Pooch Paper from Shark Tank

Pooch Paper shark tank

Did you know that more than 500 million plastic (single-use) dog waste bags end up in landfills every year, just in the US? Research says that these bags filled with waste add to global warming and cause methane gas emissions.

The amount of canine feces dumped in landfills worldwide is around 21 billion pounds, all in plastic bags. This raises the question: Is there any way to minimize this waste and ensure it ends up thrown the right way?

The same question plagued Tracy Rosensteel. As a successful seller at Wall Street trading floor technology and director, producer, and creator of the award-winning show In Pursuit of Passion, Tracy had been at the top of her career. She had plenty of side gigs, one of which happened to be finding the answer to plastic waste.

While working her high-paced job, she devised a biodegradable solution for pet owners who wanted a cheap and green solution for disposing of their pet’s feces.

That’s how Pooch Paper was found ― nature’s alternative to plastic dog waste bags. This product is special because it’s made of softwood pulp, unbleached, and recyclable.

Is the Company Still Active?

Still in Business

Pooch Paper’s mission is to minimize plastic’s destructive effects on the environment. After its success on Shark Tank, Tracy quit her sales job and gave her full attention to the new business. Tracy finalized the deal with Kevin O’Leary, and the product was promoted globally, even by the Shark himself.

As a result, Pooch Paper is now available in the US, Canada, Dubai, and Japan.

Tracy was able to secure a deal with more than 500 KOA US Campgrounds; due to this deal, Pooch Papers are available in the brand’s dispensers. Additionally, her product is available in over 1700 PetSmart Stores, 1600 Target, Plus, Pet Supplies, and hundreds of mom-and-pop stores.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Tracy Rosensteel appeared on Episode 2 of Shark Tank in Season 12 which aired on October 23, 2020. She presented her product Pooch Paper and wanted an investment of $250,000 for a 12% stake in the company. Based on these numbers, the company was valued at $2 million at the time. As of 2022, her company’s net worth is $820,000.

Tracy stepped on the stage of Shark Tank and delivered a carefully prepared speech about her product. She handed out samples of Pooch Paper, and while the Sharks reviewed them, she talked about her product’s qualities.

Before talking about the numbers, she tells the Sharks that she is all set to sell her product at target. She tells them that she has made $50,000 in a year and the margins are healthy. Her product is protected by a patent, so the chances of someone stealing her idea or the threat of competition are low.

Mark says that he likes the product and it’s a great idea, but it’s not something that excites him. He’s out. Barbara says that she thinks the price of the sheets is too high compared to plastic bags. Moreover, plastic bags dominate the market, so it will be difficult for her to create an image. She’s out.

Lori likes the product but says that to secure an investment for her product, she needs to offer equity. She’s out. Kevin is intrigued with the product and makes two offers: He will offer $250,000 for 50% equity or $250,000 for $1 in royalty. He talks about he gave the same offer to Wicked Good Cupcakes, and they just completed the mark of $1 million in royalties.

Robert says that Kevin will prove to be a great partner and that Tracy should go with him. He’s out. Tracy evaluates both offers, and after listening to the advice of the judges, she takes the second offer.

Our Review of Pooch Paper

Pooch Paper is for medium-sized dogs. The 100% compostable paper is a thin sheet that is manufactured with renewable energy. It has a grease and oil-resistant coating that ensures your dog’s poop does not slide off the paper and onto your hand.

The sheet measures 12” x 12”, and a box contains 50 Pooch Papers. These will easily last you two months if you have a small dog. Now that Pooch Paper has introduced a Pooch Pouch, you can easily fit in 20 dirty sheets. The zippered pouch measures 5 “x5” and can be hand-washed.

Pros of Pooch Paper

  • Manufactured with renewable energy
  • Biodegradable poop bags
  • Eco-friendly
  • You can pick up moist and firm waste without dirtying your hand
  • A one-step process that allows you to pick up the waste and twist it shut
  • Non-chlorine bleached paper
  • PFAS-free
  • Fluorochemical-free

Cons of Pooch Paper

  • Not suitable for picking up the waste of large dogs
  • Does not pick up loose waste
  • You need to carry a waste pouch with you when on longer walks

Who Is Pooch Paper For?

This product is for all pet owners, especially those with a dog or cat who like to take their furball on a walk. With a  couple of Pooch Papers folded in your pocket, you will never have to worry about hunting for a tissue or asking a stranger in the dog park to lend you something to clean up your pet’s mess.

Are There Any Alternatives?

No Alternatives

Pooch Paper does not have any competition!

The product is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, which is a fiber sourcing program. Pooch Papers are made utilizing lean manufacturing and energy-saving processes that use water-saving/waste-reduction and biomass programs.

Our Final Thoughts

Pooch Paper is reaching new heights day by day. Though Kevin O’Leary is not actively promoting the product, its sales are quite high. The sheets have come a far way in design since they were shown on Shark Tank.

Now that the product is being distributed in thousands of stores, all pet owners can get their hands on these amazing leak-proof waste papers.