PRxPerformance from Shark Tank

prx performance shark tank

PRxPerformance is a company that makes weight lifting racks that are designed in such a way so as to be accommodated in the smallest of spaces of a room in your home or commercial space. The racks are made of high quality and extremely strong steel, which can be mounted against a wall and can be folded out when in use to provide plenty of space for any and all kinds of weight lifting exercises. These exercises consist of squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, and bench and shoulder presses. After your workout is over, all the equipment is easily folded up and can be stored without taking up too much space.

The two men behind the product are Eric Hopperstad and Brian Brasch. Brasch is the founder of PRxPerformance and, together with help from his partner, developed and built on the idea of ”Lift big in small spaces.” Initially, the concept was to find a way to not only save space but also to keep their gym equipment out of the way at home. But later, they decided to dive into the Shark Tank and make an effort to find an investment that would turn their creation into a business opportunity. So, their home storage system for gym equipment was put up in front of the Sharks.

Their presentation and demonstration to the Sharks were impressive. Eric and Brasch informed the sharks that they are looking for an $80,000 investment for 10% of their business. The two products that they are offering are $550 for the home model and $1099 for their commercial products, where the assembly of the product is the responsibility of the end-user. It takes around one to two hours for the products to be assembled. They are selling their product online on Amazon and also at Scheels Sporting goods in mid-North USA. They also explain that there are two companies that are violating their patent.

Though Mark Cuban thinks that they are doing really well with $170,000 in sales with a 43% margin, He says they are too early. Lori, on the other hand, wanted to know what was being done about the violation of the patents, and it is early for her, too, so both her and Mark are out. Robert thinks that the people will fall back because of the do-it-yourself assembly part, so he is out as well. Daymond backs off, too, giving the excuse that people will either go to the gym for workouts or will buy their product but are not going to use it.

But Eric and Brush are lucky. Kevin, who is known as Mr. Wonderful, likes their product, and as his wife is turning a room into a gym in his lake house, he is more than willing to invest in their business. They agree upon a deal where Kevin offers $80,000 for a 20% stake. Kevin will take 20% of all sales they make till he is paid back. He also offers to help Eric ad Brasch in suing the patent violators. The pair are able to happily sign the deal with Kevin O’Leary, and they find that after the agreement with Kevin, the demand for their product increased significantly. Fortunately, they were able to handle the increase in sales effectively, as they had plenty of exercise racks and units in stock.

Our Review of PRxPerformance

If anyone is looking to build a home gym, PRx Performance should be their go-to. Even those who aren’t looking to save space can find equipment they like and need among PRxPerformance products. They also offer consultation services, providing details about structural and construction needs and requirements. This makes PRxPerformance incredibly easy to install and use.

PRxPerformance also provides lifetime guarantees, though they are limited. Customer satisfaction guarantees are also offered. All in all, PRxPerformance equipment is high quality and will last you a lifetime.

Pros of PRxPerformance

  • The compact gym equipment is easy to fold and convenient to put away when not in use
  • Easy to use and space-saving
  • Built to order
  • Available in different colors
  • Fast Shipping – All hardware for installation is also included
  • High-quality and long-lasting
  • Unmatched customer service
  • No disassembly is required to put away

Cons of PRxPerformance

  • Bench Pads lack quality for the price
  • If installed improperly, it can cause injuries
  • Equipment feet aren’t rubber-covered which increases the risks of instability and injuries
  • Ceilings lower than 90” require racks to be modified
  • Pricey in comparison to other gym equipment – mostly due to the space-saving features

Who is PRxPerformance for?

The PRxPerformance Jim Brooks and weight lifting equipment are suitable for everyone. Anyone who is looking forward to staying fit and exercising in small spaces for fitness freaks, athletes, and even Olympic weightlifters – all can benefit from the use of the perks performance patented wall-mounted folding profile racks.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many alternatives available for compact, space-saving gym equipment in the market today. Litmethod, MaxPro fitness, Tonal, and ForceUSA are just some of the brands that offer home workout solutions.

Our Final Thoughts

Keep your gym equipment organized in a way like never before. The PRxPerformance gym equipment storage system is perfect for your home, your garage, and even for commercial gym operators. Gym goers and fitness athletes can greatly benefit from the various space-saving gym equipment they have on offer – folding profile racks, custom rigs, and racks that can unbelievably be stored on just 4 inches of the wall. Choices in equipment include open squat racks, single bar racks, and Kipling bar racks. The list of possible exercises with PRxPerformance equipment is never-ending.

PRxPerformance is all about the manufacture and distribution of high-quality equipment so as to help people, individuals, and families ”fit fitness into life.” It is the pledge of the company to provide products with long-term value to their customers, whose satisfaction is the company’s top most priority. You can turn your small space into your dream home gym by ordering space-saving PRxPerformance racks and equipment!