Tngnt Ski Bikes: Shark Tank Update – Recent Developments & Highlights

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Tngnt Ski Bikes, an innovative company that combines the sports of biking and skiing, gained significant attention after appearing on Season 14 of the popular television show Shark Tank. Created by mountain bikers Scott Carr and Bill Pierce, the Tngnt Carve All-Mountain Ski Bike allows riders to enjoy the thrill of different terrains effortlessly, including chutes, jumps, and trees while traversing through snow.

With a current actual value of $1.7 million and boasting 19 patents, Tngnt Ski Bikes offers three distinct bike designs: Drift, Carve 2, and Carve 2 Pro. Each model features an easy-to-understand bicycle design, utilizing skis in place of wheels for an exciting and versatile winter sports experience. In this article, we will discuss the latest updates of Tngnt Ski Bikes since their appearance on Shark Tank and explore their progress in the market.

The Founders of Tngnt Ski Bikes

Scott Carr and Bill Pierce are the brains behind Tngnt Ski Bikes. These two school friends teamed up in 2014 when they recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the winter sports industry. Scott brought his vast experience in mountain bike and ski bike technology, while Bill contributed his expertise in professional design and aerospace technology.

As their friendship grew, so did their passion for outdoor sports. Scott identified issues with existing ski bikes on the market, which inspired him to reach out to Bill. With complementary skills, they began designing their own ski bikes, focusing on innovation, performance, and fun.

Fast forward to 2023, Scott and Bill appeared on the popular television show, Shark Tank, to pitch their unique winter sports product to a panel of savvy investors. The Sharks were certainly intrigued by the concept of blending the thrill of biking with the exhilaration of skiing. The Tngnt Ski Bikes caught the attention of fans and investors alike, showcasing the dedication and hard work of these two friends.

In conclusion, the story of Tngnt Ski Bikes is a testament to the power of friendship and collaboration. Scott Carr and Bill Pierce leveraged their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for winter sports to create an innovative and enjoyable product. Their journey, from school friends to successful entrepreneurs, demonstrates that with determination, creativity, and teamwork, anything is possible.

Tngnt Ski Bikes: Shark Tank Experience

Tngnt Ski Bikes was featured on Shark Tank during Season 14, Episode 17. The company, founded by mountain bikers Scott Carr and Bill Pierce, was seeking a deal to expand their business, which is all about creating innovative ski bikes that allow individuals to enjoy the sport year-round, even in snowy conditions. The Tngnt Ski Bikes combine the frame of a bicycle with two skis, resulting in a sleek and versatile design.

The Sharks present in this episode included Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary. As the founders introduced the concept, they showcased the strength, flexibility, and fun experience that Tngnt Ski Bikes can provide. The features of their ski bikes enable riders to easily navigate chutes, jumps, and trees without much effort.

In their pitch, Carr and Pierce sought a deal from one of the Sharks, such as an offer of capital investment in exchange for equity in their company. Throughout the presentation, they addressed the unique aspects of their product, such as the need for riders to keep their weight towards the front of the bike for optimal control while the rear shock provided a more familiar mountain biking feel.

Though the Sharks were impressed by the design and innovation, they had their doubts and concerns. However, after some negotiation, the Tngnt Ski Bikes team managed to secure a deal with one of the Sharks, adding a valuable partnership to support the growth of their business.

In summary, Tngnt Ski Bikes had a notable experience on Shark Tank Season 14. They introduced their innovative product to the Sharks and were ultimately successful in securing a deal to help expand their company and reach more customers who love skiing and mountain biking.

Tngnt Ski Bikes: The Products

Tngnt Ski Bikes is an innovative company that offers a unique product line, combining the best aspects of biking and skiing. Their Ski Bikes provide riders with strength, flexibility, and excitement while riding on snowy terrains. Tngnt Ski Bikes offers a variety of products in their line, including the Carve 2.0, Carve 2.0 Pro, and The Drift models.

