Instant Lifts from Shark Tank

Instant Lifts shark tank

When designing a product, an inventor has to identify a major problem that consumers face and provide a solution through their product. The ever evolving beauty standards, fueled partly by the media, have brought forth many problems. One such problem is the expectation that women should have firm bodies devoid of cellulite and sagging skin.

Instant Lifts is a product that zeroes in on that problem and provides a quick solution for women looking for skin that appears firm. Instant Lifts is a medical-grade adhesive tape that can be used on different parts of the body to tuck away any excess skin and instantly give the appearance of firmer and smoother skin. The product is single-use and claims to stick for 12-15 hours. Customers can use the products on any body part below the face, but the product descriptions target the most common problem areas such as arms, thighs, and stomach.

Instant Lifts is a tricky product to discuss. It checks the criteria for providing a solution to a common problem, and many reviews online attest to its effectiveness. It is, however, the idea behind the product that muddies the water a bit. Some might argue that the product promotes deception or preys on people’s insecurities. On the other hand, there are women online who claim that the product helped them regain their confidence.

The product adds to the beauty industrial complex but provides a non-surgical alternative option for women who might have been considering permanent alteration. This general reading of the psyche of its target audience enables Instant Lifts to be a thriving business to this day.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Entrepreneurs Nick and Penelope La Rosa introduced Instant Lifts in season 3 of Shark Tank. The duo were confident in their product and a demonstration of how the tape worked elicited a surprised reaction from the Sharks. They were interested in the product and its potential. The pitch, however, took a different than the La Rosas were expecting.

The La Rosas came into the pitch asking for $100,000 for a 25% equity in their company. Penelope La Rosa showed the judges how she used the tape to conceal her flabby arm, which led to quite a few clever remarks from the Sharks. Daymond John called the flab Bingo Wings which led to one of the funnier discussions on Shark Tank.

The Sharks asked about several other aspects of the product, such as the adhesiveness and pricing. The La Rosas claimed the product remains stuck in even the most humid and hot environment. They also revealed that they had made $75,000 in sales until then.

The pitch seemed to be going swimmingly with the judges interested in the product, but it took a sharp turn when Robert Herjavec asked why the company did not make a product for the face. The La Rosas revealed that they had a separate product for the face, a patented invention that was not included in the offer to the Sharks.

This information led to a palpable wave of unease among the Sharks. Mark Cuban inquired why he would invest in one product when he knew the couple’s attention would be divided between the different products. The sentiment was shared by the other Sharks, who seemed doubtful about the duo’s approach to the deal. They wanted to invest in the entire business rather than one product for a more streamlined process.

Daymond instantly backs out once it is clear that only one product is involved in the deal. Mark Cuban also pulled out due to doubts about the duo’s commitment. O’Leary and Herjavec declined to make an offer because the pitch was unclear.

This left Barbara Corcoran as the only Shark still on the table. Nick La Rosa tried to appeal to Corcoran directly as a woman. Corcoran concedes that the product would appeal to many women but felt that the pricing was too steep and would put off many customers. She also pulled out, citing that reason.

The La Rosas left the Shark Tank pitch without a deal due to their division of the products. The experience, however, did not negatively affect them as their business continues to function today and is available on many third-party platforms.

Our Review of Instant Lifts

Instant Lifts main selling point is its ease of use. It provides a quick fix to a problem that usually requires surgical intervention. However, the product’s effectiveness is hard to gauge as several reviews describe the products on extreme ends of the spectrum. All of them focus on several advantages and disadvantages of the tape.

Pros of Instant Lifts

  • It provides a non-surgical solution. A lot of people cannot afford surgical procedures.
  • Unlike creams, the tape provides instant visible results.
  • Strong adhesive that reportedly does not budge for a lot of customers.
  • Many women reported that the tape gave them the confidence to wear clothes they would not normally wear.

Cons of Instant Lifts

  • Does not work on women of all sizes. Women with larger inner thighs did not see a visible difference after using the tape.
  • Adhesive can be uncomfortable for some people. Some reported a burning sensation.
  • Adhesive can be difficult and painful to remove for some people.
  • Expensive pricing for single-use tape.

Who Is It For?

The information provided for the product does not ever specify that it is only for women, but all the advertising is very clearly directed towards women. The pictures used to demonstrate the effects of the tape all show conventionally feminine body parts, and all the reviews are either from women or men buying it for the women in their life. It is perhaps safe to assume the product is for women even though there is no particular hurdle for men to use it. Women have been documented on the receiving end of much more stringent beauty standards than men, so they gravitate towards these products.

The productis also especially targeted towards aging women as they are the ones who naturally display cellulite and sagging skin. As their skin loses elasticity, they look for alternatives to make their skin appear firmer.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are multiple products that look to provide solutions for sagging skin and cellulite. These range from permanent options such as surgery to firming creams.

Firming creams from brands such as Sol De Janeiro and Olay are commonly used to maintain the skin’s elasticity. Another product that provides the desired effect is spandex, which is worn under clothes to provide shape to the body.

Final Thoughts

Instant Lifts is a product that is bound to bring up a lot of debate. Some might say that product perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards and promotes deception. On the other hand it can be argued that the product enables people to feel confident and good about themselves. The debate will remain but the product has clearly tapped into a market that continues to consume. Due to this targeted marketing, Instant Lifts is a Shark Tank success story.