Influencers in the Wild: Shark Tank Update – Friendly Insights on Latest Developments

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Influencers in the Wild, a creative and entertaining board game, gained significant attention when it was pitched by its entrepreneur, George “Tank” Resch, on the season 14 finale of Shark Tank, which aired on May 19th, 2023. The premise of this game revolves around players competing with each other to create the most outrageous and amusing influencer moments. With Tank Sinatra being a well-known digital content creator with over 10 million followers across his various social media accounts, the game was already surrounded by high expectations.

During the highly anticipated Shark Tank presentation, Tank Sinatra demonstrated his ability to capture the essence of influencer culture and translate it into a light-hearted tabletop experience. This engaging and unique concept piqued the interest of not only the sharks but also a substantial number of viewers.

As an update on the progress of Influencers in the Wild since its appearance on Shark Tank, this article aims to provide you with relevant and interesting information about its journey so far. Stay tuned to learn more about the game’s development, partnerships, and overall success.

The Journey to Shark Tank

George “Tank” Resch, a well-known social media influencer and entrepreneur, embarked on an exciting journey with his innovative board game, Influencers in the Wild. Tank Sinatra, as he is also known, developed this engaging game that revolves around the concept of gaining social media followers and creating outlandish influencer moments.

The idea for Influencers in the Wild blossomed after Tank observed the amusing, sometimes bizarre activities of influencers on various social media platforms. His goal with the game was to bring a light-hearted, competitive element to the world of influencer culture while still showcasing its unique quirks.

Tank Sinatra decided to pitch Influencers in the Wild on the popular television show, Shark Tank, aiming to secure a life-changing investment. He entered the tank in the Season 14 finale, with high hopes and a passionate presentation. His journey involved hard work and determination, fueled by his background as a social media influencer and creative entrepreneur.

As Tank navigated the unpredictable waters of Shark Tank, he faced challenges and tough competition from other entrepreneurs. His ability to remain strong and persistent throughout the process is a testament to his dedication and commitment to the Influencers in the Wild board game.

The Concept behind Influencers in the Wild

Influencers in the Wild is a fascinating account that focuses on candid moments of influencers in their natural habitat, often going to extreme lengths to capture the perfect photo or video for their social media profiles. The concept behind this entertaining content was derived from Instagram meme page creator George “Tank” Resch. He noticed how increasingly obsessed people were becoming with online content and leveraged this internet culture to create something that would capture the attention of followers.

The idea for Influencers in the Wild came to George while he was spending a day at Los Angeles’ Griffith Park in late 2019. He observed a girl climbing a tree just to take a photograph for social media. This incident inspired him to start curating content showcasing the sometimes absurd and amusing lengths that influencers go to for their online presence.

As a result, the Instagram page for Influencers in the Wild gained a massive following, and the content quickly began resonating with users across different platforms like Twitter and TikTok. The page not only caters to the interests of followers interested in internet culture but also offers a light-hearted perspective on the world of social media influencers.

With the success of the Instagram page, Tank Sinatra went a step further and developed a board game called “Influencers in the Wild: The Game.” The game aims to entertain players by tapping into the world of social media and influencers, giving them a taste of the challenges faced by those trying to make a splash in the digital realm.

In conclusion, Influencers in the Wild is a perfect example of how noticing everyday situations and leveraging internet culture can lead to the creation of entertaining content. By giving a friendly peek into the lives of social media influencers, it has managed to engage and capture followers across different platforms.

Product and Business Model

Influencers in the Wild is a creative board game designed by George Resch, also known as Tank Sinatra. This engaging game revolves around the concept of gaining social media followers and offers a fun way for people to enter the world of online influencers.

The board game is available for purchase on the product’s official website as well as the popular online retail platform, Amazon. Priced at $19.99, each set includes a full-color game board, six playing pieces, a game die, and around 300 cards to choose from. The affordable price tag aims to attract a wide range of consumers interested in the social media phenomena and influencer culture.

In order to reach more customers and expand its audience, the company may also explore entering retail partnerships with big box retailers. This would not only allow the product to gain more visibility but also increase overall revenue.

During its appearance on season 14 of Shark Tank, Influencers in the Wild attracted the attention of potential investors, further enhancing the company’s reach and growth potential.

In conclusion, Influencers in the Wild board game utilizes the growing interest in online influencers and social media in a fun and interactive manner. By providing a unique game experience paired with effective retail strategies, the company has the potential for significant growth and success in both the online and traditional retail markets.

Valuation and Deal on Shark Tank

George “Tank” Resch, the entrepreneur behind Influencers in the Wild board game, stepped into the Shark Tank during Season 14 finale, hoping to secure a life-changing investment for his product. This game centered on the concept of players competing to create the most outrageous influencer moments in a light-hearted manner.