The Carve 2.0 is an All-Mountain Ski Bike designed for those who love adventure and fun outdoor activities. This bike allows riders to perform chutes, jumps, and navigate through trees with ease. The product features a sleek design, with a bicycle frame combined with two skis. To steer the bike, riders must shift their weight towards the front, allowing the front edge of the ski to cut through the snow and create smooth turns.

The Carve 2.0 Pro takes the Carve 2.0 model up a notch with even better performance capabilities. With this model, riders can tackle more challenging terrains and enjoy their outdoor adventures to the fullest. The rear shock on both Carve models contributes to the familiar mountain biking feel, which many riders enjoy during the winter months.

For those who want to take their skiing experience to the next level, Tngnt offers The Drift. This innovative ski bike features a more freestyle design, allowing riders to perform exciting freeride stunts on the slopes. With adjustable seat heights and a lightweight yet durable construction, The Drift has become a popular choice for ski bike enthusiasts.

Tngnt Ski Bikes also provide various accessories for their products, allowing riders to customize their ski bikes to suit their preferences and riding style. These accessories include ski bike specific bindings, foot straps, and durable bags for easy transportation.

The company’s dedication to innovation and their commitment to providing an enjoyable winter experience for their customers are evident in their product designs and patents. Tngnt Ski Bikes not only offers a refreshing approach to traditional skiing but also helps to support a growing community of enthusiastic ski bikers.

Sport and Competition

Tngnt Ski Bikes, as featured on Shark Tank, offer an innovative approach to traditional winter sports. They combine elements of skiing and biking, providing a thrilling alternative for those who love to be active in the snow. The sport of riding Tngnt Ski Bikes has similarities to skiing, snowboarding, and even BMX biking in terms of technique and excitement.

Winter sports enthusiasts can explore new dimensions of competition and adventure with Tngnt Ski Bikes. They can be used for downhill rides, trials, and dirt jumps in snowy conditions. This versatile winter sport provides an exciting way to challenge oneself and engage in friendly competition with others.

Riders like Shaun White, known for excelling in both snowboarding and skiing, might appreciate the hybrid nature of Tngnt Ski Bikes. The sport allows for innovative tricks and maneuvers, appealing to athletes who enjoy pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in winter sports.

In the realm of competition, Tngnt Ski Bikes could become a popular addition to existing winter sports events. From amateur races to professional competitions, there’s potential for Tngnt Ski Bikes to be integrated as a new category alongside skiing and snowboarding. This development could spark interest and excitement among winter sports aficionados.

As Tngnt Ski Bikes continue to gain traction, it’s likely that the sport will develop its own community of dedicated riders and fans. This friendly atmosphere can encourage newcomers to join in the fun and foster camaraderie among winter sports enthusiasts who share a passion for innovation and adventure on the slopes.

Business Insights and Growth

Tngnt Ski Bikes, a ski bike manufacturing company, made its mark on the popular show Shark Tank. Co-founders Charles W. “Bill” Pierce and Scott Carr not only showcased their innovative product, but they also demonstrated their passion for combining the sports of biking and skiing. The brand’s presence on Shark Tank greatly boosted their visibility in the market and sparked interest among outdoor enthusiasts.

Since appearing on the show, Tngnt Ski Bikes has seen a notable growth in sales. With a net worth of $1.7 million and holding 19 patents, the company has proven to be a solid contender in the bike manufacturing industry. Their user-friendly designs, such as Drift, Carve 2, and Carve 2 Pro, have made them a favorite among adventure seekers who enjoy skiing and mountain biking. The bikes feature skis in place of wheels, allowing riders to effortlessly glide through snow while maintaining the feel of a traditional bicycle.

To keep up with the increasing demand, the company has improved its production and inventory management. This enables them to promptly replenish their stock and meet the needs of their growing customer base. Tngnt Ski Bikes’ website offers easy access to their product line, with detailed information about each bike model and a convenient online shopping experience.

