Gotta Have S’More from Shark Tank

Gotta Have S’More shark tank

S’Muffins are made by the Los Angeles-based business Gotta Have S’More. S’more-flavored muffins are known as S’muffins. Graham crackers, chocolate, and melted marshmallows make the classic treat.

The graham cracker crust for these handmade S’muffins is covered in bittersweet chocolate and topped with crispy marshmallows. These are prepared for baking in a standard muffin pan.

The owner of Gotta Have S’more, Carmen Lindner, had a decent career as an advertising sales executive before being fired from her field in 2008 due to the global financial crisis.

Although she was given a generous redundancy package, her thoughts soon wandered to the prospect of beginning her own business in a field she felt even more passionate about.

Carmen went to the Los Angeles Mixer in 2009, a business gathering and networking opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet and make connections with other entrepreneurs. She made 1500 of her S’Muffins for the Mixer, not realizing how popular they would be.

In 2010, Carmen started the Gotta Have S’more Company, initially by making S’Muffins at home. She wanted to sell in large quantities to corporations, but after people tasted S’Muffins, they kept coming back for more.

Gotta Have S’More from Shark Tank combines all the best parts of a classic s’more with a crunchy graham cracker crust. The whole thing is topped with a layer of melting chocolate and two roasted marshmallows—and then it’s ready for you to devour.

Our Review of Gotta Have S’More

Carmen presented her sweet bakery company Gotta Have S’More on Shark Tank in February 2013 on Season 4, Episode 16. She went to the Tank hoping to get a $75,000 investment in return for a 25% ownership part in the business.

She filed a copyright claim for the name S’muffin. Her biggest substantial expense is the reduction of the expense of national shipping. She also believes that she doesn’t have any direct competitors. S’muffins are sold at Williams-Sonoma and on the business website. They are also available on Amazon.

Carmen entered the Shark Tank, confident that she would be able to score a perfect deal with the Sharks. However, the Sharks responded differently.

Mark Cuban and Daymond John both did not find the idea of S’muffins as appealing as Carmen portrayed them to be. Kevin O Leary explained that he did not find the business idea profitable enough to invest in and walked out as well. Barbara did not enjoy the taste and thus walked out. Robert, like Kevin, did not find the business promising enough to invest in.

Thus, Carmen walked out of the Shark Tank without having any deal with the Sharks.

Since the show’s airing, Carmen has negotiated a significantly better price with a third-party Fedex distributor who specializes in sending perishable items. In 2018, shipping a dozen S’Muffins only charged $20.

The owner of the Los Angeles soul food restaurant Annie’s Edibles, Annalisa Mastroianni Johnson, bought the business from Carmen a year after the episode of Shark Tank in which she was featured aired.

Gotta Have S’Mores is still in business and is doing a lot better than it was during the Shark Tank episode.

Pros of Gotta Have S’More

  • They are handmade and are made using all-natural ingredients
  • They are a convenient alternative to traditional s’mores
  • They taste like smores but look like muffins, meaning you can enjoy the taste of s’moreswithout having to go through all the prep work, rather than just baking it in the oven.
  • They can be easily stored in an airtight container and can be stored in a freezer for up to 2 weeks.
  • They come ina variety of flavors

Cons of Gotta Have S’More

  • They contain 200 calories
  • They are not gluten-free

Who is Gotta Have S’more for?

Gotta Have S’More is for all those who love traditional s’mores but are not ready to go through the entire prep process to make smores.

Gotta Have S’More offers the same taste and experience as a traditional s’more in the form of baked muffins.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Currently, we don’t know any alternatives for S’muffins in the dessert industry. However, Gotta Have S’mores is still in business and enjoying a good boost in sales.

The company has been successful because of its ability to provide customers with an experience that makes them feel as though they are at home with family and friends around a campfire while they eat delicious desserts.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Gotta Have S’more is a fun way to enjoy a favorite treat in the comforts of your home. The convenient dessert may also appeal to those who don’t like traditional s’mores or prefer another combination altogether. It’s also a healthier option than pop-tarts or other snacks that are readily available, and it allows you to enjoy your favorite treat without worrying about stepping on the scale.

The Gotta Have S’more company has a knack for appealing to its target market. Their products are well-made and delightfully tasty, and it’s difficult for anybody to resist a delicious dessert like the ones they offer.