GreenBox from Shark Tank

GreenBox shark tank

GreenBox is a cardboard pizza delivery box that can be disassembled to create plates and storage bins.

The new eco-friendly pizza box’s perforated cover effortlessly separates it into four halves. It is not necessary to eat it on paper plates.

Ned Kensing and Jennifer Wright-Laracy pitch GreenBox, a 100 percent recyclable pizza box, in Shark Tank episode 620.

A GreenBox pizza box combines pizza storage with the ability to break down into plates and become a storage container.

GreenBox’s multiple uses save energy by removing the need for dishes, plates, and Tupperware.

During his university years, Ned and Jen’s buddy, William Walsh, invented the GreenBox.

He lived with a bunch of football players, and they never did the dishes, so he began breaking up the box into plates.

Years later, the trio patented the innovation and started the company today known as “GreenBox” which was formerly known as “Ecovention.” The GreenBox’s creator, William Walsh, passed away unexpectedly in November 2011.

Our Review Of Greenbox

GreenBox pizza boxes are cardboard brown and made entirely of recyclable materials. Since this reusable pizza box can be converted into four plates and even store leftovers, there is no need for wasteful materials like paper plates, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and more.

Ned and Jennifer enter the Tank seeking $300,000 for a 10% stake in the company. They pitch their GreenBox product, which uses recycled cardboard boxes. While discussing their business model, Ned demonstrates how well GreenBox works. The Sharks are impressed with their product, idea, and presentation.

Mark can’t afford to raise the price of his product even by a small amount. Kevin has been trying to negotiate a contract with a big corporation, but so far he hasn’t succeeded in getting one. If he does manage to get a contract, GreenBox will loan him $300,000 in return for 10% of the company.  While GreenBox is responsible for repaying the debt, it isn’t expected to be a problem.

Kevin agreed to invest $300,000 in return for owning 10% of the business, and GreenBox must pay him back that amount when they repay their debt.

The Shark Tank show provided GreenBox with free publicity. GreenBox’s income rises at a pace of about 40% each year. Several contracts have been made to sell the boxes manufactured at 12 different locations around the country.

GreenBox works with many large convenience stores and has partnered with The Cheesecake Factory nationwide. GreenBox also provides pizzerias in Australia with eco-friendly alternatives to traditional pizza boxes.

Pros Of Greenbox

  • Sustainability – The main goal of GreenBox is to provide sustainable products for people who want to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. They source their products carefully and make sure that everything they send out will help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.
  • Convenience – If you don’t have room for another bin in your house, or if you just don’t have time to take everything to the curb every week, GreenBox may be easier on you. The innovative pizza box instantly turns into a throwaway plate and a handy storage container for leftovers.
  •  Many people are concerned about the environment, and they want to do their part by being mindful of what kinds of products they use and how those products are made. They want to do their part in reducing pollution. This product is a good way of doing that because it’s made from recycled materials and can even be composted if you don’t want it to go to a landfill.
  • Availability – They are accessible in almost all Whole Foods shops, although their main business is the wholesale distribution to the pizza restaurant sector.

Cons Of Greenbox

  • It is a bit more expensive than other options, but the quality of the product still makes it a great value.
  • You have to wait until the end of the month to find out what your box will look like, so it’s hard to be prepared for it beforehand.
  • The boxes are only available for two weeks at a time, which can make it hard for people who often travel or want to save some items for later use.
  • GreenBox is a great way to help you make sure you’re not wasting food.
  • It doesn’t work in all countries yet. You’ll have to check whether the service is available in your country before signing up for the subscription or downloading the app.

Who is GreenBox for?

  • Anyone who wants to eat pizza without squeezing their greasy fingers onto the cardboard box.
  • Anyone who wants to make sure they don’t lose any of their delicious pizza toppings.
  • Anyone who wants to save money on paper plates and plastic containers.
  • Anyone who wants their kids to eat more vegetables when they’re at home.
  • Anyone who wants to be able to recycle their food packaging instead of throwing it away.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There appears to be no end to the possibilities available for the environmentally concerned business, ranging from recyclable plastics to biodegradable containers.

However, GreenBox was the first to come up with its original idea.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Shark Tank review of GreenBox, and if you’re looking for even more insights into what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, check out some of these posts. Just remember to be on the lookout for new episodes of the show as they air every Friday night at 9/8c on ABC! And if you have a startup idea of your own and think you might want to pitch it to the Sharks in the future, we suggest this course which covers everything they’re looking for.