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Parents understand the struggle of getting their children to eat healthy while growing up, as they prefer unhealthy sweet snacks over vegetables. While many believe that children are picky eaters, Saskia Sorrosa thinks otherwise and believes parents have a huge role to play in developing their eating habits. She came up with Fresh Bellies, a much healthier alternative to sugary baby foods.

While most people trust baby food bought from the supermarket to be safe and healthy, some doubt they are as healthy as they claim to be due to sugar, dyes, and other artificial flavorings. Saskia wanted to create healthy and delicious baby food, and thus Fresh Bellies was born. Read our review to learn more about this product and determine if it is a worthwhile investment for your toddler.

Fresh Bellies is a company that produces vegetable-based 100% healthy meals for toddlers and infants that contain no added sugars or preservatives. The company was founded by Saskia Sorrosa, who aimed to educate parents about the benefits of nutrition-rich meals for their toddlers rather than commercial baby food products offered everywhere. She proved that infant meals could be equally delicious without artificial ingredients and sugar.

Fresh Bellies snacks are flavored with herbs and spices in Latin America for rich flavor. Their snacks are non-GMO and 100% organic. The best part is that they come in delicious flavors, including Mango, Strawberry, Pepperlicious, Peas, and Love, Shroomtastic, Broc N’ Roll 2, Turn Up the Beat, and Rosemary’s. If you can’t decide on the flavors, you can try one of the Fresh Bellies’ variety packs.

Saskia wanted financing to expand her business nationwide and thus made an appearance on Shark Tank seeking an investment of 275,000 dollars for 5% ownership of Fresh Bellies, which was worth 5.5 million dollars. The Sharks found this valuation to be too high. Saskia then started her pitch by explaining her motive before developing vegetable-based snacks for infants and toddlers.

Saskia wanted to create a product that could help youngsters develop a taste for nutritious food rather than baby food products with high sugar content. She told the Sharks that her products contain no artificial ingredients and are flavored using herbs, spices, and other things that resemble food items that babies typically consume.

Saskia began selling Fresh Bellies at a local farmers market in Westchester, New York. Within a short period, her product became very popular, and its demand increased significantly, encouraging Saskia to establish distribution channels in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.

The Sharks were pleased when they heard Fresh Bellies had generated 1 million dollars in sales in the first six months of operations. However, the difficulty began when Saskia distributed samples of the product, as the Sharks did not appreciate how it tasted. The Sharks were also concerned that its price was too high for low-income families to afford. The Sharks did not make Saskia an offer, and she had to leave without a deal.

Although none of the Sharks agreed to invest in Fresh Bellies, Saskia did not lose hope and continued to expand her business. Her business does not seem to have suffered from not getting a deal on Shark Tank; the demand for her product broke records when the episode aired. Fresh Bellies is still an active company selling in over 9,000 stores, including big brands like Walmart and Kroger, with annual revenue of over 6 million dollars. You can also purchase their products on Amazon.

Our Review of Fresh Bellies

Fresh Bellies is the perfect way to get toddlers and infants to develop a taste for nutritious food. The founder and CEO of Fresh Bellies, Saskia Sorrosa, was very concerned about the child obesity crisis in America, which is why she came up with a healthier alternative to sugary baby food products found in supermarkets.

Fresh Bellies products are plant-based and contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients. Moreover, these toddler snacks are paleo-friendly and 100% non-GMO. As a child, Saskia ate a lot of vegetables that her mother had flavored with herbs and spices. She thought that it would be a great idea to introduce these organic flavorants in baby food.

Fresh Bellies is available in a wide range of flavors with fun names like Broccoli Ever After and Apple of My Eye. They also offer a range of fruit flavors with no artificial flavorings or other ingredients that take away the nutrition from baby food.

The best part is that Fresh Bellies has also introduced a range of healthy foods for adults with bold and authentic flavors. Many parents who are not in favor of processed baby food products mash up boiled vegetables and other healthy ingredients together for their children to consume. Fresh Bellies gives those parents a chance to give toddlers healthy food items without much effort.

Fresh Bellies contain no added preservatives, which is why they don’t have a long shelf life. However, this also means consuming them fresh and restocking your supply trying out different flavors each time.

Pros of Fresh Bellies

  • It provides healthy plant-based snacks for children.
  • It is 100% sugar-free and non-GMO.
  • Contains no added preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • It is available in a wide range of delicious flavors.
  • It is paleo and vegan friendly.
  • The products are Kosher certified.

Cons of Fresh Bellies

  • The price tag is too high for low-income families to consume.
  • Since the products have no added preservatives, they don’t have a long shelf life.

Who Is Fresh Bellies for?

Fresh Bellies is for parents seeking a healthier alternative to sugary baby food products for their babies and wanting their babies to develop healthy eating habits.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The best alternatives for Fresh Bellies include Sawyer, Totsy, and KIDBOX.

Our Final Thoughts

Fresh Bellies is an organic and plant-based baby food brand that ensures your toddlers have a healthy diet. The company started with a mission to replace sugary baby food products with a high sugar content with nutrition-rich and sugar-free foods, similar to what mothers made at home. Fresh Bellies transforms culturally inspired dishes into healthy meals for infants and toddlers, allowing them to develop healthy eating habits.