Lord Nut Levington from Shark Tank

Lord Nut Levington shark tank

Sanjiv Patel adds some heat on Shark Tank with his lineup of seasoned and spiced peanut flavors, Lord Nut Levington. The brand’s fictitious creator, Lord Nut Levington, brings together three product qualities of energy, imagination, and life in the setting of what is otherwise a highly mature product category.

After working with a marketing firm for several weeks, Patel came to the conclusion that his peanut product needed more than simply a name; it also needed a personality. That is how Lord Nut Levington came into existence. The brand made sure to offer Lord Nut a vast universe to explore and develop by teaching customers about how he started, where he came from, his family and friends, and of course, his flavor. This was done in an effort to appeal to the important millennial age that would become his regular customers.

The Founder of Lord Nut Levington

Sanjiv Patel is the businessman behind Lord Nut Livington. He has a fondness for spicy nuts and a desire for conducting business in the United States, both of which were risky due to lack of funding. Sanjiv had entered the United States under the Investor Immigrant Visa and hoped to obtain a Green Card through his business and investments.

He put $1 million in his nut firm when he first arrived in the country. Unfortunately, he had to close the doors to his business due to lack of funding and sales in 2018.

Patel had worked extra hard to ensure Lord Nut Levington’s success before the deadline. He was afraid he might have to leave the country and shut down his operations due to lack of funds. The business ran successfully until 2018 Lord Nut’s was offered at over 600 retailers and through Amazon Prime for online purchase as well.

Sales for the previous year were $300,000.00. This was a strong start for a new peanut brand competing with Planter’s, which currently dominates this market. Sanjiv had just 11 months before the March 2015 deadline for the completion of his temporary green card requirements, which gave this presentation a genuine feeling of urgency to close a deal inside the Shark Tank.

Lord Nut Levington on Shark Tank

Sanjiv visits the Shark Tank in search of $500,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the Lord Nut Levington business. He offers the Sharks some of his nuts as a demonstration.

When Kevin O’Leary inquires about the sales figures, he gets straight to the heart of the issue. Sanjiv generated sales of $700,000 in the previous month. An average year’s sales come to about $350,000. In Spite of making major sales at various stores, such as Wegmans, with reorders, he does not anticipate making a profit in the upcoming 12 months.

Kevin O’Leary doesn’t think a small business can succeed in the highly competitive food market. Despite their disagreement about the product’s potential, Barbara Cocoran claims she doesn’t think Sanjiv is enthusiastic about his offering so she also exits the tank.

Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban are still around. Although Robert loves the concept and revolutionary technologies, he hasn’t heard a plan for growth, which discourages him from investing in the business.

Mark Cuban is interested in sales velocity and asks Sanjiv why sales were flying off the charts. Mark disputes Sanjiv’s claim that people are enthusiastic about Lord Nut Levington. However, he leaves because he thinks that sales aren’t strong enough. Sanjiv had to exit the tank without securing a deal with the sharks.

Our Review of Lord Nut Levington

Patel, a Babson College alumnus and accountant by profession, got his start in the buyer snack industry by supporting Stacy’s Pita Chips in increasing its annual sales from $2 million to $60 million. By spicing up the branding in a congested snack category—peanuts—he is betting on the growing recognition of nuts as a healthy snack item.

Sweet Miss Keet, Wingman, Thai Dyed, Mama Mia, El Cheddarales, and Rebel Mary are the six flavors offered by Lord Nut Levington. Each flavor includes a back story, such as the best-selling Rebel Mary-flavored peanuts, which tell the tale of Lord Nut Levington’s unrequited love for a mysterious barmaid.

The average price of a can of seasoned peanuts is $5. They are available for purchase on Amazon, at Wegmans, WalMart, and roughly 1,000 stores owned by the Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Central Market. Patel is probably searching for brand awareness and money to finance expanding inventory requirements.

Lord Nut Levington after Shark Tank

Despite not being able to catch a Shark with his spiced peanuts, Sanjiv still sells his snacks through his website, on Amazon, and numerous other retail locations across the US. The company’s social media profiles are operational and updated regularly. It appears that the company is holding its position and making a fair profit in spite of the Sharks’ reservations.

Around 2000 retailers, including Stop & Shop and Target, carried the nuts. However, unfortunately after almost ten years in business, Sanjiv shut down the company in May 2018. He has been serving as the CEO of plant-based snack company Hail Merry since August 2021.

Lord Levington, who goes by the moniker Spicy Nut Brand, is sure to have all the sharks eating out of his hand with his selection of six hot tastes, incredibly imaginative names, and old-world looks.

Pros of Lord Nut Levington

  • Various flavors
  • Rich storyline
  • Highly affordable

Cons of Lord Nut Levington

  • Easy to replace

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • The Nut Stop
  • Southwest Specialty Foods Inc.

Our Final Thoughts

Lord Levington Peanuts was founded by Sanjiv, who is looking for a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 30% stake in his business. Sanjiv starts telling a story concerning the identity of the dashing man in front of a huge banner with Lord Nut Levington there. He is Lord Nut Levington, and according to folklore, Lord Nut is from the despicable country of Bleighte, which is located across the pond and is renowned for its excessive blandness and lack of flavor. He eventually started a self-imposed exile in quest of flavor because he could take it no longer.

It appears like Lord Nut is doing rather well without the Sharks’ funding. Despite the lack of funding, Lord Nut Levington nevertheless maintains a decent online presence with a modern website that embodies the classical aesthetic that the company is striving to promote. Lord Nut Levington peanuts are available in 8-ounce cans for $4.99 (shipping not included), and each one has a short narrative explaining the origins of the tastes featured in the character.