Flated: Shark Tank Update – A Friendly Catch-Up on Success

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Flated, an innovative startup founded in 2020 by Ken Hoeve, Monique Keefer, Dan Watts, and Ryan Guay, has been making waves in the automobile accessories market. The company focuses on creating inflatable accessories for motor vehicles to make outdoor activities more convenient and enjoyable. Their flagship product, the Air Topper, is designed to fit on a pick-up truck and revolutionizes the way people experience camping and other adventures.

The team behind Flated made an appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank, seeking an investment of $350,000 for a 5% stake in their company. With their unique and practical products, Flated has captured the attention of both outdoor enthusiasts and investors alike. As the company continues on its journey, many are curious about what happened to Flated after their appearance on Shark Tank and how they are faring in the competitive world of outdoor gear.

In this article, we uncover Flated’s developments since their appearance on Shark Tank, the current status of their product offerings, and how they continue to remain innovative in the automobile accessories industry. Join us as we delve into the Flated story and learn about their successes and challenges in the highly competitive world of outdoor gear.

Flated: A Brief Overview

Flated is a startup that manufactures inflatable automobile accessories for outdoor activities. The company was founded by Ken Heove, Monique Keefer, Dan Watts, and Ryan Guay in 2020. Their innovative product, the Air Topper, is designed to fit on various pick-up trucks according to their size, making road-trip adventures more comfortable and hassle-free.

Ken Heove, one of the co-founders, has extensive experience in the outdoor industry and serves as the CEO of Flated. Monique Keefer, another co-founder, brings her expertise in marketing to the company, taking on the role of CMO. Dan Watts, with his strong background in finance, serves as the CFO, while Ryan Guay completes the founding team.

The Flated team presented their business idea on Season 14 Episode 16 of “Shark Tank,” where they sought an investment of $350,000 for a 5% stake in their company. Their pitch focused on the convenience and practicality of the Air Topper for outdoor enthusiasts who love camping and road trips.

The product’s design ensures that it can be easily stored after use, without taking up too much cargo space. Additionally, Flated’s innovative design enables smooth installation and removal, making the entire camping process more enjoyable for users.

Flated has gained considerable attention since its appearance on “Shark Tank,” with updates available on various articles and websites to track their progress. With their dedicated team and unique product offering, Flated continues to contribute to the automotive accessory market by revolutionizing the outdoor camping experience.

Flated’s Appearance on Shark Tank

Flated, an innovative company offering the world’s first rigid inflatable automotive accessories, made a memorable appearance on Season 14 of the popular TV show, Shark Tank. The company’s founders, Ken Hoeve, Monique Keefer, and Ryan Guay, confidently presented their alternative solution for making road-trip adventures and camping experiences easier.

Hoping to secure the interest of one or more of the Sharks, the founders offered an investment opportunity of $350,000 for 5% of their company. Keen to make a deal, the group held the attention of notable Sharks like Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner.

Throughout the pitch, it became evident that Flated’s unique take on designing automotive accessories had the potential to revolutionize the outdoor adventure market. With their creations solving the issue of hard-to-store gear, they addressed the crucial concern of saving precious cargo space for campers and road-trippers alike.

The team’s enthusiasm and dedication proved effective when Shark Daymond John decided to invest in Flated. John countered the original pitch with a winning offer of $350,000 for 5% equity, as well as an added $8 royalty until his initial investment was recouped. The final valuation of Flated, post-acceptance of Daymond John’s offer, was a whopping $7 million.

With their successful appearance on Shark Tank and the well-respected backing of Daymond John, Flated continues to work towards revolutionizing the world of camping and road trips through their ingenious inflatable automotive accessories.

The Innovative Product Line

Inflatable Truck Toppers

Flated’s flagship product is the Air-Topper, which is the first inflatable truck topper. Made using patent-pending drop-stitch technology, these inflatable truck toppers are available in various sizes to fit different trucks. Being a great alternative for tents and other campsite equipment, the Air-Topper is designed to be durable and easy to set up on the go.

Inflatable Paddleboards

Another popular product in Flated’s lineup is their inflatable paddleboards. These high-quality boards cater to adventure enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the water. Similar to their inflatable truck toppers, these paddleboards are designed with durability and innovation in mind, providing a convenient and compact solution for water-based activities.

Other Inflatable Vehicle Accessories

Flated extends its product range beyond truck toppers and paddleboards with their innovative Air-Deck and Air-Carrier. The Air-Deck is an inflatable cot-like accessory, providing additional comfort and convenience during outdoor trips. On the other hand, the Air-Carrier serves as an inflatable storage solution, allowing users to carry their gear with ease. Both products, like the rest of Flated’s inflatable vehicle accessories, aim to revolutionize outdoor adventures with their unique design and functionality.

