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SandiLake Clothing shark tank

SandiLake Clothing is a fashion line for the little ones. It was created by the proud mother of 2 Melissa Lay in response to what she felt was missing in the kids’ apparel niche – nontraditional unisex clothing with vibrant great designs for the young ones. When this mom of 2 adorable daughters started shopping for kids’ attire, she was disconcerted by what she immediately noted – that the market was awash with a plethora of monotonous blue clothes for boys and more or less the same pink dresses for girls. There should surely be a change to the status quo, this mom thought.

So she tried, hustled, struggled, and won the day despite the hardships that came her way. The Shark’s refusal to invest did not help her cause in the least but that did not deter her. Despite the odds, Melissa Lay succeeded in establishing a kid’s fashion brand proving that you can do it on your own without the intervention and support of big-shot investors.

Are They Still an Active Company?

SandiLake Clothing is still an active business and by the looks of things is going quite strong. With its annual sales exceeding $1 million, it is doing rather well – a far cry from the dire predictions and misgivings of the Sharks. This is an impressive feat considering the humble origins of this business. Who could have thought that the side hustle founded by a stay-at-home mom in her garage would snowball into a notable entity that makes well over a million each year?

Considering that none of the Sharks chose to invest in this booming business we can say in retrospect that this counts as a Shark Tank miss. All doubts expressed by the Sharks during the 2016 Shark Tank episode have thus been proven wrong by a former stay-at-home mom. This proves that guts and grit can take you places that no one thought possible provided you do the hard work.

Always snide and never nice, the meanest Shark in the tank Kevin O’Leary censured Melissa May for not being decisive and blamed her constantly for missing the deal. But this turned out to be a boon and a blessing in disguise because May gets to keep her multimillion profits to herself without having to share it with any of the greedy Sharks.

A true Shark Tank inspiration that shows that a little innovation can help you to carve out a lucrative niche without doing anything too high-tech or fancy.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

While Melissa May was making her pitch, there was another show going on right under her nose – an adorable display of cuteness from her two little daughters that most definitely caught the attention of the Sharks and amused them a lot. Alas, the antics and capers of these young ones could not move the hearts of the hardened Sharks. Citing various concerns, they all backed off one by one.

So the founder of SandiLake Clothing Melissa May found herself with no deal despite a good pitch – and an even better show by the kiddies.

Our Review of SandiLake Clothing

We found that SandiLake Clothing makes a wide range of trendy high fashion attire for young ones that will suit all kinds of lifestyles and preferences. Melissa May’s objective for this kids brand is to create unisex clothing that is different from the dull, mundane, and prosaic stuff found on the market that has bored consumers to tears. Hence, kid’s apparel made by the brand sport a variety of interesting designs that are sure to look great on the little ones. So this fashion line feels like a breath of fresh air – a much-needed change from the old-fashioned blue for boys and pink for girls status quo. Consumers need something more stimulating, eye-catching, and creative and that’s exactly what the brand does.

There is a collection that features the flag and the country name. This is something you don’t see too often in kid’s fashion. You might find it for older kids but not for much younger ones. So this is a good chance that is long overdue which is why it’s selling well.

And there is stuff for relatives as well – moms, dads, sisters, bros, uncles, aunts, and so on. So there is a little something for everyone to make them feel good. They are emblazoned with bold, witty, and sassy messages – something that is often missing in small kids’ fashion these days.

But the best collection by far has to be the “Youth Tees”. This features great feel-good messages like “fun is free”, “forever young”, “happy camper”, “stoked”, “stay wild”, “sun bum” and so on. There are also plenty of intriguing designs showing cute cartoons that will enthrall the kids. While others emphasize the tender young age of youth like “Yo, I’m four”.

With t-shirts, tops, jerseys, hoodies, baseball shirts, long sleeves, and so on, there is a lot to look forward to.

SandiLake Clothing Pros

  • All sorts of clothes for toddlers and young ones
  • Lots of funny and witty feel-good messages on shirts
  • Fashionable, trendy, and stylish choice of attire

SandiLake Clothing Cons

  • Needs more color variety

Who is SandiLake Clothing for?

SandiLake Clothing is for youth, toddlers, and young ones. It is marketed toward parents who want something a little different for the little ones in their lives.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While the market abounds with clothes for kids, they are often dull, boring, and mind-numbingly monotonous. You can look forward to SandiLake Clothing for something different that’s interesting to look at.

Our Final Thoughts

The SandiLake Clothing review touched upon the kid’s fashion attire that proved the Sharks wrong. Although there was no deal, this brand turned out to be a winner – much to the regret of the Sharks.

This is the brand that sports all kinds of attire emblazoned with intriguing designs and sassy quotes for kids.