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Linka shark tank

Linka is a smart bike lock that can be attached to a bike’s framework. No one can ride the bike once the lock is activated. A conventional bike chain can be used to secure it to a bike rack for additional safety. The Linka lock is only as clever as the app that goes along with it. The bike opens itself when you get close enough. All you have to do to tap it to unlock it. If someone attempts to tamper with your bike, the app will sound an alarm at 100 decibels and send you a notification. The Linka app even tells you if you’re in an area with a high rate of bike theft and recommends where to park your bike.

Mohamed introduced Linka to Shark Tank. A successful Kickstarter campaign launched this product in May of 2015, raising $123,772 with a goal of $25,000.

After introducing his brand, he dived right into stats. He said that over 2 million bikes are stolen yearly, making bike locks a lucrative industry. Linka is a serious bike lock, not a novelty item. You don’t have to guard the fancy ring; it’s a high-strength steel ring that can be carried easily. Its simplicity and associated technology make it enticing to bike enthusiasts.

The owner highlighted that he has been struggling with his production costs. Many people are impatient due to the low production status. However, some are more cooperative as long as the communication is carried out efficiently. Therefore, Linka may need a Shark to help with manufacturing and another production run.

Mohamed Mo’s went on. Because he was fed up with bike theft, he came up with the idea for the invention. He showed a video of the product in action and recounted the product’s story. In response to a question from the Sharks about how he could prevent it from being picked up and carried away, he displayed the alert feature. Moreover, he also stated that cutting the lock is an arduous task. Now that the product was properly introduced, he proposed what was after. He said he seeks $250K for a 10% stake.

Despite the alarm, Robert thought the device needed a chain. Mohamed went on to say that it does have a chain; however, buyers will have to pay extra for it. An average Linka costs $49 to produce and sell for $129 or $159 if you want to include the chain. He said that he’d earned $40,000 to date. He revealed that his parents emigrated to the United States to enhance their children’s lives. He attended City College of New York and worked for Toyota as a production engineer after graduating.

Now the Sharks started to throw their balls. Barbara believed there is a psychological disadvantage to having a chain even if Bluetooth activates the lock. Therefore, she refused to take part in the deal. According to Robert, a dog is the best burglar alarm, and a chain is the best barrier to bike theft. He found nothing new in the product; hence, he excused himself. Kevin said he’s not a fan of the mouse trap category; therefore, he’s out. Lori wished him well and suggested that the alarm be set to a higher volume, but no deal from her end.

Last but not least, Mark points out that the primary concern is the level of competition. He refused to participate in the deal since he didn’t see a spark in that area. In the end, Mohamed walked away without a deal from the Shark Tank.

Linka founder did not take it as a setback; instead, he used it as motivation and took their advice. The company still stands, generating $4 million in annual revenue, even though it didn’t get a deal. Linka’s current lock mechanism has added a physical chain as an accessory without requiring more procedures to remove it.

Linka’s social media presence and website traffic are both active. Moreover, the company’s product portfolio is expanding. Things are looking pretty good for the company. Even though the Sharks passed on this deal, it looks like Linka has a firm grip on the bike security industry.

Our Review of Linka

For those looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use bike lock that provides excellent levels of security, the LINKA Smart Bike Lock is your best bet. A simple press of a button locks your bike with the help of this ART Level 2 Certified Bluetooth lock. It keeps your bike safe until you are ready to ride.

You can download the Linka app on your Android and iOS devices to control the lock. It is a great solution for those who want something more user-friendly and less complicated. The lock weighs just 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg) compared to the competitors.

If you want to secure your bike to something immovable, you should get the Heavy Duty Linka Chain, which is compatible with the Link and works wonders.

Moreover, your bike’s back wheel is automatically protected by the lock’s 9mm thick hardened steel shackle. It isn’t overly thick for a bike lock. Because of the Linka’s location feature, an intruder must work hard to remove the shackle.

The best part about this lock is its anti-theft alarm. This alarm is available with a decibel rating of more than 110. It would go off if someone tried to break the lock.

The Linka can be mounted on any bike. Because it’s so simple, it should fit on about 85% of the bikes on the road today. If your bike has huge tires or a unique frame design, contact the team to ensure this smart lock functions best with your bike.

Furthermore, if you have a bike that you lend to family or friends, you can use the LINKA Bike Share feature to give them access to it. Its ability to unlock through Bluetooth is yet another feature that sets it apart from other bike locks on the market.


  • The Linka app connects and operates the lock and is easy to use.
  • It’s a user-friendly device.
  • It is lighter to carry than its counterparts.
  • It is safe to carry.
  • In case you forget where you parked your bike, the app will notify you.


  • Some users have complained that the product doesn’t work and their customer service is slow.
  • It is a bit more expensive than its counterparts.
  • The app has bugs.
  • Some users have complained that even after showing full battery life, the lock doesn’t work.

Who is it Best For?

The Linka lock is best for those who have bikes. Those who live in a shady building or often forget where they parked their bikes should have access to a lock that protects their vehicle and notify you of the theft. It also notifies you of the bike’s location and leads you to it if you end up misplacing it.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Kryptonite New York offers bike locks that protect the vehicle. These locks are relatively cheap while preserving their strength. The burglars have a hard time breaking these locks. Hence, kryptonite New York has good reviews; it is one of the best alternatives for Linka.

Our Final Thoughts

Linka is one of the best bike locks you will ever have. You can keep track of your bike, protect it against theft, and lend it to your family and friends without fear.