Morninghead from Shark Tank

Morninghead shark tank

Don’t we all dread the process of dressing up in the morning? The basic hygiene routine of using the restroom, brushing teeth, showering, changing clothes, and all the other things you must do to look presentable. Mornings demand a lot, considering you have just woken up and are probably groggy.

But what if we told you there was a shortcut after all? Max Valverde is just another guy from Boston, Massachusetts, who is not a fan of the morning’s whole “get ready and look presentable” process. So he invented a cap that would cut his time and process short by removing the daily hair washing step.

So it wasn’t a shocker that he named his product Morninghead. It is ultimately self-explanatory of what the product objective is. Because it is nothing more or less than an easy fix to your bedhead, misshaped, messy morning hair with the elimination of showering every day. So that when you want to skip the shower because you are running late, you can.

Basically, Morninghead is a shower cap made of lightweight, highly-absorbent material. All you have got to do is soak the cap under running water and squeeze it. But the best part is that the cap will retain just the right amount of moisture. So now that you wear the cap, your hair will receive the perfect amount it needs for you to style them without wasting your time showering.

Moreover, there would be no mess, hassle, water puddles, or drips on the clothes. So you can simply go about doing all the other things to get ready in the morning and simply take off the cap last to style your hair as per your liking. It is a handy styling tool for all working people struggling with waking up on time.

However, despite a genius idea, Max knew he needed a marketing tactic that put the product in people’s houses. So he launched his business with a Kickstarter campaign. With a mere goal of $1000, he could go overboard and earn a significant $6300, to his surprise. This was an excellent number to validate his faith in his product, and so he launched the website too.

The next consequent step, however, was definitely the brand expansion and large-scale distribution. For that, Max knew well that there was only one place he could turn to – Shark Tank. And so the very next month, he was there, pitching his proposal of $25,000 in return for 20% equity in his business. He knew he had to knock it out of the park to impress judges.

Therefore, he came up with a classic case of bedhead and used his product Morninghead to demonstrate its function while the judges looked on. Next, he stands there with perfectly smoothed out, styled hair as the judges share a hearty laugh. However, the laughter soon dies and changes into respect as Max announces his sales and revenue figures.

The judges are now all ears and listening to how Max was able to launch the website, sell products via Amazon and garner great reviews all across. All this and only 18 months ago, he was just another guy, showering daily to settle his morning bed hair. However, much to his dismay, judges are impressed but not enough to offer a deal.

In fact, all five of the judges give their reasons and not a single counter offer to negotiate. Max simply leaves with a disappointed face and no funding. However, he doesn’t see this as a failure and continues to sell Morninghead to this day. You can easily find the shower caps and other products he expanded on Amazon and his official website Morninghead.

Our Review of Morninghead

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on Morninghead via an affordable purchase on Amazon. The shower cap is indeed exactly how it is described. It promises to cure bedhead in seconds and simply delivers. You can wash it and use it multiple times because of its high-grade reusable, washable, and excellent material. In addition, you can even use this at night for body showers or during the day to fix your hair after a little nap time.

Pros of Morninghead

  • No drip or leak.
  • No water puddles.
  • High-grade, excellent material.
  • Fix your bedhead in seconds.
  • Best to be used multiple times.
  • Highly affordable considering how many times you can use it.
  • Absorbent material to retain the right amount of moisture.

Cons of Morninghead

  • It is simply a shower cap.
  • Many people may not find it anything exceptional than a standard shower cap.
  • Many people may not find its use in their daily routines.

Who Is Morninghead For?

Morninghead is not directed towards anybody specific but as a general bunch of people. Especially those who wake up early in the morning for work and are in a time crunch to get ready. Therefore, Morninghead serves as a shortcut for people as such to eliminate the daily shower process to make their hair and simply use Morninghead to do so. Moreover, it can also be used by people to quickly fix their hair before going somewhere or after taking a nap.

Are There Any Alternatives?

As we mentioned in one of the cons, many people may simply find Morninghead as a shower cap. Therefore, considering this fact, there are plenty of alternatives available on Amazon. Moreover, these alternatives are also variable in size and can even be used by women who tend to have longer hair. In addition, these shower caps come in different colors, materials, and budget packs to help you make a worthwhile purchase just the one time you buy them.

Our Final Thoughts

It was indeed a shame that the Shark Tank judges couldn’t see Morninghead as a worthwhile investment because the product’s potential has outlived the episode’s popularity. It is successfully selling to this day, with Max continuing the project as a novelty side hustle and earning almost $100,000 annually.