Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing from Shark Tank

Lord Von Schmitt crochet clothing shark tank

Crochet clothing is back in fashion, and people love the beachy neutrals that make things seem laid back and chill. In fact, crochet has been in fashion ever since people realized the material’s versatility. If you are a crochet lover, you’d know how amazing it turns out even if you don’t wear it yourself and adorn it around your home via accessorizing – pillows, throws, cushion covers, etc. Schuyler Ellers had an unusual love for crochet too.

He knew well enough about the versatility of the technique and the material. And so he was adamant about creating his own personal range of clothing and accessories using crochet. He had learned to knit as a young guy in Spain while teaching English and acting in low-budget films to become an actor. However, his random thrift store raids landed him handmade Afghans, which he decided to repurpose. And rest, as they say, is history.

Schuyler made his way back to LA after quitting his acting dream and got himself a start with his garment business through LA fashion shows. However, he wasn’t able to sell any articles until E! Network decided to do a feature on his funky crochet garments, and he started getting orders over a matter of days. Continuing his upward trajectory, he launched a website Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing, and managed to sell thousands of clothing items.

Once he mastered the game and got collaborative deals left right, and center, he decided to move back to his homeland, Nevada. All his clothing items were selling out, and he was doing immensely well as an indie fashion label named after his college nickname Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing. He also placed a huge variety of his designer garments on Amazon and Etsy, proclaiming a niche customer base from LGBTQIA+ members.

However, soon it was time for Schuyler to expand Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing. He knew that such a big step meant he needed to earn a consistent funding opportunity to keep his income cycle running while he expanded his operations. That’s when he turned to Shark Tank. Schuyler adorned one of the most expensive items from his crochet garments – a $2500 tailcoat for the episode appearance and looked top-notch for the pitch.

Schuyler made an offer asking for $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity of his business and proceeded to distribute his different crochet garment pieces to the judges to have a look. The sharks seemed to be enjoying the repurposed crochet Afghans and had a little fashion show of their own before handing them over. When Schuyler told his sales numbers, all the judges were impressed and indicated to start the negotiations.

However, right after, Mark Cuban quit, citing the reason that Schuyler should charge even more. He suggested that Schuyler should consider his work of art garments first, then a clothing item of fashion for someone else. This was followed by Robert giving the complete opposite statement that maybe Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing was very art-focused and should move towards becoming a fashion label rather than an indie art house.

The exchange was quite bizarre and not taken positively by the audience as all the judges dropped out and didn’t have any valid reason to do so. But it wasn’t the end for Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing, as the name has been thriving to this day. They have amazing sales, incredible clothing, accessories, and stellar designs. Moreover, their prices have spiked up too, spilling towards the art factor, but still well-loved by the customers.

Our Review of Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing

We were fortunate enough to find an affordable crochet garment from Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing’s extensive and high-end lineup. However, it’s safe to say that even though his clothing items are on the heftier side of the price range, they are certainly worth every dollar you spend. The quality, craft, and fit of it all will make you fall in love with the brand as people around you instantly realize what you are wearing.

Pros of Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing

Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing is a brand based on repurposing Afghans primarily. And even if some of its pieces are brand new from scratch, they are all handmade. Therefore, if you are really into the organic funk of it all, it is a huge advantage in favor of the clients as well as the brand that all their clothing items are handmade. In addition to this, Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing has become a huge symbol of freedom of expression and the right to individuality.

Cons of Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing

The only con, possibly (considering the fact that it is worth it), is that Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing is a high-end label at this point. Though justified, it is expensive, and the price hike means a huge chunk of the market just doesn’t see itself as the customer. Therefore, in order to cover that base, Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing should try launching a more affordable collection, or maybe they will be okay.

Who Is Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing?

Although it wasn’t initially intended as such, ever since its growing success with the LGBTQA+ community, the brand image of Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing has become synonymous with the members. It is heartwarming to see a high-end brand embrace the true essence of its clothing and how it makes a certain niche feel. Hence, you can say that even if their clothing is targeted toward everyone, it is most enjoyed by the LGBTQA+ community the most.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Women Crochet Knit Dress

Naturally, crocheting is in trend and a largely versatile clothing option. So you can have thousands of different alternatives to Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing – more affordable ones too. You can buy them in different styles, colors, and sizes and even get yourself some home décor accessories. Moreover, if you aren’t brand conscious about your clothing, then you will easily find some great unbranded alternatives to make your wardrobe for you.

Our Final Thoughts

Lord Von Schmitt Crochet Clothing would have gone unnoticed at Shark Tank by the judges when it came down to funding. But it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the viewers as people scrambled to buy their garments as soon as the episode aired. The quality is top-notch, justifying the price point and making the brand a huge success which it certainly wouldn’t have been had Schuyler not turned his passion into his career. Cheers!