IcyBreeze from Shark Tank

IcyBreeze shark tank

Necessity is the mother of invention. This age-old idiom is amply justified in the case of today’s product. The story goes that a father and son camping team could not sleep in their tent while camping during the heat wave with temperatures soaring over 90 degrees. The duo jokingly said that sleep would’ve been possible had they just been inside their cooler. While that wasn’t possible, they explored a world of possibilities from that point forward in their quest to find a way to best use the ice they had in their cooler to provide them relief.

After tons of research and gathering investment, the pair finally perfected what we now know today as ‘IcyBreeze’- The world’s first cooler that keeps your stuff cool. Now let’s dive deeper and see what IcyBreeze is really about.

IcyBreeze, in the simplest terms, is a cooler which provides portable air conditioning. It means that IcyBreeze provides the users a big plus of having portable cooling at their disposal in places where it is challenging to carry ice in a box to have your beverages cold. While on the face of it, it looks simple enough, this is more than just a simple ice cooler. Its design has been perfected through innovations. As a result, the air it dispenses is chilled down to 35 degrees below the initial temperature.

This design has found success and has been spotted at major events across the world. The Olympics, US Open, Australian Open, Disney World, and Disneyland, to name a few, are amongst its biggest clients. One of the biggest sales for this product is the company’s lifetime guarantee; this is surely a big plus for those looking for a durable product on which they can bank.

IcyBreeze’s Shark Tank pitch didn’t go so well. Although they tried to demonstrate to the Sharks that the product has a positive cash flow, they were not convinced. They aimed to seek an investment of $50,000 for an exchange of 5 % in equity. The Sharks agreed that the product was priced too high compared to what it was offering. They failed to secure a deal but didn’t lose hope and continued believing in the future success of their product.

After their appearance on Shark Tank, the product managed to gain some popularity, and the company continued to sell on its website. Following the advice of the Sharks, the owners introduced a cheaper version of the same product to make it more accessible to the buyers. Despite not getting a deal, they managed to survive. IcyBreeze’s website is still active, and it seems they are doing well despite not getting a deal. IcyBreeze is also helping entrepreneurs get their products off the ground through its website.

Our Review of IcyBreeze

The bottom line for our review of the IcyBreeze is that it is a great product for those looking for a durable, sturdy, high-utility, multi-purpose cooler-cum-air conditioner.

IcyBreeze closely resembles the cooler boxes that we have been accustomed to seeing. Color options are basic and available in blue, green, and red. Its build quality has a premium feel as it’s thick, and the lightly textured outer case gives a refined look. So we will say that if someone is looking to buy a cooler storage box and is going purely after aesthetics, then IcyBreeze might not be the best option.

Now let’s come over to the main deal. IcyBreeze has suitable performance, which is quite good and is in line with their claimed performance. There can be no doubt that while its cooling is quite good, and its battery life is sufficient for a good long trip, it has its limitations. Firstly, it can only cool one persona at a time as its duct is approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. Secondly, it makes a lot of noise when switched on, especially at higher power levels.

Another thing one cannot ignore is the price tag which is quite high for a cooler box. While it does offer the unparalleled advantage of portable cooling, one has to personally weigh the pros and cons of the extra 200 to 300 dollars investment for the facility of having portable cooling at their disposal.

Pros of IcyBreeze

  • High Durability, which comes along with a lifetime guarantee. In terms of its longevity, there couldn’t be much more done.
  • Unparalleled cooling effect. This product has a unique selling point in that it offers portable air conditioning that has been proven effective, and there isn’t any dichotomy between claimed and delivered performance.
  • High Build Quality with an attractive design. Even though we don’t think it should be the sole reason for someone buying this product, it is a plus nonetheless.

Cons of IcyBreeze

  • It’s Pricey. Its price tag cannot be ignored as it offers air conditioning at a very high price. It may be useful for some, but it may not be the best investment for everyone.
  • Too Much Noise. While we agree that its performance is par excellence, there is no denying that it makes a lot of noise while delivering it. IcyBreeze can get very loud, which might repel some of us.
  • Limited Air Conditioning Area. Because its current outlet is centered on a small duct opening, it has limited coverage and doesn’t extend beyond a single person -this factor needs to be considered by the person buying the product.

Who is IcyBreeze For?

IcyBreeze is meant for campers, boaters, hunters, golfers, fishers, and anyone looking to have an outdoor adventure in the heat.

Are There Any Alternatives?

So far, we have found no alternatives for IcyBeeze!

Our Final Thoughts

IcyBreeze managed to invent the world’s first personal 2-in-1 portable air conditioner and cooler. IcyBreeze is more than just a beverage cooler. It also works as an air cooling unit, making it ideal for carrying on a hot summery day. Nothing speaks to relief more than a blast of cool and fresh air from the IcyBreeze when it gets super-hot. The secret of this amazing product lies in its hidden ventilation system, which allows air to be pushed in the direction of your choice. One of their biggest selling points is their lifetime warranty.