As Tank Sinatra pitched his game to the sharks, he expressed his desire for an investment to help grow his business. Being a friendly and engaging presenter, he attracted the attention of the sharks, particularly Mark Cuban. The proposed deal was to secure funding to support marketing and inventory management.

After listening to Tank’s pitch, Mark Cuban offered him a deal. Although the exact numbers were not disclosed in the search results, the deal involved both money and equity in the company. Mark Cuban believed that Tank’s board game had potential, and his investment would pave the path for growth in the gaming market.

With the sharks’ interest and engagement during the pitch, it became clear that the valuation of Influencers in the Wild had a promising outlook. While the company’s financial figures are uncertain, Mark Cuban’s enthusiasm and confidence in the product showcased a strong belief in the board game’s capacity to succeed.

It’s important to note that securing this deal with Mark Cuban not only provided Tank with the necessary funding to expand his business, but it also lent credibility to the Influencers in the Wild board game. The exposure on Shark Tank and the public endorsement from Cuban were likely instrumental factors in propelling the game to greater heights in the market.

Navigating Challenges

In the world of Influencers in the Wild, players can find themselves navigating various challenges as they strive to gain social media followers. This adult-themed board game, created by entrepreneur Tank Sinatra, offers a fun experience for those aged 17 and above as they try to outshine their competitors.

Each player embarks on a journey through the game’s dotted line, relying on dice rolls to determine their progress. As they travel, players come face-to-face with a range of challenges that require quick thinking and creative strategies. Some challenges might include creating attention-grabbing content, handling tough audience reactions, and facing penalties that could impact their follower count.

Influencers in the Wild also incorporates an inventory system, allowing players to manage their resources effectively. As the game progresses, players will need to acquire items, such as the elusive Tucky, to help them overcome obstacles and gain an edge over their opponents. The Tucky serves as a powerful tool, with the potential to dramatically boost a player’s chances of success.

Penalties play a significant role in the game, too, as they add an element of unpredictability. Players must be cautious and strategic in their approach, as one misstep could cause them to lose a substantial number of followers. The competitive nature of the game encourages players to stay alert and adapt to various challenges as they arise.

In the end, the engaging challenges and dynamic gameplay make Influencers in the Wild a captivating experience for its players. By encouraging friendly competition and fostering creative thinking, the game captures the essence of the exciting world of social media influencers.

The Power of Social Media

In today’s digital age, the power of social media is undeniable. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok play a vital role in the lives of many, including social media influencers and content creators. One such success story revolves around George Resch’s brainchild – Influencers in the Wild.

The Instagram page @influencersinthewild gained remarkable traction by showcasing candid moments of influencers in their element, often going to great lengths to capture the finest content. Its initial success led to the creation of a Twitter account and even an appearance on Shark Tank.

What sets Influencers in the Wild apart from the multitude of other accounts is its ability to captivate followers with relatable and at times, hilariously staged content. This page truly encapsulates the power of social media on a grand scale, proving how far influencers are willing to go to ensure maximum engagement and reach.

Moreover, the concept struck a chord with many viewers, prompting Resch, who’s also known as Tank Sinatra, to develop a board game inspired by the popular Instagram page. The game was presented to the sharks during the season 14 finale of Shark Tank and further exemplified how social media can become an integral part of promotion and business.

In summary, the Influencers in the Wild phenomenon accentuates the strong connection between social media influencers, content creators, and audience engagement. It demonstrates the significance of utilizing platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok in an effective and entertaining manner, allowing users to share, relate, and sometimes laugh at the lengths people venture to in pursuit of the perfect shot for their followers.

Update: Post Shark Tank Journey

After their appearance on Shark Tank, the creators of Influencers in the Wild continued to work on promoting and selling their board game. The game has seen success thanks to the popular Instagram meme page by George “Tank” Resch, which boasts over 5 million followers. Tank’s social media presence has certainly helped in boosting sales for the board game.

The journey, however, has not been without challenges. Like any business, they have had to face obstacles and adapt to new situations. Despite these hurdles, the friendly and engaging nature of the game has persisted in attracting interest from consumers.

One important aspect of Influencers in the Wild’s success has been its ability to connect with the target audience. By incorporating elements like the “Tone of Melanin,” the game caters to a diverse range of players. The inclusion of hotspot places in the game also adds an element of real-world relevance and appeal.

  • Cost: $19.99
  • Included: Full-color game board, six playing pieces, a game die, and around 300 cards
  • Available on: Official website and Amazon

In summary, Influencers in the Wild has navigated its post Shark Tank journey with a mixture of success and challenges. The game has found its audience through a diverse range of topics and features, as well as its creator’s social media following. By maintaining a friendly and engaging tone, Influencers in the Wild continues to entertain players and fans alike.

