Hug Sleep from Shark Tank

Hug Sleep shark tank

Hug Sleep is a company that created and specializes in making a product known as the sleep pod. A sleep pod is essentially a pod made of a specialized 4-way stretch material poly span that allows you to sleep cuddled up in it.

The sleep pod shape resembles a cocoon, allowing the wearer to feel safe and held while they sleep. It essentially uses Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) therapy to help aid peaceful sleep. The patented design on the Hug Sleep pod allows for the wearer to uncover one of their feet through the night in order to help regulate body temperature and increase comfort.

Hug Sleep was started by Matt and Angie Mundt, a husband and wife duo from Milwaukee. The idea for the company was born in January of 2018 after the Mundts – especially Matt – had spent many years struggling with sleeping through the night. Almost a year later, in February of 2019, they were able to launch the company. In August of 2020, the Mundts presented the sleep pod on Shark Tank, and the episode aired in October of that same year.

The company primarily sells one product – the Hug Sleep pod. They have pods available for adults and kids, with a detailed size chart to help you figure out what size would be a good fit for you. The pods also have the option of having an opening for the feet or not.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, Hug Sleep is still active and selling its sleep pods.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Matt and Angie Mundt presented their company and the sleep pods on Shark Tank season 12, episode 3, to Sharks Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban. The couple was asking for a $150,000 investment with 10% equity in Hug Sleep.

Angie went on to explain how the sleep pod worked in great detail. Lori and Mark were interested in learning more about the way that compression and swaddled sleep could help those people who had previously struggled with sleeping. Angie also explained that the sleep pod could be especially helpful for people with mental health issues and anxiety disorders.

In one part of the review, Robert Herjavec, another Shark, decided to put the Hug Sleep pod to the test and try it out for himself. He found that the sleep pod was “really soothing.” Unfortunately, in a funny yet misfortunate turn of events, Robert fell off the bed while swaddled in the pod and hurt his nose. This did not discourage the sharks from giving the Mundts an offer for their product, however.

The Sharks were impressed by the low customer acquisition costs of the company, as well as the high 41% profit margins. Ultimately, Lori and Mark offered the Mundts $300,000 for 20% equity, which was a deal the Mundts were very happy to accept.

Overall, the Shark Tank pitch went very well, and the Mundts left with a great deal. The deal between Shark Tank and Hug Sleep was carried out just days following the episode’s broadcast, after which the Hug Sleep website was overwhelmed with new orders. Their sales skyrocketed following their appearance on the show.

Our Review of Hug Sleep

Although we trusted Robert when he said the Hug Sleep pods were soothing, we decided to try the pod out for ourselves and see if it lives up to all the hype.

The good news is that the sleep pod was actually very comfortable and easy to wear. The simple 4 step process – step, scoop, swaddle, and sleep – was actually very convenient and efficient. We also found that the sleep pod was comfortable for any kind of sleeping. Whether we wanted to sleep stretched out or curled up, on our back or our side, or even with a pillow between our knees, it was all possible with the sleep pod. Not to mention, the breathable and stretchy material did not cause any overheating, especially since we could stick out one foot for some cooling.

The bad news was that we did end up getting a bit tangled in the sleep pod when we tried tossing and turning a few times. While that wasn’t too bad, and a bit of wriggling allowed us to untangle ourselves, one problem we felt was a big letdown was that getting out of the sleep pod took a long minute, which isn’t great for emergencies or middle of the night bathroom trips.

Pros of Hug Sleep

  • Machine washable
  • Soft, breathable fabric that does not lead to overheating
  • Easy wear process
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Has a 30-day warranty
  • Allows you to stick out a foot for temperature regulation
  • Comes in various sizes for children and adults
  • Uses hypoallergenic materials

Cons of Hug Sleep

  • Is relatively expensive
  • Not suitable for people with waists wider than 52 inches or women above the size 32
  • Few customer reviews to check out

Who is Hug Sleep for?

The Hug Sleep pod is for everyone! Be it men, women, teens, or kids. The sleep pod can provide comfort and aid sleep for anybody that needs it.

Are there any alternatives?

While the Hug Sleep pod is a great product, it is not exactly a completely original and irreplaceable product. There are a number of alternatives available to the sleep pod.

The first alternative would be a weighted blanket. Numerous companies out there make weighted blankets that carry out the same function as the sleep pod but take a blanket form rather than a pod form.

If you’re looking specifically for a pod, the Wearable Blanket Calming Sensory Sleeping Pod by the company Shluffy is a very close alternative.

Our Final Thoughts

The Hug Sleep pod is definitely comfortable, temperature-controlled, easy to wear, and suitable for adults as well as children. By using Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) therapy, the sleep pods can make falling asleep and staying asleep much easier, leading to calm sleep and restful days. The pros of the sleep pods definitely outweigh the cons, although the high price is something to be considered.