Oat Haus from Shark Tank

Oat Haus shark tank

Everyone loves granola, but it has become a bit boring. Some of these granolas aren’t even that healthy. That is where Granola Butter from Oat Haus comes in, a game-changing addition to your pantries.

Oat Haus is a brand that proudly presents the first-ever spreadable granola butter. This spread tastes excellent and is made of the most healthy ingredients, including gluten-free oats, olive oil, coconut oil, salt, and flax.

You can eat this granola butter however you want. If you wish to spread it on your slice of bread, dunk your fruit of choice, add it to your smoothies, or just scoop it out to eat it as it is. You can’t complain about the versatility of this butter.

There are plenty of exciting flavors, such as the original strawberry shortcake, pumpkin spice, berry, coffee, and vanilla.

The brains behind this flavorsome product are Ali and Eric. Ali first came up with the idea after discovering her intolerance to nuts while recovering from her eating disorder.

Ali was motivated to change people’s lives with this healthier butter option that did not compromise on taste. Ali and Eric joined hands with their chef friend Ari to develop their first Granola Butter.

Oat Haus first launched in 2018, and since then, the company has been doing great in terms of sales.

Are They An Active Company?

As of 2022, Oat Haus is still an active company selling its granola butter from its official website, Amazon, and Natura Market.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The partners appeared on season 13 of Shark Tank, where they gave a compelling pitch and sought $375,000 in exchange for 5% of Oat Haus. They described their granola butter in detail and even gave samples to the Sharks. Ali explained her history with eating disorders and how Oat Haus came from that phase of her life.

Their pitch was great, and their sales numbers impressed the Sharks. However, Mark Cuban thought there wasn’t anything new about what they were doing or how Oat Haus would stand out; he went out for that reason. Barbara just didn’t see how she would add to their business, although she loved the branding and the team, so she went out. O’Leary did not love the product; he thought the consistency of the spread was too runny, and for that reason, he went out. Similarly, Lori didn’t believe Oat Haus was a business for her.

Unfortunately, the team left without any investments from the Sharks, but that was not the end for Oat Haus, as the company received tremendous orders after the episode aired. They have since then introduced new flavors, and its place in retail is proof that Oat Haus is on a successful path.

Our Review of Oat Haus

While researching the company and its products, we have found it to be a remarkable product that is considerate of the different needs of customers. No matter what food restrictions someone has, the granola spread from Oat Haus is the perfect choice for you.

Oat Haus will make your breakfast time a little more fun with the variety of flavors and as a healthier option out there. If you’re a vegan, you can be assured that you won’t have to compromise your lifestyle.

The granola spread from Oat Haus has been incredibly received by the consumer market, who have nothing but good things to say about it. They rave about the delicious flavors and always ensure they never run out of their granola butter. Some customers have also finished an entire bottle daily, reflecting their love for the butter.

Pros of Oat Haus

Oat Haus is a great product with great pros. Here are a few of them:

  • The Oat Haus granola butter is vegan friendly.
  • There is no gluten in the butter.
  • Granola butter is a good option for people looking for muscle building.
  • No refined sugars or additives.
  • Oat Haus butter is made in a nut-free facility.
  • Safe to bring to your school.
  • You can buy gift cards worth ($10-$100)
  • Oat Haus has its merchandise.
  • You can build your box of flavors of your choice.
  • A total of 7 flavors of granola butter are available.
  • The granola butter is easily available.

Cons of Oat Haus

Oat Haus is a beloved brand. Customers have thoroughly enjoyed the taste of their granola butter, so it’s hard to find a flaw in them. But what the brand could work on is its prices, and make them a bit more affordable.

Who Is Oat Haus For?

If you’re someone who loves putting sweet spreads on their bread slices, or fruits and smoothies, then Oat Haus is the brand for you. If you also love healthier food alternatives, the granola butter from Oat Haus is your go-to product. From children to adults, the Oat Haus granola spread is for everyone.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The granola spread from Oat Haus is the first ever oat-based granola spread. There are no current alternatives that we have found for Oat Haus.

Our Final Thoughts

Oat Haus did not receive any investment from the Sharks, but that was no roadblock for the brand. The feature did help them boost their sales, so they didn’t lose anything on the show.

Besides that, this product has that wow factor. It has thoroughly impressed us through the ingredients list, the decadent flavor range, and the packaging. The Oat Haus is a brand that lives up to providing utmost customer satisfaction and flavors that your taste buds will not forget. And they’re committed to only improving and adding to their brand.

Because there is no alternative available, Oat Haus is leading the market and has a loyal customer base that allows the brand to generate good profits. We believe that Oat Haus will only go upward from here on.