Slick Barrier Review from Shark Tank: An Innovative Solution to Spills

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Slick Barrier made a notable entrance into the entrepreneurial world through its appearance on “Shark Tank” Season 14, Episode 13, where founders Aaron and Tony Gonzales presented their innovative pest control solution. This non-toxic, pesticide-free product was pitched as a safe alternative for homes, leveraging a unique approach to deterring pests like scorpions, spiders, and ants. Their pitch caught the attention of the Sharks, especially Lori Greiner, who saw potential in the product and its applicability to the market.

The development of Slick Barrier, known originally as Averzion, stems from a personal episode where Aaron Gonzales encountered scorpions in his new home. This drove him to conceive a physical barrier that prevents pests from entering spaces without the use of harmful chemicals. The Gonzales’ appearance on “Shark Tank“, where entrepreneurs seek investment from industry titans to scale their businesses, was a pivotal moment for their brand. The episode provided them with a platform to showcase Slick Barrier’s unique properties and utility to a broad audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Slick Barrier gained recognition on “Shark Tank,” capturing interest with its safe pest control method.
  • The product offers an innovative, chemical-free solution designed for in-home use.
  • The “Shark Tank” feature helped propel Slick Barrier into the market, signaling a positive reception.

Concept and Development of Slick Barrier

The Slick Barrier represents a significant leap in pest control technology. Its unique formula and conception stem from a deep understanding of pest behavior and a commitment to innovation.

The Science behind Slick Barrier

Slick Barrier is an innovative pest control solution that creates a physical barrier to entrance by insects. The product’s efficiency relies on a slippery surface that pests, like spiders, cockroaches, and scorpions, cannot traverse. The formulation, which dries into a plastic-like texture, has been developed to provide households with a non-toxic method of pest prevention.

Founders’ Background and Journey

The entrepreneurs behind Slick Barrier hail from diverse backgrounds but share a connection through their academic endeavors. Their journey began when one of the founders encountered a problem with scorpions in Arizona, leading to the realization that a smooth surface could keep the pests at bay. This discovery sparked the development process, and the team applied their scientific knowledge—gleaned from institutions like Arizona State University, Texas A&M, and New Mexico State University—to create a solution that is both efficient and eco-friendly. They secured patents for their formula, further solidifying the credibility and unique stance of Slick Barrier in the market.

Slick Barrier’s Shark Tank Experience

Slick Barrier made a notable appearance on Shark Tank, cementing their position in the entrepreneurial world by pitching an innovative pest control solution. Their interaction with the Sharks was a crucial turning point for the company.

Pitching to the Sharks

Aaron and Tony Gonzales walked into the Shark Tank with confidence, ready to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product, Slick Barrier. The co-founders sought an investment to expand their pest control solution, grounded in a formulation they perfected after working with multiple chemists and manufacturers.

Key Facts from the Pitch:

  • Asking Investment: $500,000
  • Valuation: $5 million
  • Equity Offered: 10%

The entrepreneurs showcased how Slick Barrier creates a physical blockade to prevent insects from entering a home, a solution that intrigued the Sharks.

Negotiations and Deal Outcome

The presentation sparked interest among the investors, leading to a series of negotiations. Lori Greiner, known for her affinity for unique products that solve common problems, was particularly interested. During the negotiations, the Gonzales brothers emphasized the scalability and market potential of Slick Barrier.

Investment Highlights:

  • Sharks Interested: Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
  • Deal Offered: Information not provided
  • Equity After Deal: Information not provided

The specific outcome of the negotiations is not detailed in the provided results, but the pitch to the Sharks proved to be a significant event for Slick Barrier, with the entrepreneur’s valuation and equity offerings being critical discussion points.

Product Details and Consumer Information

Slick Barrier is designed to safeguard homes against unwanted pests, offering a non-toxic and DIY approach to pest control. This product promises ease of use for homeowners seeking an effective barrier against insects and rodents.

How to Use Slick Barrier

To utilize Slick Barrier, homeowners should apply the liquid to the exterior base of their home’s walls. The application process involves painting the water-based product directly onto surfaces with a brush or roller. Upon drying, it forms a slick coating that prevents pests from climbing up the walls. For optimum results, it’s recommended to wear gloves during the process and follow the instructions provided in the kit.

Cost and Packaging Options

Slick Barrier is available in varying quantities to fit different needs. Consumers can purchase it in a quart size for smaller homes or choose a gallon size for larger areas. For extensive coverage, the Large Home Bundle provides an ample amount of product to protect the entire perimeter of a residence. Consumers looking for Slick Barrier can find it at retailers such as Home Depot. Prices may vary based on the packaging option chosen, with larger volumes such as the Large Home Bundle offering a more cost-effective solution for substantial pest control needs.

Effectiveness and Market Reception

Slick Barrier has made a noticeable entry into the pest control market, offering a solution that stands out for being pesticide-free. Focusing on preventing infestations through a physical barrier, this product has garnered attention for its unique approach against household pests like scorpions and cockroaches.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers have expressed appreciation for Slick Barrier’s pesticide-free nature, finding it a safer choice for both pets and children. Many homeowners have highlighted its efficacy against a variety of pests, emphasizing its success in keeping scorpions and insects at bay. The feedback indicates that it is particularly valuable for those living in areas prone to these pests.

  • Scorpions: Users report a significant decrease in sightings.
  • Cockroaches: Reviews suggest a lowered incidence of infestations.
  • Rodents: While less mentioned, there is some indication of deterrent effects.

Comparisons and Competitive Analysis

Slick Barrier stakes its claim in the market as a Pest Barrier System that is both effective and safe. Compared to traditional methods that rely on chemicals, it offers a distinctive pesticide-free solution that appeals to eco-conscious consumers.

  • Pesticide-Free: Stands out for health-conscious customers.
  • Ease of Use: Customers appreciate the simple application process.
  • Longevity: The barrier is reported to last, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.

While traditional pesticides might promise quicker results, Slick Barrier has positioned itself as a longer-term, safer alternative for pest management. This pest barrier system’s success in the market suggests there is a growing demand for such innovative and health-conscious products.