Flasky Flowers from Shark Tank

Flasky Flowers shark tank

All brides and grooms are under tremendous pressure to look good, be friendly, and whatnot on their wedding day. Between walking down the aisle and taking endless pictures, they too get tired and want to enjoy their drinks. Flasky Flowers is the solution they need.  They can now sip their beverages and stay hydrated while caught up in their wedding moments.

Flasky Flowers, as the name suggests, is essentially a bouquet holder attached to a flask. It is a subtle product that allows brides or grooms to continue enjoying their drinks without feeling judged.

People can choose their favorite flowers, natural or fake, cut their stems, and stick them in the foam. They can fill their cups with a beverage of their choice and shut the flask. The flask allows people to pour 12 ounces of beverages.

The design of the flask is clever, as there is a proper divide between the flowers and the flask. The flask comes with a hidden straw that you can use to drink your drinks. Yes, it’s that simple.

The brain behind this super cute idea is Kelly Moynihan, who was a hairdresser. Kelly learned that brides and bridesmaids were always drinking while getting ready for the wedding before carrying their flowers out the door. This was a bingo moment for Kelly, who shared this with her husband and decided to pursue this idea. Before properly designing and creating the product, she first made a prototype with just her baby’s drinking bottle.

Are They An Active Company?

Flasky Flowers is an active company. People can purchase these Flasky Flowers directly from their official website or even Etsy.

How Did Their Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Kelly Moynihan entered Shark Tank season 13 with her husband, Ryan. She sought an investment of $50,000 for a 10% share in Flasky Flowers. The start of their pitch was positive as their business idea got the Sharks notably excited.

When Kelly told the Sharks that it cost almost $2 to make these flasks, Mark Cuban was super impressed. The Sharks were collectively surprised at the risks Kelly and Ryan took to start this business, which included selling their house and quitting their jobs. The sales were excellent in 2019. However, the company took a hit with the pandemic and has since suffered.

Lori Greiner made her an offer of $50,000 for 20% because she thought the idea was fun and creative. O’Leary did believe that “it was a crazy chicken idea.” However, he decided to team up with Cuban to offer a deal before Cuban also included Lori, with each Shark investing $25,000 for 10%. Kelly did not take a second to think and accepted their offer.

Our Review of Flasky Flowers

Flasky Flowers, although it appears to be a novelty product, at first sight, it works rather well. It helps brides and grooms enjoy their drinks even during photoshoots, which makes the product unique.

Weddings are always going to take place, so the market for Flasky Flowerswill always be there, although the pandemic was a roadblock in their growth. However, the product still has potential and can expect decent sales, especially under the guidance of three Sharks.

The reviews from customers so far have only been favorable. Customers who have used the Flasky Flowers for bachelor parties and weddings have complimented the product for its fun element. They have enjoyed designing their bouquets with their friends. All of this proves that the product has been well-received by the market.

All fun aside, the product design, from the looks of it, is not patented, which means that other people can easily create knock-offs of Flasky Flowers. There is no sufficient protection that the owners can promise at this point.

Pros of Flasky Flowers

The Flasky Flowers is a silly idea, but it works. Here are a few pros of Flasky Flowers:

  • The Flasky Flower makes drinking subtly convenient.
  • You can fill the flask with more than enough drink to get you through the event.
  • Flasky Flowersis suitable for more than one function, from weddings to wedding rehearsals
  • Designing your bouquet with your friends for a good bonding session is super fun.
  • The plastic flask is BPA-free.
  • The Flasky Flowerscomes in two colors: classic white, and a pretty green, to give the flask a more realistic feel.

Cons of Flasky Flowers

As much fun as the product is, there are some cons of Flasky Flowers that the creators should consider.

  • The Flasky Flowers is a pricey product, so it wouldn’t make sense for people to purchase it, especially as it’s a one-time purchase.

Who Is Flasky Flowers For?

If you or someone you know is getting married soon, Flasky Flowers is a perfect purchase. As a bride or groom, you can drink from your bouquets now.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Discreet flasks are not a new concept, and several designs are available in the market. However, a flask designed to look like a bouquet is one of a kind.

Our Concluding Thoughts

Flasky Flowers, like O’Leary said, is a “crazy chicken idea.” However, the couple came on Shark Tank and effortlessly impressed the Sharks who saw through their ambitions and the idea of going big or going home. They walked out of the Tank with a stellar deal with not one but three Sharks.

We think the product is a one-time purchase. In our opinion, it would be helpful for the creators to reduce the price of it just a little bit, especially since the bouquet doesn’t come assembled.

The couple has a great passion for their idea, but in the end, it won’t serve a significant purpose, especially since the product is catered toward weddings only.

The product delivers what it promises: a good time at your wedding without pressing pause on your drinks.