As they continue to build their brand, Tngnt Ski Bikes is exploring opportunities to further expand their business. This may include partnering with resorts and other businesses in the industry, as well as exploring new product lines to cater to a broader range of outdoor enthusiasts. The company is well on its way to becoming a respected name in the world of ski bikes and outdoor adventure products.

Tngnt Ski Bikes: User Experience and Reviews

Tngnt Ski Bikes have garnered attention due to their innovative design, offering a unique snow riding experience. Users have praised the flexibility and strength of these bikes, making it easier for both novice and experienced riders to navigate chutes, jumps, and trees.

One of the key features contributing to the positive reviews is the retention system that Tngnt Ski Bikes have adopted. This system allows for better control and stability, particularly for novice riders who are just starting out with ski biking.


  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Provides flexibility in navigating various terrains and obstacles
  • Retention system for better control and stability


  • Liability waiver may be required in some ski resorts

Overall, users have found Tngnt Ski Bikes to be user-friendly and a fun alternative to traditional skiing or snowboarding. However, potential riders should be aware that some ski resorts may require signing a liability waiver before participating in ski biking activities. This may vary depending on the resort policies and regulations. With the information in mind, Tngnt Ski Bikes seem to provide a thrilling and enjoyable experience for snow enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Location and Shipping Details

Tngnt Ski Bikes is a well-known ski bike manufacturing company located in Bluefidley, Utah. This friendly and innovative business offers a unique product that combines the thrill of biking and skiing, making it an ideal option for outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

For customers interested in acquiring a Tngnt Ski Bike, the company ships their products to both the United States and Canada. This makes it convenient for people in these regions to have access to these revolutionary ski bikes without the hassle of long-distance travel.

In addition to their ski bikes, Tngnt also provides a range of accessories related to ski biking. These extra items ensure that customers have everything they need for an enjoyable and safe skiing experience on their ski bikes. The availability of shipping across the United States and Canada for these accessories is an added advantage for customers.

In summary, Tngnt Ski Bikes, located in Bluefidley, Utah, is not only a manufacturer of innovative ski bikes but also a provider of various accessories for ski biking enthusiasts. The company makes it easy for customers in the United States and Canada to enjoy their products by offering convenient shipping options.

Crowdfunding and Investment

Tngnt Ski Bikes, founded by Scott Carr and Bill Pierce in 2014, aimed to revolutionize the winter sports industry with their innovative product. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to gather support and funding from enthusiasts worldwide.

Thanks to their successful crowdfunding campaign, Tngnt Ski Bikes caught the attention of investors and made their way onto the popular TV show, Shark Tank. During Season 14, Scott and Bill asked for an investment of $200,000 for a 20% equity stake in their company.

The unique design and promising market potential of Tngnt Ski Bikes intrigued the Sharks. After an intense negotiation, they secured a deal with Robert Herjavec, who agreed to invest $200,000 for a 40% equity stake in the company. This meant that the final valuation of Tngnt Ski Bikes was set at $500,000.

The investment from Robert Herjavec has undoubtedly played a vital role in Tngnt Ski Bikes’ growth. As of now, the company’s net worth is estimated to be $1.7 million, signifying significant progress since their Shark Tank appearance.

With the financial backing and guidance of an experienced investor like Robert, Tngnt Ski Bikes strive to enhance their product offerings and customer reach. Their journey from a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to securing an investment on Shark Tank is an inspiring story for entrepreneurs passionate about their ideas and willing to take risks.

Other Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

Over the years, Shark Tank has seen various entrepreneurs showcasing their innovative ideas and products. Just like Tngnt Ski Bikes, several startups have gained attention and support from the Sharks. Here are a few notable examples:

Bee Sweet Lemonade is a refreshing lemonade business started by a young entrepreneur named Mikaila, who was only 11 years old when she appeared on the show. After winning the heart of Daymond John, her business received a $60,000 investment. Today, her lemonade is sold in numerous stores across the United States under the name Me & The Bees Lemonade.

