Pulp Pantry from Shark Tank

Pulp Pantry shark tank

Pulp Pantry is an environment-friendly company that makes chips and snacks from discarded vegetable and fruit pulp. It is made from pulp and a few other ingredients to create delicious snacks that are both healthy and reduces food waste.

Kaitlin Mogentalle founded the company when she noticed one of her friends had juiced a vegetable and discarded the pulp. She saw how much food was wasted when people only needed certain parts. She was determined to solve this wastage problem and set her mind to putting all the waste to use. With contracts from significant food producers, she used their food pulp wastage and converted them into delicious chips.

Kaitlin noticed how much water and land she saved for crops and was even more determined. After receiving encouragement from her college professor that this was a fantastic invention, she founded Pulp Pantry.

The bestselling point of Pulp Pantry chips is that they are incredibly healthy and solve one of the biggest environmental problems for food manufacturers. They can now pay her to turn their “waste” into “gold.”

Before coming to Shark Tank, Kaitlin had been making less profit than her sales. She needed the investment for in-store promotions and marketing as that was where her funds lacked.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are active and still in business. You can purchase their snacks from their website.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Kaitlin entered Shark Tank with an initial ask of $500,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in her company.

She began her pitch by telling the Sharks about the food wasted annually in the US. All this waste is packed with nutrients leading to the loss of lots of fiber and damaging the environment due to the production of methane gas after decomposition. Kaitlin explained that she uses all this produce, mixes in a few other ingredients, and makes these snacks for her company.

The Sharks were then given a sample to try, and they liked the taste and the fact that these chips had a day’s worth of fiber in them. The chips had a good profit and cost margin, which was another plus point. She was hoping to double her sales from last year, but she doesn’t make enough profit for in-store promotions, which is where she needs the Sharks to step in.

Kevin was the first shark to make an offer. He offered her $500,000 for 25% equity. Emma said she was out, but Lori was interested and offered her the initial ask with a 6% interest.

It was Mark’s turn to make an offer, and he went ahead and offered the same money with a 20% equity. Since his proposal was the best, Kaitlin tried to test her luck and countered with a 15%, but they both agreed to meet in the middle and closed the deal at 15%.

Our Review of Pulp Pantry

We decided to try these Pulp Chips and see how good they taste for ourselves.

The chips taste delicious and are rich in protein and fiber while having a small amount of carbs. We got to know through the nutrition content that it offers all the kinds of amino acids that our body needs, making these snacks a superfood. Additionally, they were savory and crunchy and came in a variety of flavors, so there was something for everybody.

However, they are also meant to be eaten in moderation. They provide you with the necessary proteins and fibers but are not a perfect substitute for natural vegetables, fruits, and meat. They can only be used as an additional item to balance your diet.

Pros of Pulp Pantry:

  • Available in a variety of flavors: jalapeno lime, salt and vinegar, sea salt, and barbecue
  • Come in bulk packsmaking them cheaper as a whole
  • Keto-friendly
  • Environmentally-friendly

Cons of Pulp Pantry:

  • Expensive
  • Not a substitute for vegetables and natural ingredients

Who Is Pulp Pantry for?

Pulp Pantry is for all those who are looking to make their diet healthier and those on a keto diet. These give you all the necessary nutrients while being a quick and easy-to-eat snack.

Moreover, parents can use these for their kids to satisfy their chips cravings while providing them with a healthy alternative.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips is an excellent alternative to Pulp Pantry. If you don’t find these Pulp Chips anywhere near you, this is the next best go-to snack for you.

Just like Pulp Chips, these come in various flavors, although they’re different. These chips are also used as a sports nutrition snack and a healthy option for people on diets. According to numerous reviews, people have expressed how much they love the high protein count compared to the low-calorie count.

Plus, these chips are also affordable, leading to buying bulk buying and saving a lot of money compared to buying 8 or 12 separate packs of another healthy and delicious snack.

Our Final Thoughts

Although some people may be concerned that it’s made from food waste, the delicious taste and the high amount of nutrition are more than enough reasons for them to try these. They’re also salty and savory and are baked instead of fried.

Furthermore, the flavor variations make choosing enjoyable, and people can get whatever flavor they like the best.

Although this superfood is in the form of chips and other snacks, it provides you with the nine essential amino acids and helps you reduce your calorie count. This is a great food option even for people who are not big fans of chips.