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Qeepsake shark tank

As the trend of photo journaling has increased due to apps like Instagram, consumers have become obsessed with recording every single life detail. However, not everyone likes to share these memories, a feature that most famous apps somewhat force upon consumers. Some of the life details are too precious to share with an audience, friends, and family.

Pregnancy diaries are one such thing. The feeling is so intimate that recording it is a great idea for many. However, the prospect of sharing their journey isn’t for everyone.

Qeepsake┬áis the app that eliminates the need for sharing these precious and intimate moments with the world while allowing consumers to record their life’s most cherished moments. There’s no doubt that traditional journaling methods can work well in terms of privacy. However, the hassle that comes with such journaling and the extra push required on the brain’s creative side can be a tedious task, especially with the tiredness associated with pregnancy and early parenthood.

Qeepsake is designed to allow users to navigate their journey without worrying about what to record, thanks to the app’s numerous prompts. Whether it’s pregnancy diaries or the baby’s first memories, individuals can record every moment they desire, leaving little notes to express their feelings or affection at that moment. What’s most special about Qeepsake is that after recording the entire journey, consumers can grab a printed version of it in the form of a well-designed and quality book similar to a scrapbook.

Consumers can gift the Qeepsake book to their children or keep it as a conversation piece in their living room setup. Either way, the chance of recording every memory without filling up the personal library space on the phone was too good of a service. The Qeepsake app instantly hooked consumers on the app since it appeared on Shark Tank.

The founder of Qeepsake, Jeff McNeil, was also the app’s designer. His wife, a nurse, was the co-founder, and the couple had designed the app for other busy parents who didn’t want to miss out on the joy of parenthood. Jeff was seeking a shark’s assistance in making his app a national sensation.

Jeff sought $350K in exchange for 10% equity in the company. Qeepsake was doing well, and Jeff believed he could do well once he quit his full-time job. Sharks loved the idea behind Qeepsake, but many refused to invest as they didn’t find themselves the right fit for the business.

Barbara and Lori didn’t see themselves as part of the business as they couldn’t scale it efficiently; they were out. On the other hand, Mark believed the business didn’t have much competitive advantage and that competitors could easily replicate the model. Mark decided Qeepsake wasn’t the perfect investment for him.

Kevin offered $350K to Jeff in exchange for 20% equity in the company. Jeff negotiated with Kevin for 12%, which Kevin didn’t accept. Chris Sacca, the guest shark, made the same offer as Kevin, which Jeff negotiated for 14%.

Kevin found it insulting and didn’t pursue the business further. On the other hand, Chris stayed solid on his offer of $350K in exchange for 20%. Jeff wasn’t ready to give up higher equity, especially when he believed he could make things work independently with a little extra effort.

Jeff declined Chris’s deal and left empty-handed.

Our Review of Qeepsake

Qeepsake has turned out to be a profitable business, building its customer base in a short period. Despite being unable to secure a good deal on Shark Tank, Jeff managed to scale his business and make it a nationwide subscription service. Today, Qeepsake is making over $5 million in annual revenue.

Qeepsake provides excellent service in a niche market, making it rise in demand day after day. The company progressed as the app’s service eliminated numerous tiring steps in properly journaling the journey through parenthood. The user-friendly interface and the text-messaging service made Qeepsake unique and easy to use.

Pros of Qeepsake

In a short time, Qeepsake has found a community of parents who don’t want to miss out on their baby’s firsts but don’t want to go through the tiring journaling process. Parenthood is also tiring and can make parents forget to appreciate the joys. The company’s incredible text-messaging service and aesthetically appealing printed journals have gotten Qeepsake a loyal customer base. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • Qeepsake offers a unique solution for journaling every moment of parenthood, especially the ones commonly missed due to hectic schedules.
  • Qeepsake is a subscription-based service allowing customers to choose a pricing plan that fits their goals best.
  • Qeepsake converts the memories into a tangible book that’s designed well and has excellent quality.
  • Qeepsake app saves memories digitally for life.
  • The app allows less strain on the phone’s memory.
  • Qeepsake is a time-effective solution for many busy parents.
  • Customers can get the printed version of the journal whenever they require it.
  • The Qeepsake app is user-friendly and allows customers to navigate the interface without any unnecessary stops.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of Qeepsake

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Qeepsake:

  • Since Qeepsake cherishes the joys of parenthood, the subscription price associated with the app may not allow every parent to enjoy it.

Who Is Qeepsake For?

For all the parents who don’t want to go through the hassle of maintaining a physical book yet want to record their pregnancy and their baby’s first everything, Qeepsake is a great solution. The easy-to-use app helps parents record every sweet part of their parenthood by giving prompts that could be converted into a memory book. The book’s quality, compiled and printed once the process is finished, makes it stand out from the market of similar apps.

Are There Any Alternatives?

In today’s market, you can easily find numerous alternatives to Qeepsake to keep your pregnancy, baby, and parenthood journal all on one platform. However, one of the most trusted apps today is BabyPage. The app is similar to Qeepsake as it eliminates the need for a traditional hand-written baby book while storing all memories.

BabyPage also gives prompts to make recording your baby’s childhood easy. You can get a printed version of your memories in a book to cherish as a family.

Our Final Thoughts

Qeepsake has proved to be profitable and has shown promising growth, ensuring that the business will continue to make waves in the future. The company was doing good on its own, and despite not scoring the deal, it made profits. The incredible and unique service of Qeepsake, along with the niche market, has kept the business in demand for parents nationwide.

Qeepsake will progress in the future, and we’d see more of the business transforming the world of parenthood.