GOGA Goat Yoga from Shark Tank

GOGA Goat Yoga shark tank

Yoga ensures good physical and mental health. It has been around for centuries. This form of meditation is quite helpful for releasing stress and achieving mindfulness. However, many people also join yoga classes to get in shape and strengthen their core.

From cobra pose to cat pose and shoulder stand, yoga provides your body strength, flexibility, and mental relaxation. If you thought these poses could get any weirder, wait until you read this review. Did you know that people in some parts of the world perform yoga with baby goats? This yoga form might seem strange, but it’s also intriguing; that was the reaction of locals in Austin, Texas. Rachael Phillips and Trey Kitchen decided to open their studio GOGA Goat Yoga in Austin to popularize this yoga form and capitalize on its novelty.

After being in a relationship for a while, this dynamic duo wanted to start a business. This duo wanted a fun way to earn and donate a portion of it to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Therefore, they opened a yoga studio where they would provide traditional yoga and goat yoga classes. For goats, Rachael approached Trey’s mom. After that, there was no looking back for the couple (now also business partners).

The unique selling proposition of their studio was indeed baby Nigerian dwarf goats. They believed that it would make classes more fun and enjoyable. As the goats enjoy jumping on the backs of yoga participants, it would help ease them into positions and spark joy simultaneously.

However, to grow their business, they needed funds, so they decided to go to ABC’s hit TV show- Shark Tank. They approached the Sharks for an investment of $50,000 for 15 percent equity in their business.

The Sharks liked their idea about goat yoga but were concerned about the huge investment cost. They had several reservations. The Sharks thought this yoga form was more like a fad, so it wouldn’t be a massive success. They also felt it only appealed to a niche market, so investing a big sum wouldn’t necessarily pay off as intended.

Another primary concern was that none of them were certified yoga instructors. Due to this reason, they would outsource the services. Entrepreneurs need to be passionate about a business to run it, and as per the Sharks’ assessment, the couple could never do that since they were not fully invested in it.

All these concerns made the proposition fall flat. GOGA Goat Yoga did not seem to be a profitable investment for them. Therefore, they declined the idea, and no deal was signed.

Our Review of GOGA Goat Yoga

After conducting in-depth research about GOGA Goat Yoga, we think the goat yoga idea appeals to a specific niche. However, the studio is generally open for all, so anybody who wants to enjoy yoga and experience mindfulness can register with them. This strategy is great for attracting their audience who genuinely is interested in yoga and then upselling their other programs like goat yoga classes.

The duo has a studio in Austin where they teach traditional yoga throughout the week and goat yoga twice every month, only on Saturdays. Overall we think the concept is fun and appealing. Also, the Sharks might have considered it if the couple had invested more time in creating their marketing plan and investment proposition before they came to the show.

Even though they couldn’t sign the deal, the show did give them good exposure. The entrepreneurs behind GOGA Goat Yoga have been doing well as a business. Rachael and Trey want to launch their second studio, but for now, the idea is still in the pipeline. Moreover, they have to assess the feasibility of the second studio before they open it.

Pros of GOGA Goat Yoga

  • Something for Everyone in Austin

Whether you want to stay mentally fit or strengthen your core and ensure overall well-being, GOGA Goat Yoga is the place for you. They have a program for everyone. From traditional yoga classes to fun goat yoga, you can register in the program you like.

  • Affordable Pricing

The couple has kept the pricing of their programs reasonable. It is affordable and will not put a big dent in your pocket.

  • Fun and Enjoyable

Goat yoga may be a good choice if you are looking for the best way to release stress. The class features cute and cuddly goats, instantly making you smile. Moreover, these goats jump on the backs of the participants, which is fun and incredibly relaxing.

Cons of GOGA Goat Yoga

  • Discontinued Regular Yoga Classes

One of the things that we noticed on their website was that they had paused the regular yoga classes for now. They haven’t shared the reason, but those who want to join traditional yoga may either have to wait or join some other program.

Who Is GOGA Goat Yoga for?

The GOGA Goat Yoga is for people from all walks of life. Whether you want to release stress, enjoy mindfulness, gain flexibility, strength, and experience relaxation, GOGA Goat Yoga is perfect. They have different programs like traditional, goat, and private goat yoga.

Also, it’s a great option for those who want to make their yoga classes more fun and energetic.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Indeed the concept of goat yoga is nothing innovative. It has been around, but it is something exciting and out of the box for the people of Austin. Besides this, the couple has designed their studio beautifully, making the experience even more memorable and fun. Currently, there is no studio offering the programs GOGA Goat Yoga offers.

Our Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we think the idea is creative and appealing, but at the same time, it doesn’t cater to the masses. If the couple wants to stay in business and grow over the years, they should get laser-focused on their unique proposition and market it the right way.

Though the Sharks didn’t invest in it, the company is doing fine and still in business. Right now, they should stick to strengthening their services instead of expanding and opening more studios. This focused approach would help them curtail costs and improve their market reputation.