MAXPRO Fitness from Shark Tank

MAXPRO Fitness shark tank

Physical activities are directly connected to the health of a person, yet the lack of skills, space, and time demotivates a person from getting up and engaging in exercise and workouts.

MAXPRO Fitness is a designer cable gym that gives you freedom, flexibility, and versatility in your workouts. The compact machine, which weighs only 10 pounds, can fit into a bag and be taken with you anywhere you go.

What Do They Make?

MAXPRO Fitness is a compact cable home gym that provides versatile workout options. It is connected via Bluetooth to a coaching app that lets you track your movements, connect with expert fitness professionals, and receive coaching videos and tips. The resistance dial has markings that lets you adjust it from 5 to 300 pounds of resistance with just a quick rotation of the dial. The lightweight and sturdy machine can fit in a small bag, and it doesn’t require a vast space or room for it to work.

What Makes Them Unique?

The MAXPRO Fitness machine has built-in sensors that allow it to connect to the coaching app via Bluetooth. The resistance dial and strong cables provide a range of resistance that can be changed and adjusted according to your workout needs.

Are They Still an Active Company?

The company is still in business. The website has a modern interface, and the social media accounts are active. The product has received a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Nezar Akeel came to Shark Tank, seeking $500K for 2.5% equity of his business.

Nezar began his pitch by the statement that obesity and inactivity among people continue to rise because of the lack of time, motivation, or space that doesn’t allow them to involve in physical exercise. By MAXPRO Fitness, he wanted to put an end to these challenges by making exercise and fitness a fun and engaging activity.

His portable cable machine, MAXPRO Fitness, would prove to be an accessible solution to reduce any opposition to physical activity.

The MAXPRO Fitness is a ten-pound machine that easily fits in a bag and gives 5 pounds to 300 pounds of resistance to the user. The power clutch dial was patent-pending, and simple rotation of the dial makes it easy to adjust resistance according to need.

The MAXPRO Fitness eliminated the need for heavy and bulky equipment and useless gadgets. The machine was practical and could be used anywhere.

Nezar went on to explain how he had developed a whole range of products that used MAXPRO for resistance. He also showed how the onboard sensors in the MAXPRO Fitness machine connect and relay workout analytics to the MAXPRO coaching app.

Robert was impressed by the ability of the machine to provide such a wide range of resistance.

Kevin wanted to know about his sales, and Nezar told him that his product had been in the development phase for over five years. The first shipping of his products was in July of the previous year, and that he did $4 million in sales. This comment received a wave of appreciation from the Sharks.

Nezar also revealed that so far that year, he had already made $8 million through his sales. Lori asked about the idea and how it came to his mind. Nezar had 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. He was a mechanical engineer. The idea for MAXPRO Fitness came to his mind as he traveled a lot, which made him miss a lot of workouts during his travels.

Almost 97% of his sales were through direct-to-consumer, and he was spending $100,000 every month on marketing. The Sharks were curious if his cash flow was positive, and Nezar replied with a “yes and  no” answer.

The company was going to reach over $12 million in sales, but the company needed funds to grow. So it took a revenue-based line of credit. Mark wanted to know if that meant that someone lent Nezar money, and he had to pay back a certain amount for every dollar that he made through his sales. Nezar confirmed this statement. He had $5 million in inventory.

The company signed on with Shaquille O’Neal, who came by their booth and wanted to share equity in the business, which was 1.25% that year. He would earn 5% equity in the business over four years.

Mark commented that he really needed money and investment from Sharks for the company to run since it was already in a tough spot.

Daymond was the first to make an offer. He would give the $500K to Nezar, but with a royalty of $25 per unit, till he got his money back. Then he would convert to a 4% ownership in the business.

Lori asked him about his return rate, and Nezar answered that it was less than 5%.

Mark questioned whether he really needed an app for the company, and Kevin agreed with him. Kevin thought that Nezar was going too far with the app and it was useless to spend money on it when people had already bought the product. He was out.

Mark offered him $500K with 3% equity, plus the exact deal that the company offered to Shaq, that is 5% in advisory shares. Nezar accepted the offer, and they both sealed the deal.

Our Review of MAXPRO Fitness

The MAXPRO Fitness product design allows you to take this portable compact machine anywhere with you. It fits within a bag and lets you do a range of workouts with increasing levels of resistance. You can never skip a workout with MAXPRO Fitness, as it doesn’t need a special room, place, or fancy equipment to do its work.

Pros of MAXPRO Fitness

  • MAXPRO Fitness is safe to use and portable, and it is highly versatile and portable.
  • It offers concentric resistance, which is effective in building muscle mass.

Cons of MAXPRO Fitness

  • MAXPRO Fitness is a very expensive machine and has some cheaper alternatives on the market.
  • The accessories that are compatible with the product come separately and cost even more to the user.

Who Is MAXPRO Fitness For?

The MAXPRO Fitness came with a strap that comes with a specifically engineered wall track. This versatile machine can be used anywhere, whether you’re out there camping or just want to work out in your backyard. The ten feet cables allow concentric resistance workout that is safe and effective for building muscle mass, losing weight, or just general fitness.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Marcy Store
  • Hurtle
  • Ultimate Body Press Store
  • Homedics Store

Our Final Thoughts:

The investment from one of the most strategically sharp Shark, Mark Cuban, would prove to be a boost for the company. It is still in an early phase and has a long way to go in terms of sales, but with the great vision behind it and a practical design, MAXPRO Fitness is bound to reach new heights in the department of health and fitness.