Sienna Sauce from Shark Tank

Sienna Sauce shark tank

Sauces are so wholesome; not only are they super convenient, but they can amp up any dish and take it to another level. A good quality sauce will have a well-balanced flavor profile and will enhance any dish, from burgers to chops, wings, steaks, pasta, or a simple salad.

Some dishes are incomplete without the addition of the right sauces; for example, BBQ wings or buffalo wings will taste bland without the addition of sauces. However, even with the variety of sauces available in the market, something still lacks in the sauces, and you still need to make additions yourself to make the dish taste better. Shouldn’t there be something that can be used on almost anything and still be heavenly? That’s exactly why Tyla Simone Crayton created the Sienna Sauce.

What is Sienna Sauce?

People dream of doing big things, but those dreams hardly become a reality; however, Tyla Crayton was only 8 when she first created the original Sienna Sauce. After her favorite wings restaurant shut down, she decided she would make them herself at home and therefore started experimenting with sauces. What she ended up making wasn’t like the restaurant’s sauce, but it was even better.

Following the accidental creation, Tyla and her mom began selling chicken wings from their home every Friday night. After several years by the age of 14, this became a successful business. Tyla then went on to participate in a global culinary championship and decided she had bigger aspirations for her sauce, which she started selling by the bottle when she was 16.

This sauce is the ultimate sauce and extremely versatile; you can use it as a dip, a marinade, or as a secret ingredient to take a dish to the next level. Sienna Sauces does it all, and noticing the sauce’s potential and considering it was already doing extremely well, both Tyla and her mom decided to seek an investment from the sharks.

Let’s see what happens after.

Sienna Sauces on the Shark Tank

Tyla and her mother appeared on the 12th season of Shark Tank to showcase their ultimate sauce, looking for an investment of $100,000 in return for a 10% ownership in their business. They proceeded to offer testers to the sharks presenting three variations of their sauces; tangy, spicy, and lemon pepper, demonstrating how the sauces complimented various proteins and could also be included as an ingredient in recipes.

All the sharks loved the sauces and were delighted by the distinct flavors and inventiveness of each dish.

The Sienna Sauce owners proceeded to tell the sharks about their impressive sales, and over 68 outlets sold these all-in-one sauces in addition to the majority of sales that were being made through their website. Up until the duo appeared on Shark Tank, they had made over $255,000 in revenue, and this was enough information for the sharks to want to invest in this business.

They saw it as a great opportunity to break into the multibillion-dollar sauce and condiment market, and they completely agreed with the valuation Tyla had placed on her company.

Without missing a beat, Kendra Scott understood the significance of the business the teenager had founded because it was similar to her own account of how she began her first multibillion-dollar company and offered to invest $100,000 in return for 20% equity.

She defended the additional percentage by pointing out that as a Texan who had experienced a similar path, she could assist them with wholesalers and shelf space while avoiding the same blunders she had first made, helping them to save extra income.

Tyla and her mom accepted the offer, eager to expand their business alongside the investment and expertise of a shark.

Our Review of Sienna Sauces

The young entrepreneur created the sauce to remind her of her roots in Sienna, Texas, and of New York, where she lived, later on, to resonate with the flavors in the sauce. When you try the sauces, you can immediately get the feel of where they’re coming from.

Sienna sauces are available in three flavors, tangy, spicy, and lemon pepper, with the tangy being the original Sienna Sauce and the base sauce for the rest of the flavors. Tyla has also launched a new flavor called smoked sauce, which you can easily buy from their website.

The sauces are available in 12 oz glass bottles and neatly fit into the refrigerator door without taking up a lot of room.

All the sauces can be used in any way you prefer – on proteins, salads, dips, glaze, or marinade. They are an all-in-one condiment and definitely something every home cook should have on their shelves.

They are also available as a value pack on their website, which can make for a great gift for those passionate cooks and foodies.

Pros of Sienna Sauce

These sauces are excellent, with the ideal consistency that perfectly coats any meat, be it wings, chops, steaks, or even a vegetable salad. It is also:

  • Low in salt
  • Gluten-free
  • Free of fructose corn syrup
  • And has four times less sodium in comparison to other bottled sauces

Cons of Sienna Sauce

Other than the fact that these sauces only come in 4 flavors and have limited bottle sizes, they are perfect, and anyone can enjoy them without feeling guilty for eating unhealthy foods.

Who is the Sienna Sauces for?

Sienna Sauces are perfect for everyone, young and adult, and are great for vegetarians due to their ingredients. They can be complemented with any kind of food and encourage all those picky youngsters to eat the things they don’t enjoy with this flavorsome sauce.

Are There Any Alternatives?

With supermarket shelves filled with various sauces, the condiments industry is highly competitive. Sauces from American Garden and a popular choice among several consumers, along with Sriracha and Tabasco sauce. However, Sienna Sauces offers a healthy, low sodium, and gluten-free alternative, which not many manufacturers are producing, and is also completely versatile, which is the primary reason for its success.

Our Final Thoughts

Sienna Sauces is a one-of-a-kind product, and with the continuous hard work and dedication of Tyla and the constant support of her mother, the sauces have become a success. They are the ultimate sauce and are great for creating recipes or simply using them as a dip.

After the Shark Tank episode, Tyla saw nothing but success. Apart from the $100,000 investment, she also ended up winning $200,000 through crowdfunding and another $45,000 by winning competitions and utilizing it to expand her business to reach incredible heights.

We wish only the best for the determined and hardworking teenager and would love to see what else she will create to expand her business even more.