Expansion and Diversification

Following the appearance on Shark Tank, the team behind Influencers in the Wild has been working diligently to grow their brand and expand their reach in the market. Part of this expansion has involved the introduction of different products and diversification into various segments.

One of the areas where Influencers in the Wild has ventured is the adult-themed merchandise niche. This bold move is aimed at capturing the attention of a more mature audience that can appreciate the humor and wit of the brand. The adult-themed items include T-shirts and accessories infused with tongue-in-cheek designs and styles, appealing to the fans of the game.

Moreover, Influencers in the Wild recognized the potential of apparel as a category to solidify its presence in the market. The company has introduced a range of T-shirts featuring catchy phrases and unique designs that resonate with the brand’s core message. By offering these garments, the company caters to the fashion-conscious demographic who are intrigued by the world of influencers and online trends.

In addition, accessories have become a significant part of the company’s diversification strategy. These items encompass various products such as hats, phone cases, and bags, which enable fans to showcase their love for the brand in different ways. The introduction of accessories has widened the scope of Influencers in the Wild and made it easier for consumers to incorporate the brand into their everyday lives.

Lastly, the creators of Influencers in the Wild understand the significance of promoting positivity and have thus incorporated good news stories into their social media presence. These stories aim to uplift and inspire their followers, fostering a friendly online community that shares the same values. This approach allows the brand to maintain its fun and light-hearted nature while promoting a feel-good atmosphere among its fans.

Overall, the expansion and diversification efforts made by Influencers in the Wild demonstrate the company’s drive to grow into a formidable player in the industry. By offering a wide variety of products and maintaining a friendly tone, the brand captures the attention of consumers across different demographics and firmly establishes its presence in the market.

Community Impact

Influencers in the Wild, created by George Resch, has made a positive impact on the community since its appearance on Shark Tank. Known for his popular meme page and social media presence, Resch has successfully utilized his platform to promote fun and entertainment through his inventive board game.

Aside from the humorous aspect of the game, Resch has been dedicated to spreading positivity and good news through his other social media platforms, like @tanksgoodnews. This Instagram account has garnered a large following, as it offers uplifting stories and heartwarming content to counterbalance the negativity often found on social media.

Resch’s efforts to create a platform for good news have not gone unnoticed. He has received recognition in the form of a prestigious Webby Award, showcasing his commitment to promoting positivity within the community. His impact extends beyond the gaming world, as he regularly appears as a guest on podcasts, sharing his experiences and thoughts on various topics to inspire and motivate people.

The success of Influencers in the Wild and Resch’s other social media endeavors showcase the power of fostering a positive and supportive community. By providing a space where people can enjoy a fun game, share uplifting stories, and engage in open-minded discussions, Resch has made a meaningful and friendly impact on both the online world and communities at large.

The Verdict: Success or Failure?

Influencers in the Wild, a board game created by digital content creator and entrepreneur Tank Sinatra (George Resch), garnered attention when it was featured on the season 14 finale of Shark Tank in May 2023. Since its appearance on the show, many have been curious about the game’s success and the impact it has had on the founder’s net worth and revenue generation.

The game’s concept revolves around players completing influencer-themed challenges, with successful completions leading to an increase in followers. The ultimate goal is to complete all challenges and reach Los Angeles’ Big Pink Wall, thus achieving victory. Tank Sinatra not only designed the game but also manages three popular Instagram accounts: @influencersinthewild, @tank.sinatra, and @tanksgoodnews.

While the exact numbers regarding the game’s net worth and revenue since its appearance on Shark Tank are not readily available, it is clear that Influencers in the Wild has gained some level of popularity and traction among its target audience. The continued growth of Tank Sinatra’s Instagram accounts suggests that the game’s concept resonates with social media users, adding to its potential success.

The journey of Influencers in the Wild has been an interesting one to follow, and though it may be too early to determine its ultimate success or failure, encouraging signs are present. The creator’s dedication to the project, combined with the unique, engaging concept, has the potential to carry this game forward and solidify its place in the board game market.


Influencers in the Wild has come a long way since its appearance on Shark Tank. The game, created by George Resch, has gained significant attention and interest among social media enthusiasts. The concept revolves around the world of social media influencers and provides lighthearted entertainment for players.

With an affordable price of $19.99, the game is accessible to many potential customers, and it can be purchased from its official website or Amazon. It comes with a full-color game board, six playing pieces, a game die, and around 300 cards, ensuring hours of engaging gameplay.

The Shark Tank experience has undoubtedly provided invaluable exposure for Influencers in the Wild, helping it reach a wider audience. It demonstrates the potential success of unique concepts managed by passionate creators in the ever-evolving social media landscape.

So, if you are curious about the influencer world or simply looking for a fun and interactive game to play with friends, Influencers in the Wild might just be the perfect choice. Happy playing!