Drop Stitch Technology

Drop stitch technology has revolutionized the world of inflatables with its use in products such as Flated’s automotive accessories seen on Shark Tank. By incorporating this high-tech, high-pressure approach, Flated has managed to create innovative and pioneering products that ensure durability and convenience for outdoor gear and adventure enthusiasts.

The key benefit of drop stitch technology lies in its ability to allow inflatables to withstand significantly higher pressures, resulting in a much firmer and stable product. This enhanced construction perfects Flated’s lineup, including the Air-Topper, Air-Deck, and Air-Carrier. Each product takes advantage of this technology to offer improved function and support to users in various situations.

The Air-Topper, for instance, comes in three sizes and is designed to be mounted on the backside of pickup trucks. With its drop stitch technology, it provides a sturdy space for users to enjoy a camping experience in nature. The Air-Carrier, on the other hand, utilizes drop stitch technology as a rooftop cargo carrier for storing surface boards, helmets, or other long items securely on top of the vehicle. The superior strength and rigidity it offers ensures peace of mind during road-trip adventures.

Last but not least, the Air-Deck showcases drop-stitch technology’s prowess in the form of an inflatable mattress. Whether used for sitting or sleeping, this incredible innovation ensures comfort and support. The tight stitching provides impressive stability, comparable to traditional mattresses, while still maintaining its portability and ease of storage.

To sum it up, Flated has successfully harnessed the power of drop stitch technology to create a cutting-edge range of inflatable automotive accessories. They have demonstrated that quality, convenience, and creativity can indeed all co-exist, making their products an exciting addition to the outdoor gear and automotive market.

The Impact of Shark Tank Investment

Flated, an innovative company focused on creating inflatable automotive accessories, appeared on season 14 of Shark Tank. Founders Ken Hoeve, Monique Keefer, and Ryan Guay were seeking an investment of $350,000 for a 5% equity stake in their business.

The company successfully managed to secure a deal with Daymond John, who invested the requested sum. The deal also included an $8 royalty, until the initial investment was recouped. As a result of the investment, the final valuation of Flated stood at $7 million.

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Flated benefited in several ways. Firstly, they experienced a significant increase in exposure, generating more interest and sales for their inflatable automotive accessories. One innovative product in their range is the Air-topper, which is designed to fit on various trucks for outdoor activities. Additionally, they successfully implemented drop stitch technology to enhance the durability and quality of their products.

The partnership with Daymond John allowed Flated to further develop and expand their product line as they continued to revolutionize the process of road-trip adventures with accessible and convenient camping solutions. Ultimately, the Shark Tank investment played an essential role in the growth and success of Flated, pushing their net worth to $7 million and allowing them to establish themselves as a leading brand in the inflatable automotive accessories market.

Growth and Expansion

Entering New Markets

Flated has experienced significant growth since their appearance on Shark Tank, where they sought an investment of $350,000 for 5% of their company. Thanks to the exposure on the show and the deal they secured, Flated has been able to expand their customer base and sales. They have entered new markets by partnering with popular outdoor retailers such as REI, allowing their products to reach a broader audience.

In addition to being available on their website, Flated’s products are now sold on reputable platforms like REI.com and Amazon, making them accessible to consumers worldwide. Their innovative Air Chalet, alongside their other inflatable automotive accessories, have garnered increased demand from road trip enthusiasts and campers.

Furthermore, Flated has been actively working on expanding its network of dealers, thus boosting their product distribution and visibility. With their headquarters located in Carlsbad, California, Flated is well-positioned to continue growing their market presence and establishing partnerships with more dealers across the United States.

New Product Development

Flated also focuses on innovation and the development of new products for their customers. This commitment to improvement enables the company to stay abreast of technological advancements and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

For instance, Flated’s use of drop-stitch technology in their manufacturing processes ensures that their inflatable accessories remain durable and reliable, catering to the needs of their target audience. By continuously refining their product offerings and creating new solutions, Flated can respond effectively to the ever-evolving demands of the market and the diverse needs of their customers.

In summary, Flated’s growth and expansion have been fueled by their entry into new markets via partnerships with renowned retailers and dealers, their presence on high-traffic e-commerce platforms, and their dedication to developing a range of innovative products tailored to their customers’ needs.

The Founders’ Backgrounds and Roles

The four co-founders of Flated are Ryan Guay, Dan Watts, Monique Keefer, and Ken Hoeve. Each of them brings their unique expertise to the company, making it a strong team.

