Slumberpod from Shark Tank

Slumberpod shark tank

Some products are just made for pitching, and the SlumberPod was once such a product. In the eighth episode of season 11, a mother-daughter duo pitched the slumber pod to the sharks, the design they had come up with.

The product helps distinguish it because it allows babies to have a different, dark place to sleep. It factors in all your baby might need for a night of restful sleep and delivery. An event also inspired it during the holidays that made both the mom and the daughter come up with this particular product on their own.

Their company is still active and robust, meaning the product has quite a lot of substance.

Now that we know a little bit more about the product let’s look into how the Shark Tank pitch went. Mother and Daughter duo Lou Childs and Kate Mallory were seeking an investment of $400,000 for 20% of their business. They start by explaining the inspiration behind the product. They talk about a family gathering at Lou’s house, and Kate’s baby couldn’t sleep due to all the noise and the lights. They continued to say that Kate had to make a plan to leave early as she and her husband couldn’t get any sleep that night. This is a standard routine for parents, which can make their life seem unseemingly difficult.

They spoke about how this event made Kate want to look for a portable crib that could allow her baby to feel both comfortable and safe within it. It had to be dark and easy to move. She engineered the crib, which led to the slumber pod’s creation.

The duo also talked about how they had managed to raise money for their Kickstarter, which was a total of $45,608 which is super impressive. They also had a pending patent, and the product was available on Amazon for $155 a pop. Kate and Lou want the Sharks to invest as they know how much parents need a portable crib that they can offer. Once they’re done explaining how the company works, they talk about their sales. The duo informs the Sharks that they currently have $556,000 in sales. They also talk about their company being ultimately profitable and not having any debt as of right now. The numbers and this new information regarding their sales have the Sharks super impressed by it all.

Lou and Katy highlighted how they wanted a Shark’s help to increase the production so they have better demand. Lori listened to the entire pitch and thought that the company was doing quite well on its own. They seemed to have everything mapped out, so they likely won’t have to worry about much. Lori was out.

Robert and Mark also believed the same as Lori; they opted out too. Barbara Corcoran, however, seemed interested in seeing how the company progressed. She offered them $400,000 for 25% and a contingency that she would get a percentage of each sale until she had all her money back. A short bidding war ensued, but they got Barbara back to 20% equity, and the deal was made!

It’s one of the most straightforward deals made in Shark Tank history. However, the deal they made with Barbara didn’t end up closing. The company is doing even better on its own after they came onto the tank. Their sales on Amazon have been massive, leading them to have quite the market presence.

Our Review of the Slumber Pod

Like any other product on Shark Tank, the Slumber Pod has pros and cons.

Pros of the Slumber Pod

  1. It is perfect for babies. It allows babies to have all the rest, making for the ideal pod as it has the conditions of darkness and quiet they need. It also provides a designated personal space for babies, so you don’t have to constantly think about the accommodations you would need for a child.
  2. It is portable. You would find that you can carry it from place to place without worrying about where to fit it. It is easy to carry, which makes it the perfect place to keep your child.
  3. It is functional and safe. The crib has been made after much engineering, so it makes sense that it would be helpful and safe. It helps ensure that the baby doesn’t move around too much in his sleep and has a stable environment.

Cons of Slumber Pod

  1. It is expensive. It would cost parents $155, which is quite an amount, and many people can’t afford it. However, if you can, this is quite an investment.
  2. It is easy to replicate. After the company launched the product on Amazon, there were many counterfeits that popped up instead, which made sales dip.

Who is the Slumber Pod For?

The Slumber Pod is for all of those parents who want to get a good night’s rest even when they’re traveling. Traveling can make your child feel like they have been dislocated. This results in a lack of sleep for babies and their parents. So if you want to ensure rest for your baby and yourself, then the Slumber Pod is the one for you.

Are There Alternatives Present?

The most straightforward answer is that yes, there are alternatives present. However, most of these are counterfeits. They are readily available on Amazon, making matters all the more difficult. However, if you want a more legitimate alternative, then SnoozeShade is one of the best ones. It’s a tent-like cot that helps to prevent your child from facing the light.

Our Final Thoughts

The Slumber Pod is one of the best products that you can get your hands on for your child. It has a shade and is so camp-like that your child will not be disturbed by the sun. Furthermore, it’s cozy, making travel much easier for you and your baby. The cons are that it’s pretty easy to replicate, so there are many other alternatives that you could choose from, which are cheaper. However, the slumber pod has an excellent quality of engineering, which you can’t always replicate.