Crispy Cones is a convenient and tasty solution to messy ice cream cones. The product was introduced by entrepreneur, Mark Rader, who sought a $150,000 investment for a 10% stake in the business. While the Sharks appreciated the idea, Crispy Cones did not land a deal on the show. However, they have continued to generate a buzz online and in select stores.

Chubby Buttons is a wearable Bluetooth remote control, designed specifically for people wearing gloves in cold weather. The idea was born out of entrepreneur, Colin Hountree’s frustration while snowboarding. Seeking a $25,000 investment for 25%, he was offered a deal by Kevin O’Leary but chose to turn it down. Regardless, the product has received great reviews and is still available online.

Autio is a luggage system designed for outdoor enthusiasts that combines a cooler, dry storage, and a portable audio system all in one unit. Created by Jack Besignano and Chris Ferreira, they asked for $50,000 in exchange for 30% equity. Unfortunately, they did not strike a deal with any of the Sharks. Although not as successful as some other ventures, Autio continues to sell and improve its unique product.

These are just a handful of examples of the determination and creativity often seen in the entrepreneurs who present their ideas on Shark Tank. Each of these startups has its own story, showcasing how innovation and perseverance can lead to success, even in the face of challenges.

More About Winter Transportation and Sports

Winter transportation and sports offer a unique and exciting experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Among the many exciting innovations in this field, Tngnt Ski Bikes stand out as a noteworthy addition. These steerable sleds with runners provide an alternative to traditional skiing and snowboarding, paving the way for a new winter adventure.

One of the main aspects that set Tngnt Ski Bikes apart is their usability on a wide range of surfaces. From snow-covered slopes to icy mountain tracks, these bikes bring the thrill of biking and excitement of skiing together. As such, they make winter transportation more accessible and fun for people of all ages and skill levels.

In addition to these innovative ski bikes, there are other ways to get around in winter, some of which also incorporate elements of sports activities. Snowshoeing, for example, allows you to trek through deep snow and explore stunning winter landscapes, while cross-country skiing offers a more intense workout and the ability to cover greater distances.

SRS (Snowmobile Ride System) is another popular winter transportation method; these motorized vehicles are specially designed to navigate through snowy terrain. Equipped with powerful engines and rugged tracks, snowmobiles can access remote areas and offer thrilling rides on snowy trails.

Apart from these exhilarating activities, winter also brings about a pleasant surprise in the form of ice cream cones. Available in various flavors and made extra special by the chilly weather, these frosty treats are not to be missed when enjoying outdoor winter fun.

In conclusion, winter transportation and sports offer a variety of ways to enjoy the cold weather and snowy landscapes. From Tngnt Ski Bikes to snowmobiling, each option brings its unique charm and excitement, making the chilly season one to remember.


Tngnt Ski Bikes made a notable appearance on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 17, where they sought an investment of $200,000 for 20% equity in their ski bike manufacturing company. Their innovative product aimed to provide riders with strength and flexibility while enjoying snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. As a result, Tngnt Ski Bikes caught the attention of investors and viewers alike.

After their successful pitch, Tngnt Ski Bikes struck a deal with Robert Herjavec, who invested $200,000 in exchange for 40% equity in the company instead of the originally proposed 20%. This partnership has allowed the company to grow and continue providing high-quality, exciting outdoor gear for winter sports enthusiasts.

Since the investment, Tngnt Ski Bikes has reportedly seen their net worth increase to $1.7 million, illustrating the positive impact of their Shark Tank appearance. Despite some initial skepticism about the durability of their products, the company has steadily gained traction and a dedicated customer base.

In conclusion, the Shark Tank exposure and partnership with Robert Herjavec have contributed to the growth and success of Tngnt Ski Bikes. With a continued focus on innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction, the company looks forward to providing even more exciting adventures for winter sports enthusiasts in the years to come.