Ryan Guay has an impressive academic background and is an essential member of the Flated team. He takes on the role of general manager, ensuring that operations run smoothly and timely decisions are made. Ryan’s skills in leadership and project management help him guide the entire team towards achieving the company’s goals.

Ken Hoeve is a professional cyclist and an outdoor enthusiast. His passion for adventure and commitment to providing practical solutions for fellow adventurers make him an ideal fit for the role of chief product officer. Apart from overseeing the development of new and innovative products, Ken also contributes to the company’s marketing efforts by showcasing the benefits of Flated’s products in real-life settings.

Monique Keefer and Dan Watts both play crucial roles within Flated, but their specific roles are not explicitly stated. Nonetheless, these co-founders have unique talents and competencies that complement one another, making them an integral part of the Flated brand. Together, they have managed to develop and launch their products at just the right time during the travel industry boom.

Flated’s products are well-loved for their ease of installation and portability. They have an inflatable rooftop cargo carrier called the Flated Air-Carrier, which is highly competitive when compared to rival brands. The company has experienced tremendous growth since their appearance on Shark Tank, with an estimated net worth of $1.3 million in 2023.

The success of Flated is a testament to the skills and dedication of its founders. Their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for making travels easier for outdoor enthusiasts have propelled the company to great heights within a relatively short period.

Challenges and Opportunities

Flated, an innovative startup that appeared on Shark Tank, offers inflatable automotive accessories for outdoor activities. Their flagship product, Air Topper, fits on a variety of trucks and uses drop stitch technology for durability. Although Flated presents a unique solution for outdoor enthusiasts, they face several challenges and opportunities.

One challenge is the competitive market for automotive accessories. With many alternative solutions available, Flated must continuously differentiate themselves to attract consumers. A key opportunity for Flated lies in marketing its products as more convenient and versatile compared to traditional options. By highlighting the benefits of their inflatable accessories, such as easy storage and transport, they can appeal to a wider consumer base.

Another challenge for Flated is addressing potential concerns regarding the durability and reliability of inflatable products. Outdoor adventurers may be hesitant to replace their tried-and-true solutions with an inflatable alternative. Flated has an opportunity to showcase the quality and robustness of their products through rigorous testing and user testimonials, dispelling any doubts about the longevity and performance of their offerings.

In addition, Flated can explore partnerships with other outdoor-focused companies to broaden their reach. Co-branding and collaborations can create synergies that allow Flated to access new customer segments and reinforce their brand image. Offering bundled products and tailored solutions within the outdoor adventure ecosystem can further boost their appeal.

By addressing these challenges and seizing opportunities, Flated can carve out a unique space in the marketplace. Their innovative, well-designed inflatable automotive accessories have the potential to revolutionize the way people approach outdoor adventures.

Engagement on Social Media

Flated has been actively engaging with their audience on various social media platforms, particularly Facebook and YouTube. Their friendly and approachable tone fits well with the brand’s innovative and adventurous image.

On Facebook, Flated shares news about their products, behind-the-scenes updates, and exciting photos from customers’ adventures with their inflatable automobile accessories. The startup also often engages with their followers in the comment sections, answering questions and encouraging conversations. This open and genuine interaction with the community has earned them a loyal fan base.

Over on YouTube, Flated produces a range of content, including product demonstrations, installation guides, and user testimonials. Their videos feature high-quality visuals and friendly narrations, giving potential customers a clear understanding of the company’s offerings and the practical benefits of their products. The combination of informative and entertaining content has helped Flated build a strong and engaged community on the platform.

Social media has played a vital role in Flated’s progress since their appearance on Shark Tank. By maintaining a consistent online presence and engaging with their audience in a friendly and helpful manner, they have successfully expanded their customer base and attracted attention from outdoor enthusiasts to use their innovative products for their road trip adventures.

Customer Experiences and Services

Flated, the innovative startup offering inflatable automotive accessories, has become a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers for their road-trip and camping needs. Their customer service office is committed to providing a friendly experience for all customers, ensuring their needs are met promptly and effectively.

Transporting camping equipment and other outdoor necessities has never been this convenient, as Flated’s products are designed to fit on top of various trucks, utilizing drop stitch technology to ensure durability. Thanks to their inflatable nature, these accessories are easy to store when not in use and do not take up excessive cargo space.

Camping has become a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for many outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to Flated’s innovative Air-topper. This product is tailored to the users’ needs, providing a versatile solution for different trucks sizes, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable camping experience.

For those who seek convenience and comfort during their outdoor adventures, Flated has truly revolutionized the way people transport and store their camping equipment. With a friendly customer service team and products designed to cater to a variety of outdoor activities, it’s no wonder that they have quickly become a go-to choice among the camping and outdoor community.