Paper Box Pilots from Shark Tank

paper box pilots shark tank

Environmental issues like waste, improper disposal, and alarmingly extensive pollution continue growing over the years. And although it’s pleasing to see the growing population shift toward ecological practices, ineffective waste treatment is still a hurdle yet to be solved.

And while automation and technology ensure reduced paper consumption, numerous residences and businesses still fall behind in efficiently utilizing or disposing of their old or waste papers. That said, thankfully, innovation is paving the way for several changes aiming for the world’s betterment.

One of the best indicators of environment-friendly evolutions is in the form of children’s clothing, toys, and accessories. This journey started with green businesses offering waste-free apparel and now flourishes as brands offer their uniquely intriguing products and services. And one perfect example is the Paper Box Pilots.

The business was formed by Brian Cahoon, Noah’s father, and Noah Cahoon, a talented and exemplary brilliant thirteen-year-old, to establish kits enabling children to develop toys from waste and old paper. The kit would include just an ordinary box with instructions to cut and transform it into your preferred toy mentioned within the packaging. Users could make various toys, from race cars to fire engines and aircraft.

Although Noah was a fresh teen when he came up with this outstanding idea, he didn’t appear in the Shark Tank’s sixth season until much later. By then, he was a college student at Brigham Young University, enrolled to study Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing. Talk about impressive!

Additionally, Noah is a passionate soul with a penchant for photography, capturing outdoor experiences like camping, skiing, and climbing for businesses and sportsmen. He was inspired to develop the Paper Box Pilots as he helped Milo, his younger brother, construct paper box planes. He improvised the ideology to make the Paper Box Pilot products more realistic and engaging for children who get bored with sketching or playing with simple paper-based toys.

Noah presented his business in front of the sharks, seeking $35,000 in exchange for 25% of the company’s valuation of $140,000. He came alongside Brian, his father, and CFO Milo. The pitch began with the entrepreneur explaining the box, highlighting all the features making the Paper Box Pilots a charming product.

The business sold gift boxes online and in multiple retail locations and required additional finance to get the item in more stores. Overall, all Sharks were intrigued by the Paper Box Pilots – and it showed on their excited faces as the pitch continued.

Mark appreciates the packaging and vibrancy of the sticker boxes but can’t exactly relate to the company valuation presented by the co-founders. And while Lori likes the business objectives, she doesn’t deem the brand scalable enough. Though, she offered Noah an internship in his later years. Barbara thinks Noah is like Ryan of Ryan’s Bakery. She negotiated $35,000 for 35% of the Paper Box Pilots’ equity, and Robert raised the deal to $50,000 for the company’s 50% ownership.

In addition, Kevin offered $35,000 for the company’s 50% equity stake, given the Paper Box Pilots supply boxes too. Assessing the presented deals, Noah eventually opted for Kevin’s offer. Unsurprisingly, the sales skyrocketed after the episode aired, and Paper Box Pilots launched its official website and social media accounts.

Therefore, it was quite a shock that even as the sales showed a tenfold increment, the social media pages suddenly became inactive and have been this way since mid-2015. Suffice to say, the Paper Box Pilots closed its operations, and Noah went to pursue his higher education in college.

Our Review Of Paper Box Pilots

We can straightforwardly say we ADORE Paper Box Pilots. Honestly, there are a thousand and one reasons to love this innovation!

Imagine parents or elders worrying themselves crazy trying to find a fun gift for their child. Lo, and behold, gifting the Paper Box Pilots means giving a box as a present and allowing the children to construct it into the toy. It encourages brain stimulation, making children patient, thoughtful, strategic, and attentive. The cherry on top: also offers a rush of satisfaction when children use the guideline stickers to cut the box and treat themselves to a creative toy. Woah.

Pros Of Paper Box Pilots

  • Fantastic utilization of waste and old paper
  • Affordable
  • Appealing packaging to grab children’s attention
  • Available in physical and online stores
  • Encourage children to be creative and constructive
  • Every kid likes stickers and toys – and the Paper Box Pilots is an ideal combo of them both!

Cons Of Paper Box Pilots

We couldn’t really assess any disadvantage of the Paper Box Pilots. The idea was excellent, and the packaging even more impressive. It was an ideal package with even more affordable prices, helping parents get their children a unique gift to convert into toys. The only restriction we can think of is the dismay that the business doesn’t operate anymore.

Who Is Paper Box Pilots For?

Paper Box Pilots was perfect for children who loved indulging in toy-making activities, who preferred the development stages, and looking at toy assembly would make their day. Moreover, it would have come in handy for people shopping for children’s gifts and finding themselves blank. After all, too many options make decision-making very difficult. But the Paper Box Pilots is pocket-friendly, creative, and oh-so-fetching.

Are There Any Alternatives?

We couldn’t really find anything close to the Paper Box Pilots. But when the company was launched, Rescue Bots, Inc. was among the leading alternatives. Today, you can buy 3D stickers or sticker kits for children. But no practical competitor stresses that Paper Box Pilots is still a sign of brilliance no other notable company has achieved so far.

Our Final Thoughts

The Paper Box Pilots was an immensely awe-striking initiative by Noah, his father, and his brother. We were amazed by the flourishing success the brand experienced after the Shark Tank episode aired. To see the website and social media pages go silent after 2015 was a let-down because we had high hopes for its success. Had it still been in business today, we’re sure it would have garnered even more audience because of its creative streak and assistance to children in enjoying visually pleasing stickers and airplane toys.