JADA Spices from Shark Tank

JADA Spices shark tank

JADA Spices has a mission to eliminate the use of unhealthy spices and flavors that are added to our foods every day and replace them with healthy and vegan seasoning and chicken salts.

What Do They Make?

JADA Spices aims to bring different flavors to spice up the basic foods that we like to cook regularly. They have eliminated the use of MSG, high sodium, animal byproducts, and other harmful ingredients to bring a new range of vegan chicken salts. The spices and seasoning of our foods also need to evolve with time.

Besides their chicken salt, their plant-based chicken is made from textured wheat protein and pea protein and comes in a dry mix packaging that needs oil and water to make a paste and cooked into delicious meals.

What Makes Them Unique?

JADA Spices is an all-purpose turmeric-based seasoning that can provide a great taste to any dish you prepare. The seasonings provide great health benefits as they contain nothing but all-natural ingredients.

The JADA Spices Chicken Salt is a great substitution for adding salt or other harmful seasonings to your food and can make any vegan recipe taste even more delicious than before.

Are They Still an Active Company?

JADA Spices Chicken Salt is growing successfully and has introduced a new variety and flavors in their plant-based chicken dry mix. They have an active and running website and received tons of positive customer feedback on Amazon.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Khasha Touloei and Maynard Okereke came to Shark Tank seeking $250K in return for 20% equity in their company.

Khasha and Maynard explained that people tend to replace basic table salt in their dishes with different seasonings. This vegan seasoning is especially loved among their vegan customers to spice up any recipe they prepare.

JADA Spices had expanded their line of spices to include other basic flavors, such as reduced sodium, lime, barbeque, and red pepper, and they had also introduced a new and innovative product, turmeric salt.

JADA Spices were also working to provide a healthy and plant-based product to its consumers, including a plant-based chicken that will provide a revolution to take your foods to the next level.

They provided the Sharks with the five flavors of their Chicken Salts. Barbara asked them to explain their plant-based chicken. There were currently a lot of plant-based chickens available on the market, but they all contained soy and high sodium content. They had come up with a plant-based chicken that didn’t need refrigeration and could be molded into any shape, like nuggets or burger patties.

The chicken came as a dry powder that needed oil and water to be made into a paste, which could be cooked in a number of ways. The consumer will get 20 grams of protein and very low cholesterol from each patty of chicken.

Khasha explained how chicken salt was a big trend in Australia, and every restaurant added chicken salt to season their meals. They had made their vegan JADA Spices Chicken Salt by eliminating the use of chicken stock and MSG.

They were a bestselling seasoning brand on Amazon and made $319,000 through their sales in the previous year and were hoping to do $500,000 that year.

They were hoping to promote their company not just as a seasoning brand and were really excited about their new plant-based chicken.

Lori commented that she wasn’t particularly interested in the seasonings, but the chicken patty seemed like a potential way to grow the company. Khasha explained that the chicken was ready to launch in markets, their research studies were complete, and ingredients were sourced.

Kevin was concerned that both the entrepreneurs had successful jobs besides the JADA Spices Company, and they could not concentrate on the company if they were working full time at their respective jobs. Khasha was a dermatologist, and Maynard was an engineer. They were not focusing on the company, and for that reason, he went out.

Daymond also thought that they needed to work on a single aspect of their company, either the plant-based chicken or the chicken salt. They were going to face many hurdles in the company’s future, which will take 6-7 years to overcome, and he didn’t see his investment returning to him anytime sooner than that. He went out.

Barbara asked them why they were seeking $250K from the Sharks. Maynard replied that part of that amount would go into the development of the plant-based chicken since it was still a prototype and needed proper packaging plans.

The second reason why they wanted this money was so that they could get into food stations. They had already received a big offer from one of the leading restaurant chains for their custom recipes, and that made them earn a six-figure contract with just that one offer.

Barbara found them to be really energetic and had an offer for them. She was willing to give the $250K but for 33% equity.

Mark thought that they were working fine with their seasoning, but they had started investing their time and money into the vegan chicken, and even if they worked tremendously in these two combined fields, it would be very difficult to manage so many different products at once. He went out.

Lori followed because even though she loved the chicken, it was still very early in the R&D stages.

Daymond asked the duo to consider Barbara’s offer.

They countered with a 28% equity, plus free skin care examinations from Khasha. Barbara stuck to her initial offer.

After a moment of hesitation and discussion among themselves, they accepted her offer.

Our Review of JADA Spices Chicken Salt

JADA Spices Chicken Salt is a great way to spice up any bland food recipe, especially vegan foods that lack chicken flavor. The salts can be used on various food items, including popcorn, veggies, and barbeque, but the salts taste is a bit overwhelming and masks the taste of other seasonings present in the food.

Pros of JADA Spices

  • The salts have a great taste and can be sprinkled on anything from salads to steaks
  • No preservatives, sodium, or other harmful ingredients are added.

Cons of JADA Spices

  • The salts are a bit pricier than regular seasoning available on the market
  • The chicken salt has a very strong salty taste
  • The taste of the salts seems to be overwhelming for some people.

Who Is It For?

JADA Spices Chicken Salt can enhance the flavor and taste of any vegan dish. Instead of resorting to bland and boring flavors, you can make JADA Spices Chicken Salt a part of your vegan recipes, which doesn’t let you compromise on the taste of the dish and your health.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • The Gourmet Collection Seasoning Blends Chicken Salt Spice Blend.

Our Final Thoughts

The zeal and enthusiasm of these two energetic entrepreneurs, plus the value Barbara would bring to their company, would take this company to new heights and bring even more success for the products.