Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix from Shark Tank

Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix shark tank

Being a foodie and having to discipline your mind to enjoy a certain type of food are two aspects that certainly don’t go hand in hand. However, many people suffer at the hands of this aspect for reasons ranging from religious acclimations to personal preferences. For instance, Muslims aren’t allowed by Islam to eat pork. On the other hand, a vegetarian would willingly not eat pork for personal preferences.

Similar was the case of Holly Cooper, who was an ultimate foodie at heart but just had a personal disliking towards the regular tempura batter. So she put her food geniuses together and came up with a unique frying batter that she named Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix. She owned and operated two restaurants, Blue Goose Café and The Hermitage House Smorgasbord.

So with that experience, she jumped on the bandwagon of food trucks with the name Fried Green Tomatoes which eponymously sold fried green tomatoes and burgers, sandwiches, and po’boys, among other items on the menu. She was frequently asked about her frying batter and sauce that she used as customers used to love it so much and keep coming back for it. That’s when Holly decided that maybe selling her frying batter would do for answers.

This meant that she wouldn’t have to lay out her trade secrets, that is, her recipe for the frying batter and sauce, while she gave her customers a chance to create the same or more dishes using her batter and sauce. Both the products immediately started selling well, and Holly couldn’t be happier that her two isolated products were now out in the country for people to purchase. She managed to get them as far as Mexico and Canada all on her own.

Now she knew that to get her products to the big supermarket chains, she needed some help. But what better solution than to reach out to the sharks? That’s when Holly made her way to Shark Tank and made a pitch for $200,000 in exchange for 15% equity of her up-and-running business on the line. The judges welcomed her with much enthusiasm because she brought her amazing food range.

The judges tried everything and were visibly impressed before starting the negotiations on the pitch. Holly explained all her experiences and foodie nature before concluding exactly why she was seeking the funding. Barbara was the first to chime in just as Holly had finished and offered $200,000 in exchange for 30% equity. Before Holly could have answered, Barbara confessed to her success with Cousins Maine Lobster.

Now despite Daymond’s offering of 25%, Holly was inclined towards Barbara as that type of success was her dream goal with Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix. Hence, it was a given that the two girls signed the deal and were immediately on track to carry the business forward. Today, Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix is a household name, successfully sold in big retail outlets across the country and found online on their website: Fried Green Tomatoes.

Our Review of Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix

We got our hands on the OG Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix from their website, among many other product varieties they have expanded into. Right off the bat, even the packaging was so high-quality that it felt like a premium purchase. The online delivery and payment process was smooth and took 4 to 5 business days to reach us. We had planned to try out the batter mix with something subtle to let the flavors shine through.

Hence, we got fresh shrimps and made shrimp tempura using Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix. Safe to say, it was a delight as it didn’t overpower the shrimp nor had a flavor that would encompass the whole tongue. It was delicious, light, and airy. Loved how it coated every shrimp and had a balance of spices that the usual blandness that tempura batters tend to have. We highly recommend you get one and try it yourself for a burst of unique flavors.

Pros of Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix

  • It is a frying batter of green tomatoes and buttermilk.
  • It includes flour, a white corn meal, and the perfect blend of spices.
  • The packaging has cooking instructions to assist.
  • Best for deep frying vegetables, seafood, etc.
  • The possibilities are endless with this one.

Cons of Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix

There are generally no disadvantages of the product itself, that is, Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix. It doesn’t promote a sense of false hope or claims to be a healthier alternative. It is simply a unique batter mix.

Who Is Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix For?

Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix is for all the foodies out there who live to eat and eat to live. If you have a foodie in you and you love to eat anything and everything, then trying out the Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix should be on your list. It is definitely a great choice against the regular tempura. It would make your fried dishes tastier and pen your food horizon to a blend of amazing spices. Give it a try, and you will keep coming back for more.

Are There Any Alternatives?

WhistleStop Cafe Original Fried Green Tomato Batter Mix 9 Oz Box

Many brands have started manufacturing Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix as a product, among other things. However, they are claiming it to be a gluten-free alternative to tempura. It is important to note here that the original recipe was created by Holly, who still carries the trademark and rights to it and hasn’t shared it outside her brand. Hence, even if you do buy any other brand for Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix, you won’t be getting the authentic experience.

Our Final Thoughts

Holly might have stuck to her restaurant business and never ventured out to sell products had the customers not pushed her for the recipe. Moreover, thanks to Barbara for investing her funding and experience in Holly’s business and trusting her to carry it forward. Otherwise, Fried Green Tomatoes Batter Mix would have remained just another local indie food brand and not become the huge success that it is today. Cheers!