Ice Beanie from Shark Tank

Ice Beanie shark tank

Ice Beanie is a product that is designed as an effective solution to your migraine headaches. This excellent product is created by professional surfer Nic Lamb. Lamb has surfed since he was a kid and has taken part in several surfing competitions.

However, it was while surfing in Spain in 2016, Lamb suffered an injury on his head, which led to a concussion. Lamb relied on ice packs to relieve the headaches. However, constantly holding the ice packs in place became exhausting. And that was Lamb’s eureka moment.

Ice Beanie provides the ultimate relief and comfort from headaches. These are, in simple words, cold packs in the form of a beanie that people can comfortably wear. They cover the entire head, which is what sets Ice Beanie apart from other products of its kind. Gone are the days where you must hold onto the ice packs and put up with another pain wihle alleviating the other.  Now, you can just wear them.

The Ice Beanie is made from a comfortable polyester material, which has acupressure gel packs designed within it. These beanies are flexible and one size fits all.. Before you use the beanie, you must store it in a freezer. The cold therapy can last for almost an hour, which is a sufficient time period to relieve any headache. The coldness of the Beanie limits the incoming flow of blood, thus relieving the headache.

Are They an Active Company?

Ice Beanie is still operational in 2023. Customers can purchase these Beanies straight from their official website, as well as through online retailers Amazon and Etsy.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Nic Lamb first appeared on season 12 of Shark Tank, where he pitched his product, asking for an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 20% share of Ice Beanie. Before coming on to Shark Tank, the company was already earning significant profits, with $100,000 in net sales. Online customers were raving about the effectiveness of the product.

Lamb was confident that he could sell his product well, considering the number of people who deal with migraines. He did impress the Sharks with his product and story. He also offered the Sharks to try the Beanie themselves.

Mr. Wonderful was the first Shark to go out as he thought the market was niche and did not see an impressive gain for himself. Although Lori liked the product and Lamb’s story, she perceived the market was competitive, and for that reason she was out.

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, was impressed and wanted to give Lamb an opportunity. He offered him $50,000 but for 30% equity. Lamb confidently countered his offer with a 25% equity for $50,000. Cuban agreed and the two landed a deal. John also made an offer of $1 million, but Lamb had already accepted Mark’s deal.

Ice Beanie witnessed an exponential growth after Shark Tank.  The product is now also sold through Etsy and Amazon.  The company has an active presence on social media, which allows their market to grow further.

Our Review of Ice Beanie

Ice Beanie is most certainly a useful product and its demand proves it. Apart from providing relaxation from headaches, it provides utmost convenience to people from migraines that can bring your entire day to a halt. If cold compression therapies work for you, then this product would be of wonderful use.

Pros of Ice Beanie

Here are the reasons why Ice Beanie is effective and essential.

  • Ice Beanie provides a fast relief to your stubborn headaches. It makes your life stress-free.
  • Ice Beanie provides a full head relief. It is a natural way to treat your headachesor cranial discomfort without swallowing bitter medicine or pills.
  • You can re-use Ice Beanie as many times as you want.
  • Ice Beanie is
  • Ice Beanie looks stylish when wornand looks like an accessory more than a migraine cure.

Cons of Ice Beanie

Ice beanie delivers exactly what it promises, however, the price tag on Ice Beanie makes it not economical for some people.

Who is Ice Beanie For?

If you are someone who deals with headaches often or is a patient of migraine, Ice Beanie is the product for you. It is suitable for adults and children as  it is a safe and external treatment.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Migraines are a common health problem people face and cold compression therapy is not a new phenomenon. There are alternatives to Ice Beanie in the market:

  • Form Fitting Migraine Relief Ice Head Wrap
  • New Go Ice Cap for Migraine

These alternatives are helpful , but what sets Ice Beanie apart is its ability and flexibility allowing it to cover the entire head. So even though some other options are less expensive, Ice Beanie is a good investment, especially because it’s not a one-time use product.

Our Final Thoughts

Ice Beanie is an excellent product that can be used by anyone and everyone to cure migraines, hangovers, and sports injuries. It is an easy to use ice pack that requires no set up. Simply freeze the pack for 45 minutes and it is ready to use. It is approved by healthcare professionals, and even sports athletes recommend it.

Nic Lamb’s decision to appear on Shark Tank was a fruitful one as it gave his product the exposure and push towards the right direction. Before coming on the show, he made $100,000 in sales;  after his deal with Mark Cuban, he was able to generate $550,000 in sales.