comical, animated get-up. It allows the customer to get creative, trendy sunglasses in various colors and designs, efforlessly becoming the centre of attention at parties and social gatherings.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Sun-Staches can be purchased online through the Sun-Staches website, as well as Amazon. The company’s annual income as of 2021 is $5 million following its appearance on Shark Tank. Licensing rights enable them to sell brands such as Disney, Marvel, Pokemon, and Nintendo.

How did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

During the pitch, the group gave the Sharks Sun-Staches to try on. Except for Mark Cuban, everyone tried them on. They revealed that they generated approximately $6 million in revenue and sold their products via stores like Toys ‘R’ Us and Party City. When the group shared the selling price of their sunglasses and revenue earned, the Sharks were thrilled with how much money the trio had been making from something they thought to be childish.

Levich, Gershon, and Liberman said Target was interested in carrying their products.

According to Kevin O’Leary, despite the valuation, the company had a worth of $2.5 million.

As a result of their upcoming licensing agreement, the trio gained leverage in their pitch.

They offered $300,000 for 5 percent, which almost all  the Sharks refused.

As a counter offer, Daymond John offered $300,000 at 25 percent, including his help with licensing.

As a result of a tug of war over the percentage, John, Gershon, Levich, and Liberman settled on $300,000 at 20%.

Our Review of Sun Staches

Sun-Staches had always been a fairly popular  customized eyewear brand, but ever since its appearance on Shark Tank, the company has only grown more. The company has gone on to sign licensing deals with brands like Disney and Marvel, allowing them to create a bunch of more character sunglasses.

The brand serves its purpose of providing its customers with bizarre yet amusing sunglasses that add an extra element of fun to their parties.  The product is very well received by customers and is even popular among celebrities.

A few customers have, however, complained about the price point and packaging.

All in all, the product is doing well, given its 5 million annual revenue, and is a widely used party favor now.

Pros and Cons of Sun-Staches

Pros of Sun-Staches

  • Various options available for both childrenand adults
  • Highly detailed design with imaginative elements and one-of-a-kind accents
  • Give consumers a funny animated get-up
  • Impact resistant lenses
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Available in a variety of Disney and Marvel characters
  • Widely available throughout the United States

Cons of Sun-Staches

  • Mostly one-time use
  • Some customers find it to be a little pricey
  • Given it is party favor, the quality of the product is not as good as everyday wear sunglasses
  • Packaging could be better

Who is Sun-Staches for?

If you are a fan of Marvel or Disney characters, a party person, or just someone interested in dressing up for cosplays and Halloween, Sun-Staches is your product.

The target market entails a broad audience, from youngsters to adults. It means a large number of people can benefit from the product.

If you are looking for ideas on how to dress up for Halloween or are a die-hard fan going to watch a Marvel movie that just came out, get your hands on some Sun-Staches and dress up as your favorite character.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Given that the company designs its products based on a unique notion of fake mustaches attached to sunglasses, Sun-Staches has no direct alternatives.

However, brands selling party favors and fan-based products can be considered Sun-Staches’ competitors, but there are no direct alternatives.

Our Final Thoughts

All the Sun-Staches deliver what they advertise. The brand was launched as a goof, and it continues offering customers just that. It is a hilarious and exciting attempt to add fun and humor to different gatherings.

Given the brand’s success, it is safe to say that Sun-Staches is here to stay and will continue to grow as a business.